"It is a rite of passage to a life built on control and survival. That's why when you cut off the head, two more spring up!"
―Steger to Ruby Hale[src]

Steger was a professor at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy and a fanatical believer in HYDRA's oldest ideology. In the wake of the Destruction of HYDRA, Steger attempted to ensure that HYDRA's oldest traditions were maintained by Ruby Hale, however his fanatical beliefs made him come into conflict with Ruby which resulted with Hale shooting and killing Steger.


HYDRA Teacher

"I know everyone is excited about graduation tomorrow. As a reminder, there will be a final examination tonight."

Steger was a professor at the HYDRA Preparatory Academy, who notably had Hale, Jasper Sitwell and Wolfgang von Strucker as pupils. Right before their graduation, Steger welcomed Daniel Whitehall in his class for a lecture about the Particle Infusion Chamber he was designing in the framework of Project Destroyer of Worlds. Later, Steger went to see Hale and informed her that Whitehall wanted to see her to discuss her HYDRA assignment.

Years after, Steger also taught to Hale's daughter Ruby. During one of Ruby's physical training sessions, Steger and Hale discussed her future. When Hale reminded Steger that Whitehall planned to put Ruby at the head of HYDRA, Steger replied that Whitehall was dead.[1]

Fall of HYDRA


Steger confronting Ruby Hale

"We're this close to being wiped out!"
"All the more reason to devote yourself now."
Ruby Hale and Steger[src]

As HYDRA was being globally attacked by the United States Armed Forces, Steger received a message alerting him of the offensive against the organization. He then argued with Ruby Hale as she refused to kill her pet dog as part of her graduation exam, calling it a barbaric and futile ritual. Steger violently grabbed Ruby's arm, claiming that these kind of ritual were the key to HYDRA's success in the future, but before he could finish, he was shot by Hale who defended her daughter.[1]


"Do not question the HYDRA way! You trust in the system!"
―Steger to Ruby Hale[src]

Steger was a fanatical believer in the HYDRA ideology, to the point he clung to its traditions and rituals to the very end without ever questioning them. He was convinced that all future HYDRA operatives had to eliminate all their potential weaknesses before serving, no matter how hard this was. Steger refused to give up on his convictions even when HYDRA faced extinction, which would eventually cause his demise at the hands of Hale.






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