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"Stephanie, ma'am. I don't mean to correct you."
"No, you're Billie. It's those sad, compelling eyes of yours. They're gonna make men want to save you and tell you things. Hey, we'll use that."
―Stephanie Miller and Mariah Dillard[src]

Stephanie Miller was an escort hired by Mariah Dillard to go charm and blackmail Mark Higgins. However Miller's loyalty secretly laid with Bushmaster and the Stylers as she sold out information about Dillard to them. When Dillard discovered Miller's betrayal, she had Miller killed along with almost every member of Bushmaster's family in her brutal revenge.


First Impressions

"If you just look at this job as being a hostess, all you'll have to show for it is ankle pain from the six-inch heels and the constant ogling that belies someone of your education. Instead, why not play both sides against the middle? You've done it your whole life. In one way in Lakeville and another on Flatbush. You will find there is something in common with the rappers, the moguls, the politicians and the hustlers that come to Paradise lookin' for something. Clock that, own it, and this entire city could be yours. There are intangible benefits to being provocative, yet friendly."
Mariah Dillard to Stephanie Miller[src]

Miller met with Mariah Dillard at Harlem's Paradise, asked to present herself to Dillard. She was then informed of Mama Mabel and how she empowered women to use their sexuality to move forward, being referred to as "Billie" despite correcting her.

Later that evening, as patrons enjoyed drinks and music, Miller approached Mark Higgins and successfully charmed him into an affair.[3]


Massacre at Gwen's

"Billie, it was you. That's how he knew about Piranha. That's how he knew how to get to me. And where."
"Ms. Dillard, please."
"The name is Stokes. Mariah Stokes."
Mariah Dillard and Stephanie Miller[src]

At Gwen's, Miller watched as a man shot the camera and as Mariah Dillard entered the building. Frightful, she stood from her seat and helplessly apologized to Dillard for compromising them; Miller was shot in the head.[4]


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