"We call it the Stark special, custom-designed to his exact specifications [...] Stark demands only the highest quality diamonds, the highest karat of gold. Any girl would be lucky to wear such a fine piece."

The Stark Special Bracelet is a diamond bracelet designed by Albert for Howard Stark to give to his former lovers as a memento.


"Are you saying Howard Stark buys a bracelet for every women he's-"
"Oh, no. Yes. He considers it a parting gift to commemorate their time together."
Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis[src]

Though Howard Stark enjoyed one-night stands and sexual flings, he was not very courageous when it came to ending the relationship; to that end, Stark would have Edwin Jarvis dismiss the women. When Jarvis did, Stark would have him give each woman the Stark Special Bracelet as a parting gift.

The Stark Special Bracelet was created by the jeweler Albert under specifications given by Stark.

A list of the recipients of the Stark Special Bracelet was given to Peggy Carter when she was investigating who among Stark's flings could have been a spy and helped to steal his inventions. Carter and Jarvis quickly learned that the ladies who received the Bracelet did not like the way that Stark dismissed them.[1]


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