"Filmmaking isn't art. It's more than that. It's science, which is why I'm gonna beat these movie yahoos at their own game."
Howard Stark[src]

Stark Pictures is a film studio founded by Howard Stark in 1947 to revolutionize the filming industry. Stark Pictures is located in Los Angeles.


Filming Kid Colt

"Are they ready for a movie based on a comic book? Sounds like a dreadful idea."
"I'll have you know this is a historical drama, Kid Colt was a real person, and if it fails there'll be a substantial write off come tax season."
Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]

Howard Stark adapts Kid Colt

When Howard Stark went to Los Angeles to close a defense contract, he liked the scene so much that he decided to create Stark Pictures. One of the first tasks Stark performed in creating the studio was to find a location scout, whom he quickly seduced.[1] Stark decided that the comic book Kid Colt: Outlaw, which was actually a historical text with drawn pictures, would make a good movie. As a backup plan if the film was not successful, Stark would write it off on his taxes.[2]

Jarvis' Lie

"Edwin Jarvis. Head of production, Stark Pictures."
"Oh. Charmed."
"Might I have a word?"
Edwin Jarvis and Whitney Frost[src]

Edwin Jarvis was asked by Peggy Carter to distract famed actress Whitney Frost while Carter talked to her husband, Calvin Chadwick, about the death of his employee and mistress, Jane Scott; Jarvis approached Frost, pretending to be a production director, and told her that she would be perfect for a starring role in Stark Pictures' latest production. Frost asked him what was the name of the motion pictures; caught off-guard, Jarvis flustered before saying "The British are Coming." Frost was uninterested in doing a costume drama; Jarvis, looking at Carter as she spoke with Chadwick, told Frost that it was about a female British spy who was "tough as nails". Frost wondered about the love interest of the star, but Jarvis told her that the right actor had not been selected. Carter, angered by her conversation with Chadwick, approached and the two left, with Jarvis telling Frost that he would contact her soon.[1]

Film and Filming

Howard Stark directs a movie

"The man's a certifiable genius. He wants to waste it on making movies."
Whitney Frost[src]

Howard Stark, using his genius intellect, realized that he could change the filming industry if he could record not only visible light on film, but invisible light, such as infrared and x-rays, as well, so he and Edwin Jarvis worked on creating a solution that would do that. One day while filming, Stark was interrupted by Jarvis and Peggy Carter who were standing in the camera shot as Kid Colt was soon to feud with the Sheriff; Stark sent everyone to lunch while he talked to his friends. Later, Stark hired a bevy of scantily-clad young ladies under the title of "production assistances," to help him to think; he used these ladies to help Carter to infiltrate the Arena Club.[2]

Used to destroy the Zero Matter Rift

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