The Strategic Scientific Reserve Headquarters is a main European facility of the Strategic Scientific Reserve located in London, England during World War II.


World War II

Dismantling HYDRA

The Strategic Scientific Reserve was moved to London during World War II, in an effort to dismantle HYDRA. Steve Rogers, able to witness a map showing the location of HYDRA facilities, shared this information with the SSR in their Headquarters.

Colonel Chester Phillips devised a plan, ordering Peggy Carter to contact MI6 in order to locate HYDRA Headquarters, while the SSR would destroy the known facilities with a battalion led by Rogers.

Howard Stark tested the Tesseract power cell obtained by Rogers in the Austrian HYDRA Weapons Facility, causing an explosion despite its minimal size.

213 (15)

Colonel Chester Phillips and his secretary Lorraine

The following day, Rogers went to his appointment with Stark to test the equipment, being seduced by Private Lorraine while waiting. Lorraine managed to kiss Rogers, being witnessed by Peggy Carter.

Carter, jealous after watching the kiss, was retaliated by Rogers, thinking that Stark's invitation to a Fondue in Lucerne was an intimate proposal. Carter simply told Rogers that he still had no idea about how to talk to women.

Rogers went to meet Stark, who showed his advances in fibers for the uniform and improvements for the shield. Rogers discovered a prototype made of Vibranium, a very unusual metal able to completely absorb vibrations. Carter, still upset, tested the shield by shooting at Rogers with a handgun, with the shield completely absorbing the shots. Astonished by her reaction, Rogers handed Stark a few ideas for his uniform.[1]

Captain America and the Howling Commandos

The Strategic Scientific Reserve was constantly updated on the status of the mission carried out by Captain America and his unit, removing the facilities from the map maintained in their underground facility in London.

Colonel Chester Phillips and Agent Peggy Carter watched a film sent to show the progress of the mission, where Steve Rogers was seen carrying a photograph of Carter in his compass. Despite her coldness during Roger's departure, Carter realized how much Rogers cared for her.[1]

Capture of Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola was taken to London as a prisoner, kept in a prison where Colonel Chester Phillips tried to interrogate him, as he was the only HYDRA agent that did not swallow a Cyanide Pill to commit suicide.

Phillips large

Colonel Chester Phillips interrogates Arnim Zola

Phillips deduced that Zola wanted to live, and informed Zola that they used him as bait, sending a fake message about an agreement made by Zola to be expatriated to Switzerland in exchange for information. Zola replied that he didn't reveal any information, but Phillips knew that Johann Schmidt would not believe that, as Zola had a lot of information about him and HYDRA. Phillips also remarked that as the last soldier killed in action was Steve Rogers' best friend, Bucky Barnes, Zola couldn't count on being protected.

Zola started revealing Schmidt's motivations and goals, saying he would be able to dominate the whole world using the technology powered by the Tesseract.

Colonel Phillips informed Rogers and the rest of the Strategic Scientific Reserve the information revealed by Zola, specifically the location of HYDRA Headquarters and Schmidt's plan to devastate the United States with a series of bombings.

With this information, Rogers devised a plan to attack the facility, beginning with him making a frontal assault alone.[1]

Victory Day

Victory Day

The citizens of London celebrate the end of the war

London celebrated the Victory in Europe Day and the end of World War II. The Strategic Scientific Reserve dismantled its underground facility in London, and Colonel Chester Phillips handed Peggy Carter the dossier about Steve Rogers, knowing she would want to keep it as a memento.[1]


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