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"What'd I tell you about over-pouring? Your breakage is higher than any other bartender."
"I'm cultivating loyal customers."
"You're cultivating tips and ass. Stick to the measurements."
Gus and Stirling Adams[src]

Stirling Adams was a former bartender to a night club and Jessica Jones' boyfriend. While trying to start up his Club Alias, Adams fell into debt with Wyatt who had begun threatening him. When Wyatt learnt of Jones' own superhuman abilities, however, he and Adams agreed to use Jones for their own benefits, which enraged Jones' estranged mother Alisa Jones, who furiously murdered Adams.


Meeting Jessica Jones

Quitting in Style

"You can't even manage to show up here on time, let alone run a business. Stick to the measurements."
"Tell you what. Take one more dig at me, see how long I stick around."
"Is that a threat, asshole?"
"Not anymore. Severance."
Gus and Stirling Adams[src]

During one night at his workplace, Stirling tended to serving Dorothy Walker, complimenting her appearance and providing her a drink. Briefly, he introduced him to and conversed with Jessica Jones before he was pulled aside by Gus, heckled for skewing from the serving measurements. After warning his boss over the warnings, Stirling announced that he was quitting, taking a bottle of whiskey with him as he left.

Waiting outside the bar, he called out to Jones and asked if she wished to join him in sharing the whiskey.[1]

Wyatt's Threat

"I want my money. With interest."
"Hey, back off, Wyatt! Don't trip, man. I'm serious. We're close."
"Yeah, but you're not close enough, asswipe."
Wyatt and Stirling Adams[src]

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A Promising Offer

"So... you want Jessica to be your muscle."
"What do you mean by messy? She can handle the dirty work."
"You think you can persuade her, huh?"
"She loves me, dude. She'll do anything I ask her to."
"That's my man!"
"One condition. I get a quarter of whatever you collect."
―Stirling Adams and Wyatt[src]
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Adams walked back towards the bar when he encountered a mysteriously angry woman; shoved back into the alley, he was scolded by her about selling Jessica Jones to some gang member, unable to be reasoned. Eventually, the mysterious woman bashed his head into the brick wall repeatedly until he was unresponsive, his body dropping to the ground as he bled out. His body was found by Jones moments later.[1]


Alias Investigations

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"Is snake charmer on your resume?"
"I can handle a little venom."
Jessica Jones and Stirling Adams[src]

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  • Businessman: Upon quitting his bartender job, Adams set his eyes on establishing a club of his own alongside his girlfriend Jessica Jones. The two plotted to make connections after setting a location and planned to name the establishment "Club Alias."



  • Mother
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