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File18-Stark Expo 'full site'.jpg

The Stark Expo is a website created for the promotion of Iron Man 2, set as the official website of the Stark Expo, and featuring links to multiple websites and videos.


The marketing campaign introduced a website of the Stark Expo. Featuring online tickets for the event, a message from Tony Stark and architectural sketches of the Expo. It also included a 3-D Stark Expo map, with details of each representative and the location of their pavilion. A promotional video for the Stark Expo 2010 was released as well, and a nostalgic promotion video of the 1974 Expo.

Next to the Stark Expo website a few other websites were released as well for subsidiaries of Stark Industries. Marvel also allowed sponsors of Iron Man 2 to have a pavilion on the Expo, with links to their websites, most of them having a marketing campaign of their own involving Iron Man.


Pavilion Image Description
1 File01-Stark Expo 'Stark Industries'.jpg Stark Industries
2 File02-Stark Expo 'Royal Purple - Synthetic Oil'.jpg Royal Purple - Synthetic Oil[1]
3 File03-Stark Expo 'Dr Pepper'.jpg Dr Pepper[2] used their relationships formed at the Expo and promoted their drinks with the use of Iron Man and LG.
4 File04-Stark Expo 'Burger King'.jpg Burger King
5 File05-Stark Expo 'Cordco'.jpg Cordco[3] is a subsidiary of Stark Industries. With approximately 57.000 employees they currently have an active market in security systems and services. At Cordco, they spent over eight months developing a prototype model of a truly unique device to fight fires. The 'Sonic Fire Extinguisher' uses sonic waves to put out the blaze.
6 File06-Stark Expo 'Unisphere'.jpg Unisphere
7 File07-Stark Expo 'Oracle'.jpg Oracle
8 File08-Stark Expo 'Stark Fujikawa'.jpg Stark-Fujikawa[4] is a subsidiary of Stark Industries. Their main goal was to promote the Stark HUD 2020.
9 File09-Stark Expo 'Kodak'.jpg Kodak
10 File10-Stark Expo 'Audi'.jpg Audi[5]
11 File11-Stark Expo 'Accutech'.jpg AccuTech[6] is a subsidiary of Stark Industries, introducing their latest breakthrough in anthropo-robotic physical enhancement: 'HazTech Exoskeleton'.
12 File12-Stark Expo 'LG'.jpg LG
13 File13-Stark Expo 'Norton from Symantec'.jpg Norton from Symantec
14 File14-Stark Expo 'Reese's'.jpg Reese's[7] In the invitation letter to exhibit the 2010 Stark Expo, Tony Stark even asked to bring extra Reese's for himself.
15 File15-Stark Expo '7-11'.jpg 7-11
16 File16-Stark Expo 'Turk Telecom'.jpg Turk Telecom

Architecture Sketches

Stark Industries Subsidiaries

With the promotion of the Stark Expo, Marvel also introduced three subsidiaries of Stark Industries. Each one of them had their own website and a promotional video to promote their own pavilion at the Expo. Most notable is the company AccuTech, who invented the soundvehicles hoping to contain the Hulk.


Introducing the Sonic Fire Extinguisher.


Introducing the Stark HUD 2020.


Introducing the HazTech Exoskeleton.

Revealed Notes

When the websites were still active, a press release from AccuTech and a memo from Tony Stark could be viewed as well.

Stark Expo Jingle

‎The Stark Expo Jingle was a tune continuously played on the website of the Stark Expo, it can be heard during the Stark Expo scene in Iron Man 2 as well.[8]