Stewart Schmidt is a handyman working for Westmeyer-Holt Contracting. He and his co-worker Joseph Pike were hired to terrorize the homes of innocent people including Elena Cardenas.


Destroying the Apartment

Schmidt and Joseph Pike were hired by Westmeyer-Holt Contracting to go to a block of flats, including the home of Elena Cardenas, and cause irreparable damage to the homes inside. Once the homes were beyond repair, Schmidt and Pike left the homes claiming that they were forced to leave due to fears of their own safety due to the criminal activity inside the flats. The law-firm, Landman and Zack, offered the residents a pay-out to leave their homes so Wilson Fisk could demolish them and rebuild.[1]

Ambushing Karen Page

File 01-DDRedthread -Stuart Schmidt and Joseph Pike - Karen Page -Westmeyer Holt Contracting

Schmidt and Pike attack Karen Page

Stewart Schmidt pulled Karen Page, who was being followed by Joseph Pike, into an alley and pushed her into a wall. He asked her why she was bothering the old woman. Just before Page was able to spray pepper spray into Schmidt's face, Pike stopped her. In anger, he threatened to empty the entire bottle into her face, burning her eyes out so she can not look around anymore. He then got kicked by Page, causing him to fall on the ground. Just before Pike was able to take revenge, Foggy Nelson hit him on his head with a baseball bat. When Schmidt tried to stand up, Page, who got her bottle back, sprayed pepper spray into his eyes. She and Nelson then got away, leaving Schmidt and Pike in the alley.[2]




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