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"What did you do to your uniform?"
Yon-Rogg to Captain Marvel[src]

The Starforce Uniform is a Kree regimental of protection, used by the Starforce during its missions. It is also the suit used by Captain Marvel, as she is a defector from the group.


Kree Uniform

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Captain Marvel's Uniform

"There is something that I need your help with. I can't wear these Kree colors anymore. And since you're obviously the only person around here with any sense of style..."
Carol Danvers to Monica Rambeau[src]
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  • Helmet Generation: The Starforce Uniform can create a collapsible helmet that is generated around the user's head and in the case of Captain Marvel leaves part of her hair exposed in a mohawk. The user had the option to extend a blue visor over their mouth to allow them to breathe in the vacuum of space or underwater. It also gives additional protection to the skull in case of powerful impacts or attacks.
  • Communication System: The suits had a localized communication system integrated into them that allowed Starforce members to contact one another. It is shown that the signal can be interrupted during the attack on Torfa.
    • Holograph Projection: The suit could also project holographs via retractable blue fiber optical probes lining the uniforms fingers that would extend to project a holographic image of the person the user was communicating with.
  • Color Shifting: While the default color scheme for Starforce Uniform is black and dark green, it is possible for the wearer to shift colors to suit their preference. The suit's color range also extends into neon, as discovered by Monica Rambeau when changing Captain Marvel's uniform.
    • Stealth Mode: During covert operations, the suit could automatically switch to a predefined preset making it all black without the user needing to manually change the colors, allowing for a seamless transition into stealthy situations.
  • Specimen Analyzer: The uniform's sleeve contains a device that can analyze anything placed within it and provide the user information and feedback on the object.
  • Tracker: The sleeve also contained a screen that could holographically display the wearer's position relative to his or her current objective.


  • One of the color combinations in which the uniform changes is white and green, resembling the uniform of the Captain Rank of the Kree Militia from the comics.


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