"I was afraid this day would come."
"Because of what I'd do?"
"Because of what I've done."
―Streiten and Phil Coulson[src]

Doctor J. Streiten was a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. medical staff assigned to the trauma center in Bethesda where he was ordered to perform a controversial but life-saving operation on Phil Coulson. When Coulson learned of what had happened, Streiten went off the grid.


Reviving Coulson

"Who ordered this?"
"Director Fury himself."
"This is wrong!"
―Streiten and Goodman[src]

Dr. Streiten operating on Phil Coulson

A few days after the Battle of New York, Nick Fury brought Streiten to the team of scientists tasked with reviving recently deceased Phil Coulson. He was brought in during the seventh operation, and they decided to keep Coulson conscious to monitor his brain activity.

After the trauma and pain that revealed that the procedure worked, a machine overwrote Coulson's memories of the operations with memories of a recovery in the island of Tahiti to restore his will to live and make him approach his former self.[1]

The New Team

Phil maria and streiten

Streiten clears Phil Coulson for active duty

"I would have been very happy not to clear you, Phil. I'd love for you to rest up some more."
"I've had plenty of that. Thanks."
―Streiten and Phil Coulson[src]

Doctor Streiten was charged with the test to physically approve Phil Coulson and the other members of his new team for field work. Streiten and Maria Hill showed concern about Coulson's status after his recovery in Tahiti following his death and his lack of awareness of the true circumstances surrounding his death, who Streiten questioned if Coulson was really unaware of what had happened to him, Hill told him that Coulson can never know the truth.[2]

Learning the Truth


Streiten reveals the truth to Phil Coulson

"After what you'd been through we wanted to restore the man you'd once been, so we gave you a pleasant memory of a beautiful island. We didn't want you to be that... thing."
"What did I become, Doctor? Tell me."
"You'd lost your will to live. We tried to give it back."
―Streiten and Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson uncovered some of the real memories of the procedures used to bring him back to life, as he had been kidnapped by members of the Centipede Project to why he was revived after the Battle of New York. Coulson tracked Doctor Streiten, apparently the chief medical officer during the procedures, and Streiten revealed the truth about Tahiti, tearfully asking Coulson for forgiveness.[1]

Following his encounter with Coulson, Streiten went off the grid, and despite Coulson told Jemma Simmons to contact Streiten to ask him about the procedures used to revive him in order to apply them on Skye after she had been nearly killed by Ian Quinn, she was unable to locate him.[3]


  • Master Physician: Streiten was part of the medical team that managed to resurrect Phil Coulson after his death, being brought personally by Nick Fury in order to oversee the process. He also was able to easily physically approve of Coulson and his team for field work.




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