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For alternate versions of the Strategic Operations Command Center, see the Strategic Operations Command Center's Orgaization Hub

"The new me is embracing the practical implications of advanced science in modern warfare. My team and I have made some very significant breakthroughs."
Thaddeus Ross to Nick Fury[src]

The Strategic Operations Command Center, or SOCC, was a special United States Army anti-Hulk Task Force under the command of then-Lieutenant general Thaddeus Ross.


The Strategic Operations Command Center was formed by Thaddeus Ross to hunt down Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter-ego across the globe.

SOCC soldiers led by Blonsky hunt down Hulk

Ross discovered Banner in Brazil when he worked in a soda factory because his gamma-irradiated blood was accidentally mixed in a soda and consumed. SOCC, with the addition of Emil Blonsky (on loan from the Royal Marines), was sent in to apprehend Banner in his apartment in Rocinha, but Banner escaped to the soda factory. There he transformed to the Hulk and defeated SOCC but Blonsky did not know that the Hulk and Banner were one and the same. Banner awoke in Guatemala and decided to return to the United States. Meanwhile, Blonsky, learning the truth, decided to be injected with Super Soldier Serum in order to compete with the Hulk.

SOCC operators engage the Hulk at Culver University

When Banner arrived in the US, he eventually was reunited with Betty Ross, raising her lover Leonard Samson to jealousy. He reported his rival's location to General Ross and SOCC started the Battle at Culver University, where Blonsky, now enhanced with a variation of the Super Soldier Serum, was severely injured.

After the Hulk's escape, SOCC collaborated with S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to find him by knowing that he was communicating with someone called "Mr. Blue"; so if the two texted one another, Banner's location would be revealed. Meanwhile, thanks to the serum in his blood, Blonsky healed from the battle and plotted the next attack.

SOCC travels to New York City

Banner contacted Stern and met him at Grayburn College. There, SOCC attacked Banner, but he, at that time, could not transform and he was captured. As Kathleen Sparr was interrogating Stern, Blonsky hit her from behind and threatened Stern to get an infusion of Banner's blood. The mixture of serum and blood caused Blonsky to become Abomination, and, searching for a "real fight," he challenged SOCC, causing General Ross and Banner to become temporary allies in the Duel of Harlem.

Thaddeus Ross talks to Tony Stark in a bar

Later, trying to get drunk, Ross was found in a bar by Tony Stark,[1] who was being used by Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson to keep the Abomination out of the Avengers[2] and in prison in Barrow, Alaska.[3]


SOCC possesses some of the most sophisticated, high-tech powerful weapons and gear in their arsenal, some of which came from Stark Industries, such as the Stark Sonic Cannon or the Stark Industries Rocket Launcher. SOCC commandos also carried identification badges, marking them as members of the unit.


Name Rank Status
Thaddeus Ross General Inactive
Emil Blonsky Captain Inactive
Kathleen Sparr Major Inactive



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