"Hey, Steve, you're supposed to protect the ATCU from things like this. So play nice with the FBI task force, and fix it."
Rosalind Price to Steve Wilson[src]

Steve Wilson is an ATCU member stationed at Endotex Labs, where he was in charge of IT security.


ATCU Employee

Infiltrated by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hunter and Morse in the ATCU

Wilson meets Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter

Wilson worked for the ATCU and was stationed at their front company Endotex Labs. Shortly after a Containment Module was brought to Endotex Labs, Wilson noted what looked like a breach in the facility's systems and attempted to contact FBI for assistance. Unbeknownst to him, however, his call was intercepted by Alphonso Mackenzie, who instructed him to welcome a task force comprised of Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter posing as an FBI agent and an expert hacker. Wilson was reluctant to have him in the facility, but finally gave up when Morse revealed that intel about Rosalind Price had been leaked out.


Wilson and Luther Banks watch Lance Hunter

Wilson called Price to inform her about the situation and Price told him to collaborate with the FBI. As a result, Wilson took Morse and Hunter to the IT room and let them took the matter in charge, doing his best to bear Hunter's annoying comments. Wilson eventually left to get a cup of coffee and returned shortly afterward with Luther Banks, asking Hunter if he had made any progress. Wilson was then surprised to hear Hunter reveal that he was actually no hacker before suddenly running away as he knew that Banks would recognize him.[1]


  • Endotex Labs: As an ATCU operative, Wilson was stationed at the front company used by the organization to perform research on Inhumans.







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