"I've got a plane full of Avengers weaponry ready to go!"
Happy Hogan[src]

The Stark Cargo Plane was a specialized plane that Tony Stark planned to use to transfer artwork, weapons, and technology from Avengers Tower to the New Avengers Facility.


Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane

"We just gotta load up Tony's old Hulkbuster armor, a prototype for Cap's new shield and the Megin.. Me... Meg... Thor's magic belt."
Happy Hogan[src]
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Happy Hogan's team loading the Stark Cargo Plane

On moving day, Happy Hogan oversaw the loading of all of the items onto to be moved onto the cargo plane. The villain known as Vulture flew after and entered plane leaving Avengers Tower holding the equipment he planned to steal. Speaking to the Tinkerer during his flight, Vulture noted that the new Exo-Suit felt like it was dragging extra weight. Grabbing onto the side of the plane, Vulture phased himself inside using a Matter Phase Shifter and deployed a decoy drone to throw the plane's ground control, which Happy Hogan was monitoring, off his scent during the heist.


Vulture steals the Stark Industries weapons

Entering the plane, Toomes discovered it was filled with even more than he could have hoped for, boxes of Chitauri weaponry, robotic parts of Ultron, Arc Reactors and well as various armors from the Iron Legion, all of which would be worth millions on the black market. Toomes began going through the boxes, throwing aside the one of Iron Man's old helmets to get to the Chitauri Guns. While attempting to alter the plane's course and marveling at the Avengers' equipment, Vulture discovered that Spider-Man had survived their previous encounter, and quietly followed him and was now attempting to knock his exo-suit off the plane.


The plane crashes on Coney Island

Furious, Vulture fought against Spider-Man outside the plane, using his claws on his suit to try and scratch at Spider-Man. During the battle, Vulture destroyed one of the engines in the process causing the plane to lose control. Fortunately, Spider-Man had successfully managed to use his Web-Shooters to redirect the craft away from New York City, crash-landing it on the beach at Coney Island and causing them both to hit the ground hard, destroying the plane.[1]


"Retroreflective panels engaged."
  • Advanced Cloaking Capabilities: The plane possessed retro-reflective panels lining the hulls, making it invisible to normal human vision below a certain elevation. The plane also possess radar cloaking capabilities, making it difficult to detect by other means.

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