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The Stark Industries New York Facility is one of the many investigation and research facilities created by Howard Stark.


Analysis of the Nitramene Device

Edwin Jarvis took Peggy Carter to one of Stark Industries facilities in New York City to consult Doctor Anton Vanko about the Nitramene, and the functional device that she stole from Spider Raymond.

Vanko analyzed the whole device, and concluded that it was made of a lanthanum carbon alloy, a compund very difficult to process due to its instability, which made Carter realize that it must have been created in the city.

Vanko informed her that only the Roxxon Corporation would have been able to produce it, given that during World War II, the other two refineries that could have produced it, one belonging to Franklin Chemical and the other to Eaglestar, had been closed by the United States Navy or had been converted to Diesel, respectively.

Carter realized that the Roxxon Refinery had about 200 acres, so it would take weeks to find any evidence of the Nitramene inside it. However, Vanko explained that even when the Nitramene was not volatile, it still emitted low levels of Vita Radiation, which gave Carter, who witnessed the effects of Vita-rays during Project Rebirth, an idea to narrow the search.[1]


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