Stephen Strange's Apartment was the home of Doctor Stephen Strange in New York City, before he relocated in the New York Sanctum.


Stephen Strange lived in this large luxurious apartment during his days as a doctor and neurosurgeon. There he notably kept a vast collection of expensive watches and other expensive items.


Strange had a car accident which heavily damaged his hands, ending his medical career. Following his surgery, Strange remained in his apartment and lamented over the fact that he could never be a neurosurgeon again, despite all his attempts to recover. Christine Palmer visited him to comfort him and tell him that he could find something else to give his life meaning, but Strange rudely rebuffed her.

In his search for restoring the use of his hands, Strange sold most of his wealth, which included his watches, (except for the one given by Palmer which he kept with him) and possibly his apartment, which he no longer needed anyway after taking residence in the New York Sanctum.[1]

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