"We're not like these savages here."
―Stewart Finney to Wilson Fisk[src]

Stewart Finney is a former stock brocker who was arrested after making the wrong deal. While still inside Ryker's Island, Finney made a deal with Wilson Fisk and had assisted in the assassination of Dutton at the hands of Frank Castle.


Early Life

Criminal Dealings

"I was a mortgage analyst on the outside. Seven figure salary, summer house in The Hamptons. Just made the wrong deal, crossed the wrong guy. It turned out that his brother was some bigwig in the Justice Department. Some luck, huh?"
―Stewart Finney to Wilson Fisk[src]

Stewart Finney made his career working as a mortgage analyst, earning himself large sums of money which helped him afford a luxury home in The Hamptons. However, when Finney made a deal with the wrong man, whose brother worked for the United States Department of Justice, he was arrested and sent to Ryker's Island to begin his sentence. While inside, Finney attempted to keep his head down, avoiding getting into business with Dutton and other criminals who were still making deals inside, although he allied himself with Miguel Valdez and his brother for protection.[1]

Time in Ryker's

Meeting Wilson Fisk


Finney witnesses Wilson Fisk's prison arrival

"Smart to steer clear of that asshole. It's not just the guys at his table that are on his side. He runs about 80% of the contraband in this place. Most of the guards are in his pocket, from what I can tell."
―Stewart Finney to Wilson Fisk[src]

During his sentence in Ryker's Island, Finney was employed to clean the floors to the prison. While working, Finney witnessed the arrival of Wilson Fisk into the prison, who had been wanted for his many corruption charges in New York City and had finally been captured by Daredevil in the wake of a large scale man-hunt. Finney continued mopping the floors while he watched as Fisk handed over his personal items to the guards and was led to his own cell.


Finney offering some advice to Wilson Fisk

While eating with Miguel Valdez and his brother, Finney noticed Fisk eating alone and decided to speak with him. Finney claimed that men like them should stick together in prison, explaining his background as a mortgage analyst. While he was speaking, Finney noted that Fisk was watching Dutton and recommended that Fisk stay clear of Dutton, noting that he had the guards under his pay as well as many prisoners. Fisk then asked Finney about the Valdez brothers, who Finney claimed were his friends inside prison, with Fisk questioning if they had family on the outside which Finney confirmed.


Finney telling Wilson Fisk about the Punisher

Fisk then had Benjamin Donovan financially aid Finney and both the Valdez brothers, making them loyal to him, with Finney later joining him in his cell to update him on their plan to assassinated Dutton, as Finney explained it was currently impossible. Finney then gave Fisk a copy of the New York Bulletin which contained a new article on the capture of the Punisher, who was responsible for the massacres of the Kitchen Irish and the Dogs of Hell, with Fisk noting that Nesbitt had been a difficult leader. Knowing the Punisher was coming to the prison, Fisk and Finney came up with a new plan of action.[1]

Assassination of Dutton


Finney stands with both the Valdez brothers

"Guards have a shift change at 1500 hours. Dutton's men will be in their cells. We can get you to him. We have one guard on our side, but you'll only have a seven-minute window to reach Dutton, get your answers and get out."
―Stewart Finney to Frank Castle[src]

Taking Finney's advice, Fisk ordered Benjamin Donovan to arrange to have the Punisher moved to Ryker's Island where they could meet and talk in private about their plan to assassinate Dutton. While Fisk spoke with the Punisher outdoors to propose the plan, noting that Dutton had a hand in the Massacre at Central Park during which all of the Punisher's family had been killed during a shootout, Finney then arrived with both of the Valdez brothers to watch over the meeting, with both the Valdez brothers ready to fight if they needed to.


Finney explains their new plan to Frank Castle

When the Punisher had insulted Fisk and the Valdez brothers, Finney prepared himself for the fight, only to see Fisk calm the situation and call Finney to his side. Finney then watched as the Punisher insisted he would not be an assassin for Fisk, only for Fisk to note how many enemies he currently had inside the prison. Eventually Fisk managed to convince Frank Castle to kill Dutton for him so Finney stepped up and explained that Roy Olsky would be able to get Castle to Dutton and give him seven minutes to kill him. Finney then handed Castle a shiv and they had later witnessed him massacring Dutton's men.[1]


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