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"The Stokes family built greatness out of nothing. Nobody pushes us off that."
Mariah Dillard[src]

The Stokes Crime Family was one of the biggest criminal organizations in Harlem founded by Buggy Stokes.


Harlem's Players

"My husband, his brother, and me built this here Harlem game brick by brick. Numbers, pussy, guns."
Mama Mabel[src]

Buggy Stokes, with his wife Mabel and his brother Peter, founded one of the biggest criminal organization in Harlem and centered his activities in the Harlem's Paradise owned by Stokes and his friend Quincy McIver. Under his leadership, Stokes family grew stronger and established their business in weapons selling and prostitutes like Desiree Jones, Kalinda Potter and Sister Boy but never dealt with the drugs what became a family's credo.[1] Also, Mabel put Benjamin Donovan through law school, allowing him to become a successful lawyer and became loyal to the Stokes family.[2]

Situation with McIvers

The Stokes go up against the McIver's in law

However, Italian criminals, Irish policemen and local politicians wanted to took control over Harlem's Paradise. They made a deal with Buggy to force him to murder McIver who refused to sell the club. Buggy accepted the offer and shot his friend. However, McIver managed to shoot him in his belly before he died. Buggy died five months later. and on his deathbed, he asked Peter to protect Mabel and the family.[3]

Later, Mabel and Pete traveled to Kingston to discuss a business deal with McIver's wife, Gwen who asked for a fair share of Harlem's Paradise and profits of the Bushmaster Rum. However, Mabel, Pete Donovan openly refused her offer. By night, Stokes attacked McIver Residence and burned it with Gwen who was inside. Two years later, Pete found her son, John McIver who moved to Trenchtown and managed to shot him twice in the stomach in retaliation for what his father did to Buggy.[4]

Pete's Betrayal

Years later, Mama Mabel's grandson, Cornell Stokes than encouraged to go out in the street with Pop and Fredo Diaz, beating people up to steal cash, becoming notorious enough that they were once photographed by Jamel Shabazz. One night, Pop and Donnie visited Mabel and brought her cash and a stolen watch.

However, Mabel confronted Donnie on the fact that he had been selling drugs on the streets of Harlem. Donnie insisted that he was only trying to help her organization, noting that Salvador Colon was making a lot of money selling crack which they could get involved with. Mabel furiously confronted Donnie before using flower cutters to cut off his finger, before ordering Cornell and Pete to take Donnie downstairs in the basement and deal with him.

Mama Mabel has Pistol Pete shot and killed

Pete then decided to broke family's credo not to deal with the drugs and secretly contacted with the Colon Crime Family from Spanish Harlem. He discussed Stokes' involvement with their drug business with Salvador Colon. Mabel learned about that from Cornell and decided to punish Pete for his betrayal.

Mabel confronted Pete for betrayal, with Pete noting that he was trying to make a deal that would help them rule New York City. Then she revealed that Cornell was standing behind him, threatening Pete with a gun much to his horror. Mabel ordered him to force Pete outside to be executed for his betrayal against them. Pete desperately tried to reason with Cornell before he fired two shots into Pete's chest, killing him.[1]

Cottonmouth's Leadership

Cottonmouth takes over the Stokes business

"Nah, what I sell is pure. This is the kind of shit that can blow a hole in a battleship, but it's light enough to hold in your hand. Trust me Domingo, you can bribe someone's day permanently with this shit. Top of the line, the crème-de-la-crème, this that grade A, military, Justin Hammer level shit. A hundred large per case, ten cases, a cool mil, whole sale, brand spanking new, no serial numbers, because my connector's nice like that."
― Cottonmouth to Domingo Colon[src]

In the wake of the eventual death of Mama Mabel, Cottonmouth inherit family's business. Stokes established cooperation with another criminal gangs in Harlem, such as the Yardies, the Korean Mob, the Cuban Mob, and the Macoute.[5] In order to provide weapons business, Stokes befriended Diamondback, mysterious and powerful weapons dealer. To conspire his activities, Stokes contacted with Joel Spurlock from the Spurlock's Mortuary and several corrupt NYPD officers, like Detective Rafael Scarfe and Lieutenant Perez. Also, Stokes financed election campaign of his cousin Mariah Dillard who became a Councilwoman.

In 2015, Stokes arranged the meeting in Harlem's Paradise with his childhood friend Domingo Colon who became a leader of his family gang. Stokes organized a selling of weapons manufactured by Hammer Industries and obtained by Diamondback. Colon accepted a deal and their men met at the junkyard to finish the deal. However, they were attacked by Shameek Smith, Dante Chapman, and Chico Diaz who killed all gangsters at the scene to steal Stokes' money. Smith then killed Chapman who called up Tone and informed them about the robbery.[6]

Diamondback's Arrival

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Black Mariah's Leadership

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Name Position Status
Samuel Stokes Leader Deceased
Mabel Stokes Leader Deceased
Peter Stokes Leader Deceased
Cornell Stokes Leader Deceased
Mariah Dillard Leader Deceased
Hernan Alvarez Defected/In Custody
Darrell Mitchell Accountant Alive
Henry Hunter Deceased
Donnie Deceased
Sister Boy Prostitute Alive
Kalinda Potter Prostitute Deceased
Desiree Jones Prostitute Alive
Fredo Diaz Deceased
Tone Deceased
Zip Deceased
Alex Wesley Assistant Deceased
Benjamin Donovan Lawyer Formerly/Alive
Amos Alive
Sugar Defected/Alive
Koko Deceased
C-Money Alive
Diontey Alive
Darius Jones Mole/Deceased
Andre Jackson Deceased
Stephanie Miller Mole/Deceased
Ricky Alive
Tony Alive


  • In the comics, Black Mariah leads a gang called the Rat Pack. Early in her career, both she and Cornell Stokes were members of another gang known as the Fang Gang. Later on, both join the New Pride, led by Alex Wilder.


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