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"The Stark Relief Foundation?"
"Already on the scene."
Tony Stark and Maria Hill[src]

The Stark Relief Foundation is an organization headed by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts to provide relief to the needy as well as to handle any casualties incurred during battles involving the Avengers.


Due to the massive collateral damage which could be caused when the Avengers would have to fight against a serious enemy, such as the Battle of New York, Tony Stark created the Stark Relief Foundation. The organization's purpose was to send emergency supplies and assist civilians who had been hurt one way or another in the crossfire of the Avengers' battles.

In 2015, the relief foundation was sent to Johannesburg after the Duel of Johannesburg, when Hulk and Iron Man had a fight which caused large collateral destruction across the whole city.[1]

In 2024, Pepper Potts authorized the Stark Relief Foundation to donate $500,000 to the Salvation Army's efforts on building new homes for those resurrected by the Blip. Happy Hogan personally delivered the check to May Parker, the leader of the charity.[2]