"Malicks don't wait around, they roll up their sleeves and get the job done."
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Stephanie Malick was the daughter of Gideon Malick, who loyally served HYDRA and her father in their quest to return Hive to Earth. However, once he had returned, Hive used her as an example and killed her in front of her own father.


Early Life

Losing her Mother

"When Mom died, I wouldn't get out of bed for a week, remember? And you told me to man up."
―Stephanie Malick to Gideon Malick[src]

Stephanie Malick was born to Gideon Malick, who taught her the traditions of HYDRA and their family to worship an Inhuman god known as Hive, sending him sacrifices under the hope that one day he would return from Maveth where he was trapped. When Malick's mother died, the young woman mourned and refused to get out of bed for a week, but was pulled together by her father's tough but honest advice to man up.[1]

One day, Stephanie, who was fond of Arabian horses, was riding with her father when a rock slide occurred that scared her steed and caused it to buck her. As Gideon watched, Stephanie calmed her horse and began riding again. Proud of his daughter's resilience, Gideon opted to tell her all about HYDRA and the family's traditions.[2]

Return of Hive

Supporting her Father

"I'm still trying to figure out what his plans are."
"Well, I know what they are. He's going to change the world."
Gideon Malick and Stephanie Malick[src]

Malick comforts and reassures her father

Eventually, through decades of work, HYDRA succeeded in returning Hive from Maveth. While Gideon Malick set about gathering an army of Inhumans for him, Stephanie stayed by his side and offered him comfort and encouragement. When her father returned from a failed mission in Russia to gather all Inhumans into one place, Stephanie found him shooting outside the Malick Mansion. She joined her father and they discussed what Hive's true plans were, with Stephanie claiming that whatever they were she was sure that he would change the world.[3]

Meeting Hive

Malick and her father welcome Hive together

"You didn't tell me he was a looker. I don't know what I expected, but tall and handsome were certainly not at the top of the list."
"Wait, who are you talking about?"
"Our guest."
―Stephanie Malick and Gideon Malick[src]

While staying at the Malick Mansion, Malick was shocked to find Hive had come to visit, requesting that she gather the remaining heads of HYDRA for a meeting. Later Malick greeted her father and teased him about Hive's good looks, although her father seemed shocked by Hive's presence. They were both then greeted by Hive who informed them that he had come to the estate because he had decided it was time to reveal his true face to the leaders of HYDRA.

Malick learns of her father's vision of his death

Malick later found her father outside and tried to learn what was wrong. He revealed to her that an Inhuman named Charles Hinton had given him a vision of his own horrific death; when Malick tried to tell him to ask Hive for help, her father revealed that he knew Hive was the one who would kill him. Malick tried to convince her father that Hive would not harm him after everything he had done to return him from Maveth and ordered him to remind their leader why he was so valuable to him and their plans to take over the world.

Malick ordering her father to man himself up

Once the other heads of HYDRA arrived, Malick entertained them for a while but soon found that they would continue to demand to know why they were there and she could not provide an answer yet. She went to her nervous father to finally address them, telling him that if it was the other way around he would tell her to man up, which amused him and allowed him to stand and address the other leaders. Malick watched as her father gave his speech, telling them that they were not here for their usual ceremony but to celebrate.

Malick listening to Hive's speech for HYDRA

Gideon was interrupted by the arrival of Hive, who was dismissed by Kirk Vogel for being Grant Ward. Hive however explained that Ward's body was merely a vessel for his return like the many that had been sent to him over the decades to ensure his survival on Maveth. Hive went on to personally thank the Malicks for everything they had done to help with his return, promising that they would all get what they deserve. Hive then revealed his true tentacled form to the shock and horror of the HYDRA leaders.[1]

Death by Sacrifice

Malick and her father discuss Hive's return

"So all these years you just lied to my face?"
"He was selfish, he gets it from our father. They were both too afraid to make a true sacrifice."
―Stephanie Malick and Hive[src]

As a thank you for all her work, Hive presented Malick with a gift, the book Paradise Lost. While Malick sat by the fire reading her gift, she was visited by Gideon Malick, to whom she gave a drink. Her father then thanked her for reminding him what it meant to be a Malick, she then showed him the gift she had been given, which seemed to unnerve her father as he quickly left the room.

Malick discovering the truth about her father

Hive then brought Malick with him to witness her father finding his own copy of Paradise Lost, which contained a hidden stone which he had used to avoid being used as the chosen sacrifice to be sent to Maveth for decades. Although her father tried to convince his daughter to leave, Hive insisted that he wanted her to learn what kind of a coward her father really was, as he accused him of deliberately betraying the order and allowing his own brother to be selected as tribute instead while he remained safe on Earth. Malick watched as Hive spoke to her father through his dead brother's memories and demanded an explanation for his cowardice.

Malick gets torn apart from the inside by Hive

Malick tearfully accepted that her father had been lying to her for her entire life as Hive explained that it was a trait that he had inherited from his father. Malick watched as her father accepted his fate and declared that he would not die a coward so that his daughter would not remember him the same way he remembered his father. Hive explained that he would make things right and would keep a Malick by his side, he then turned and kissed Malick. However, Hive began using his powers to melt her skin from the inside, slowly and painfully killing her before dumping her corpse on the ground.[1]


Destruction of HYDRA

"The devil promises everything and then lets you destroy your own world. I sacrificed my brother to him, still he took my daughter. Now that image of her body lying on that floor... I failed her. What else matters?"
Gideon Malick to Phil Coulson[src]

The loss of Stephanie was a devastating blow to Gideon Malick's faith in Hive. Realizing that he had become a mere pawn in the dark Inhuman's plan, Gideon was disillusioned by the consequences of his actions, and did not even attempt to resist capture by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Lincoln Campbell during the retaking of Zephyr One. Imprisoned in the Playground, Gideon told Phil Coulson about Stephanie's death, which Coulson used as an incentive to persuade Gideon to give valuable intel to S.H.I.E.L.D., so they could kill Hive and Stephanie could be avenged. Later, when Gideon was confronted by Daisy Johnson and faced his impending death, he expressed relief at the idea that he would be reunited with Stephanie. The intel he had provided S.H.I.E.L.D. helped Glenn Talbot to plan a massive military operation which severely crippled HYDRA.[2]


"We were riding once in the Tetons, and there was this rockslide up ahead, and her horse bucked threw her right off. And my heart stopped. But she got up and calmed that horse in a way that made me more proud than anything I'd ever done. And that was the day I told her about HYDRA. Brought her into the fold."
Gideon Malick to Phil Coulson[src]
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