"Move him toward the cannons!"
Thaddeus Ross[src]

The Stark Sonic Cannon is a type of non-lethal long-range acoustic device (LRAD) weapon developed by Stark Industries. It is capable of emitting an extremely intense, focused field of compressed sound waves that can disable most assailants.


United States Armed Forces


Hulk manages to block the Sonic Cannon

In their ongoing military operations to locate and capture Bruce Banner, the United States Armed Forces acquired a pair of the Stark Sonic Cannon outfitted Humvees from Stark Industries, in hopes that the cannons would be sufficient to subdue an enraged Hulk. During an operation to capture Banner at Culver University, General Thaddeus Ross gave the order to use the cannons on a rampaging Hulk. While initially successful at immobilizing Hulk, he was able to escape by destroying one from a distance and jumping out of the other's range.[1]

War Machine


War Machine attacks the Scarlet Witch with a miniature version of the Sonic Cannon

Equipped in the War Machine Armor: Mark II, James Rhodes had a miniature version of the Sonic Cannon.[2]

During the Clash of the Avengers, Rhodes used the weapon to take down Scarlet Witch.[3]

Stark Industries Combat Drones

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Sonic Cannon TIH

A blueprint of the Stark Sonic Cannon

A creation of Stark Industries, the sonic cannons was developed to be a form of non-lethal anti-personnel weapon, capable of crowd control or non-lethal attacks on enemy armies. The cannons produce a focused field of intense sound waves that immobilize enemies by overloading their sense of hearing. On its highest settings, the cannon fires an extremely narrowed, focused field so intense that it causes visible ripples in the air and has enough kinetic force to knock a large assailant like the Hulk off balance.


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