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"The integration of my illusion tech, with your weaponized drones, was brilliant. Powerful illusions, real damage, worked like a charm."
Mysterio to William Ginter Riva[src]

The Stark Industries Combat Drones are weaponized drones designed by William Ginter Riva for Stark Industries that Quentin Beck used to perpetrate his Elemental attacks across Europe.


Elemental Attacks

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Attack on Brad Davis

"You had access to killer drones?"
"Yeah, I didn't really want them especially after I almost killed Brad."
"You almost killed Brad?"
Peter Parker and Michelle Jones[src]

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Battle of London

"Why aren't these drones firing?"
"You're in the strike zone."
"The chance of getting hit..."
"No, fire all the drones now!"
Mysterio and E.D.I.T.H.[src]

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The drone has a sleek and white appearance. It is armed with a pair of dual-miniguns, outfitted with green laser sights. The damage that these guns can inflict can vary, as whoever is controlling the drones, whether it be from computers or from the E.D.I.T.H. sunglasses, can customize the fatality of the drones. These drones can also be issued from the Stark Industries orbital satellite. The drones were equipped with a plethora of weapons, such as miniguns, lasers, and powerful concussive blasters that could produce shockwaves of force powerful enough to knock down a reinforced vault door with repeated blasts.[1]


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