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"I came to realize that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark International until such a time as I can decide what the future of the company will be."
Tony Stark[src]

Stark Industries is a multinational industrial company and the largest tech conglomerate in the world. Founded in 1939 by Howard Stark, the elder Stark ran the company from its inception up until his death in 1991, after which Obadiah Stane was appointed interim CEO, with Tony Stark officially assuming the position shortly after at the age of twenty-one.

Under Stark's control, the company flourished financially for nearly two decades; however, when Stark discovered that Stane was selling their weapons to terrorist groups around the world, such as the Ten Rings, he shut down their lucrative weapons division. In 2010, Stark appointed Pepper Potts as the CEO of Stark Industries after realizing that he was dying from palladium poisoning, a position that Stark allowed Potts to maintain after he engineered his own recovery.


Howard Stark's Leadership[]

"You know who was the expert? Your dad. Howard Stark. Really a father to us all, and to the military-industrial age. Let's just be clear, he was no flower child. He was a lion."
Justin Hammer to Tony Stark[src]

Stark Industries founder Howard Stark

Stark Industries was founded by Howard Stark in 1939, a great pioneer in different types of technology and constantly assisted the United States Armed Forces with different and innovative weapons, helping the government to develop the Project Rebirth in the 1940s.

Under the leadership of Howard Stark, Stark Industries also started the Stark Expo, also known as the World Exposition of Tomorrow, an exposition located in New York City, bringing together great minds and showcasing new technology.[1]

During the 1950s and early 1960s, Stark created an Arc Reactor along with Anton Vanko,[2] a source which provided free, pure and efficient energy for Stark Industries' main plant.[3] In the 1980s, they developed surveillance drones.[4]

Obadiah Stane's Leadership[]

"This technology, it comes along once in a generation, and it's a gift that has been put in our hands. And why is that? It's because we have a vision, a vision for the future of this company, of this nation, of the world order!"
Obadiah Stane[src]

Following the death of Howard Stark in 1991,[5] Stark Industries was inherited by his son Tony Stark, with the help of Obadiah Stane, although Stane was appointed interim CEO immediately after Howard's death before his son could officially assume the position of CEO.[3]

Tony Stark's Leadership[]

"With the keys to the kingdom, Tony ushers in a new era for his father's legacy, creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics, satellite targeting. Today, Tony Stark has changed the face of the weapons industry, by ensuring freedom and protecting America."
―Award Ceremony[src]

Tony Stark gained control of Stark Industries and the company continued to flourished financially in the weapons business. In 1999, a bomb manufactured by Stark Industries landed in Sokovia, hitting the apartment building of the Maximoff family. However, it failed to detonate.[6] but still killed Pietro and Wanda Maximoff's parents, Olek and Iryna Maximoff.[7] Years later, Thaddeus Ross requested to Stark Industries the Stark Sonic Cannon that the United States Armed Forces could use in their ongoing military operations to locate and capture Bruce Banner.[8] They continued to sell weapons to the military, including the Accelerated Wave Explosion. They demonstrated the weapon at the Yuma Proving Ground and had Pepper Potts deliver the specifics.[9]

In 2008, Tony Stark was in Afghanistan to demonstrate the new Stark Industries "Jericho" missile. However, Stark was kidnapped by the Ten Rings and developed a suit of armor powered with a miniaturized Arc Reactor to escape captivity. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Stark decided the company would no longer produce weaponry, due to the fact that he had discovered his captors now possessed illegal Stark weaponry and technology.

Stark further developed his armor to create new models, such as the Iron Man Armor: Mark III and started looking for and destroying stolen Stark tech, which he later discovered Obadiah Stane was selling behind his back. Stark faced Stane, who had created his own suit of armor, and defeated him in battle at the Stark Industries Headquarters.[3]

Stark continued his company's business dealings and held a meeting with Gorani Insurance in Germany. Although Stark got distracted stopping several museum robbers, the museum was insured by Gorani Insurance, and Stark had also helped Evetta Gorani with a flat tire, so Michael Gorani agreed to favorable prices for Stark Industries.[10]

Six months later, Stark re-inaugurated the Stark Expo and was attacked by Anton Vanko’s son Ivan, who thought Howard Stark was responsible for Anton's misery and death, although Anton was deported because he tried to use the reactor to his own profit.[2]

Pepper Potts' Leadership[]


Pepper Potts in her office

"I hereby irrevocably appoint you chairman and CEO of Stark Industries effective immediately. Yeah, done deal. Okay? I've actually given this a fair amount of thought, believe it or not. Doing a bit of headhunting, so to speak, trying to figure out who a worthy successor would be. And then I realized it's you. It's always been you."
Tony Stark to Pepper Potts[src]

Though panned by critics such as Bill O'Reilly, Tony Stark appointed Pepper Potts as leader of Stark Industries.[2]

In 2012, Stark Industries opened a new base in New York City, building the Stark Tower, which was powered by a new prototype Arc Reactor inside the Tower. Potts also procured permits to build a Tower in Washington, D.C.[11] Later that year, Happy Hogan was hired as head of security at Stark Industries Headquarters.[12]

In 2014, following the downfall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the hiring of Maria Hill,[5] Stark Industries made privatized security a part of its services.[13]

In 2015, Potts attended the annual NYC Tech convention to speak on behalf of Stark Industries.[14]

In 2016, Stark Industries announced new scholarships for promising students from urban city schools.[15] Stark went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and gave a presentation on the September Foundation, as well as showcasing B.A.R.F.[16] by Quentin Beck.[17] In order to celebrate Earth Day, Potts presented Stark Industries' latest advances in intellicrops. Potts had no comment about consuming application of the Arc Reactor Technology as reported by WHiH World News.[18] In mid-2016, Hogan was tasked with moving equipment out of the Avengers Tower to the Avengers Compound as Stark was planning on selling the Tower.[19]

Stark Industries raided by Damage Control

Stark Industries is raided by the DODC

In 2024, Stark Industries Combat Drones, along with E.D.I.T.H. and the Stark Industries Satellite, were used by Mysterio to stage an extraterrestrial attack in London.[17] As a result, Stark Industries landed in a center of a large controversy, regarding the usage of the drones and Spider-Man's involvement, so the United States Department of Damage Control raided Stark Industries Headquarters for investigation, although Hogan had no comment.[20]


Name Position Status
Howard Stark Founder and CEO Deceased
Obadiah Stane CEO Deceased
Tony Stark CEO Deceased
Pepper Potts CEO Active
James Rhodes Military Liaison Active
Happy Hogan Head of Security Active
Anton Vanko Scientist Deceased
Jason Wilkes Scientist
William Ginter Riva Scientist Resigned
Quentin Beck Engineer Fired/Deceased
Janice Lincoln Engineer Resigned
Sharon Davis Architect
William J. Law III Architect
Walt Hadfield Architect
Natalie Rushman Assistant (undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) Deceased
Maria Hill Human Resources Resigned
Bambi Arbogast Secretary Active
T. Bennett Public Relations Active
Trixie Flight Attendant Active
Peter Parker Intern Inactive
Edwin Jarvis Deceased
Victoria Snow Resigned
Gutes Guterman Resigned
Doug Resigned


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