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"Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago."
"That's funny... I thought with it being my plane and all, that it would just wait for me to get there."
Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

The Stark Industries Private Jet are private planes commonly used by Stark Industries.


Tony Stark's Plane

Trip to Afghanistan

"Doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?"
Pepper Potts and Tony Stark[src]

Tony Stark's jet

The plane used to be parked in the Stark Industries Aviation Division parking lot is a heavily modified Boeing 737 BBJ. Tony Stark and James Rhodes traveled on the private jet heading to Afghanistan for a weapons test, per a contract with the United States Air Force. After landing, Stark's weapons test was successful, which then led to his capture and building the Mark I.

Tony Stark returns on the jet

After his capture, Stark was eventually rescued and returned to the United States of America in his private jet.[1]

Trip to D.C.

In 2010, Tony Stark used the private jet to commute to Washington, D.C. to appear before a congressional subcommittee by Senator Stern, about the relinquishing of the Iron Man Armor by Tony Stark to the federal government.[2]

Trip to Monaco

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts on the jet

While en route to Monaco for the charity race, Tony Stark used the private jet's kitchen to make a meal for Pepper Potts. While he spent a considerable amount of time on it, she did not eat it due to its unappetizing making. The private jet also housed the Iron Man Armor: Mark V as an emergency armor should Stark find himself in need of fighting a threat.[2]

Battle of New York

Pepper Potts and staff on the jet

In 2012, Pepper Potts traveled with staff to another part of the United States on the jet, and they viewed the Battle of New York on the jet's television monitor. After Potts was finished with work, she took the jet back to New York City.[3]

Trip to Berlin

Peter Parker recording on the jet

"This is your first time on a private plane?"
"It's my first time on any plane."
Happy Hogan and Peter Parker[src]

In 2016, Happy Hogan was in charge of ensuring Peter Parker had a means of traveling from New York City to Berlin on a pilotless Gulfstream G650, so he used the private jet.

Happy Hogan asleep on the jet

Parker, excited for being on an aircraft for the first time in his life, took recordings of his being onboard, much to Hogan's irritation. One instance, Parker recorded Hogan after he had fallen asleep. On the return flight home, Tony Stark flew with Hogan and Parker back to New York.[4]

Upgraded Plane

Aiding Peter Parker

The jet lands in the Netherlands

In 2024, Happy Hogan traveled to the Netherlands in an upgraded private jet to pick up a battle weary Peter Parker, who was distrusting given the recent ambush. Hogan proved himself to be real by knowing about the pay per view bill from the Berlin hotel, which Parker never shared with anyone.

Peter Parker makes a new Spider-Man Suit on the jet

On the jet, Hogan gave Parker first aid, but Parker became frustrated and moved away from him. He then became emotional over the loss of his mentor and how he was on his own, in which Hogan sympathized with him. After Parker expressed the need for a new suit, Hogan showed Parker a room on the jet where he could make his own Spider-Man Suit. Parker then synthesized a new suit creating a black and red upgraded suit.[5]


The jet flies into London

After the jet reached London, Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit hopped off the jet and grabbed onto the side of it while talking to Happy Hogan. As the jet came closer to the Elemental Fusion, Parker jumped off the jet.

The jet is destroyed by Mysterio's drones

Hogan then landed the jet and located Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, Betty Brant, and Flash Thompson to evacuate them by way of the jet. However, before they could get there, drones sent by Mysterio blew up the jet.[5]


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