"Can you knock?"
"Sorry, sir. But I just got a lead."
―Stoltz and Jimmy Woo[src]

Agent Stoltz was a corrupted FBI agent and a member of Jimmy Woo's unit. Unknown to the FBI, Stoltz worked with Sonny Burch and attempted to steal the Mobile Laboratory for him before he was killed by Ghost.


FBI Agent

Working with Sonny Burch

"You know, I have a special friend, down at the FBI. And I say special, because... Well, he tells me things that I didn't previously know."
Sonny Burch to Hope van Dyne[src]

Working for the FBI, Stoltz was assigned as a member of Jimmy Woo's team, alongside with Burleigh and Pearson. Unknown to his colleagues, Stoltz came into contact with notorious black-market dealer Sonny Burch, who bribed him to receive information from the FBI. Upon Burch's request, Stoltz found information about his contact, Susan, who actually was Hope van Dyne.

Later, FBI tasked Stoltz as well as other agents from Woo's team to monitor Scott Lang who was placed under house arrest in the wake of his violation of the Sokovia Accords.[1]

Confronting Bill Foster

"I don't know what to tell you, agent. I haven't talked to Hank in thirty years. I can assure you I'm the last person he would wanna visit."
"Oh, come on. You expect us to-"
Bill Foster and Stoltz[src]

FBI was informed that Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne were identified by the campus police of Berkeley University. Several agents including Woo and Stoltz arrived at Berkeley to speak with Bill Foster. Foster told Woo that he did not meet Pym for thirty years and he is the last person he would want to visit. Stoltz, however, did not believe him and tried to push on Foster before he was stopped by Woo. He wanted to know the reason of malice between Foster and Pym, and Foster calmly replied that they hated each other.[1]

Lead from Sonny Burch

"Hey. It's me. How'd you like to get a promotion? I've got the location on Pym, van Dyne, and Lang. But you're gonna have to take them down now, 'cause they ain't gonna be there for long. And when you do, you're gonna get me that lab."
Sonny Burch and Stoltz[src]

Upon Burch's request, Stoltz informed him about Scott Lang's partner, Luis from the X-Con Security Consultants. Later, while working at the San Francisco FBI Office, Stoltz was called by Burch who informed him that Lang, Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym were hiding in the Muir Woods. Burch stated that arrest can get him promoted and in exchange, he needs to bring the Mobile Laboratory to him. Stoltz agreed and informed Jimmy Woo about his lead. Stoltz then was sent to the woods together with FBI task squad to arrest Pym and van Dyne while Woo, Burleigh and Pearson headed to Scott Lang's House.


Stoltz being murdered by Ghost

FBI SWAT teams led by Stoltz surrounded the laboratory, and when Pym shrunk the building, revealing all the agents surrounding them, Stoltz informed Pym and van Dyne that they were under arrest. They surrendered to the FBI and were apprehended. While Pym and van Dyne waited in a car, Stoltz quietly went to the vehicle and took the laboratory. However, before Stoltz could load the laboratory in the trunk of his car and hand it to Burch, he was killed by Ghost who slammed her fist into Stoltz's chest, phasing through it to crush his heart, before she then took the laboratory. Fellow agents then found Stoltz' body and realized that the laboratory was stolen.[1]





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