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"It's 100% pure, 100% of the time. Boasting a faster absorption rate, a slower metabolic rate and the most exciting part, the CP450 liver enzyme inhibitor. Which prevents the human body from ever building a tolerance to it. So, as you can see, the value of this particular heroin is unprecedented."

The Steel Serpent is a kind of heroin produced with the powder of dragon bones[1] and distributed by Madame Gao's Hand faction.



"Yeah, I've seen this around all over the city. Heroin, pure like you've never seen. Call it 'Steel Serpent' on the streets."
Ben Urich to Daredevil[src]

Captured by Madame Gao's Hand faction, wanted chemist Radovan Bernivig created a formula of pure synthetic heroin known as "Steel Serpent".[2] Gao offered Wendell Rand and Harold Meachum to work with her. Rand refused but Meachum accepted and using Rand Enterprises' assets he set up all her heroin operations in China.[3]

Later, Gao became involved with Wilson Fisk and his criminal schemes, who helped her establish the production of Steel Serpent within New York City. Blind delivery people carried backpacks with Steel Serpent and delivered them to Russian Mafia members who distributed heroin at the streets.[4] When Fisk decided to cease cooperation with Russians, Fisk took over the distribution of Steel Serpent.[5]


Steel Serpent Drug.PNG

Following the murder of Elena Cardenas, Masked Man went after her assassin, a junkie who was given a supply of Steel Serpent in exchange for having taken care of her. He then decided to ask Ben Urich about the junkie's heroin, being told it was called Steel Serpent, the purest brand of heroin Urich had ever seen.[6]

Murdock managed to locate and follow one of these deliverers to the warehouse Madame Gao used as her main facility and break in. Dozens of blind people preparing the drugs for delivery, and soon Gao discovered the intruder and told her employees to attack him. Murdock went after Gao, but one of her guards accidentally shot a flammable substance when trying to protect her, quickly setting the whole place on fire. Gao escaped and Murdock told one of the guards to evacuate the building. The police later investigated the burned warehouse and found out about the heroin and the illegal immigrants.[7]

Rand Enterprises

"Every test I ran on that sample proves it's chemical. No need to harvest opium from foreign countries. In fact, the most amazing aspect of this drug is that there's nothing illegal about it. So with the right supplies, any amount can be made in a real lab. Whoever the Einstein is behind this made sure there'd be no limit to how much one can make. A drug like this could mean a major epidemic in this city."
Sandi Ann to Danny Rand[src]

After Fisk's collapse and death of her rival, Gao returned to Rand Enterprises and continued her heroin operations. She forced Harold Meachum to control company from the shadows and organized Steel Serpent trade over the world. Blacksmith did not prevent her and Steel Serpent returned to the streets. Russian Mafia continued to help with distribution and Dogs of Hell managed to deliver heroin.[8]

Yangsi Gonshi sent a small packet of Steel Serpent to Danny Rand as a message.[9] He gave it to company chemist Sandi Ann. She tested heroin and informed Rand that heroin is synthetic and fully legal but causes an epidemic.[10]

Rand recognized the mark on the drug as the symbol of Shou-Lao the Undying with its wings removed and would come to believe that the Hand used this symbol as a way to mock K'un-Lun and the Iron Fist.[11]

The next day, three business representatives of Hand approached three separate dealers. They offered the Steel Serpent and explained the product, one of them even offering a junkie a sample in the form of a nicotine patch. The junkie explained that it was the best feeling he had ever had.[12]

Exposing the Trade

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing infiltrated into Red Hook Pier which was acquired by Rand Enterprises. They expected to find a big delivery of Steel Serpent, but they rescued Radovan Bernivig, creator of the drug.[13]

When Rand exposed Rand Enterprises' involvement in Gao's heroin operations, he attacked her assistant and took her tablet. Rand and Meachum studied tablets and learned that Steel Serpent trades located over the world. Meachum informed Rand that New York operations are based at Hand's facility in Brooklyn. With Wing and Yangsi Gonshi, Rand attacked the facility and corrupted their activity in New York.[14]

Rand, Wing and Claire Temple traveled to Anzhou where located Madame Gao and her main laboratory. They infiltrated the lab, defeated all Hand warriors and captured Gao.[15]

Ward Meachum ingested some Steel Serpent and police arrested him to drug addiction. Ward was placed at Birch Psychiatric Hospital where he was visited by Bakuto. He gave him antidote and offered him to get rid of Harold.[16]

After his release from Hand's control, Harold framed Rand for heroin trades. Returning to the leader position of Rand Enterprises, he decided to take control of Steel Serpent operations.[17]


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  • In the comics, "Steel Serpent" is the major alias of Davos, the arch-nemesis of Iron Fist. The symbol on the Steel Serpent envelopes is the same Davos carries on his chest in the comics and is later tattooed on his back by the Crane Sisters in the second season of Iron Fist.


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