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"I read at school that she represents everything good about America."
"That's about right."
Lisa Castle and Frank Castle[src]

The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York.


Betty Ross' Visit

Betty Ross on Liberty Island

In 2010, Betty Ross visited the Statue of Liberty. There she reflected back on her memories with Bruce Banner by looking back at some pictures of him stored on her camera.[1]

Castle Family Vacation

Frank Castle looking at the Statue of Liberty

Before his departure to Afghanistan, Frank Castle took Lisa and Frank Castle, Jr. onto a trip to go and see the Statue of Liberty. As they looked at the statue, Lisa noted that her teacher told her that it represented everything good about the United States of America which he agreed with.[2]


Survivors of the Snap group together

Following the Snap, New York City became a desolate city. By 2023, New York City residents had formed a marina and surrounded Liberty Island with their boats, sticking together as one community.[3]

Alternate Universes

Damaged by Surtur

Surtur with the Statue of Liberty

"I've got a crown too, and we both like fire, right? Come on. Let's see you turn up the heat on this thing."

In an alternate universe, the Fire Demon Surtur came to Earth and flirted with the Statue of Liberty, only to accidentally break the torch arm and run off. Later, Surtur returned and fixed the Statue, using his powers to re-attach the torch arm.[4]


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