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"Star-Lord T'Challa, leader of the Ravagers and lost Prince of Wakanda."
The Watcher[src]

Prince T'Challa is the son of King T'Chaka who was abducted by Ravagers from his home country of Wakanda at a young age. He grew up with the Ravagers, where over time he taught them to change their way of life. Now stealing from the wicked and over-privileged of the galaxy to help the less-fortunate, becoming adored icons to the galaxy and he gained the name Star-Lord. He eventually traveled to Morag, where he stole the Orb and hired Korath the Pursuer. He then met up with Nebula, who told him about the Embers of Genesis, which could feed millions of planets. He then hatched, and executed the plan to steal the Embers from the Collector. Successful, he returned to Earth and his homeland, and reunited with his family.

Later, after rescuing Peter Quill from Ego, T’Challa was chosen by The Watcher as a member of the Guardians of the Multiverse, paired with other heroes from other universes to stop Ultron. They eventually defeated him, and T’Challa soon returned to his universe.


Early Life

Living in Wakanda

"I am tired of living in a bubble. There's an entire world out there, Baba."
"Yes, one of war, violence, hatred. That world has nothing to offer Wakanda."
"There must be more. But we must be brave enough to search for it."
―T'Challa and T'Chaka[src]

T'Challa talking to his T'Chaka

T'Challa was born in Wakanda to the reigning monarch T'Chaka and his wife Ramonda, together with his younger sister Shuri. Due to the isolation, T'Challa became interested in the world outside of Wakanda, and although T'Chaka praised his son's explorer nature, he discouraged him from such idea. T'Chaka told T'Challa that the world outside of their country was nothing but violence and destruction. T'Challa did not believe his father, saying that the world must be much more than that but Wakandans must be brave enough to search for it.[1]

Kidnapped by Ravagers

T'Challa is abducted by the Ravagers

"What you doing out there all by yourself anyway?"
"Exploring the world."
"Sounds fun. But why stop at one world, huh? When we can show you all of them?"
Yondu Udonta and T'Challa[src]

In 1988, T'Challa was practicing tossing the spear at night and accidentally tossed it outside the barrier of Wakanda. When T'Challa passed through the barrier to collect his spear, he watched to his amazement the Ravager spaceship approaching him. 2 Ravagers, Kraglin Obfonteri and Taserface brought T'Challa to Yondu Udonta who instantly realized that they got the wrong kid. Obfonteri noted that they read significant cosmic signals in that area, and T'Challa commented that it was the Wakandan vibranium meteorite.

T'Challa talking to Yondu Udonta

Udonta noticed that T'Challa was not intimidated by the Ravagers who abducted him and asked him what he was doing there all alone, to which T'Challa replied that he was exploring the world. Udonta told T'Challa that he should not stop at one world and promised to show him the entire galaxy, to T'Challa's great amazement. T'Challa agreed to stay with the Ravagers, and Udonta personally trained him to become one of them, treating T'Challa as his own son. T'Challa was also told by Udonta that Wakanda was destroyed in the war and his family was dead, although T'Challa was still longing to see Earth again.[1]


Legendary Star-Lord

"Star-Lord, if you had to pick a favorite..."
"Really, I could not say."
"I know, I know, so many heists, so many planets saved."
Korath the Pursuer and T'Challa[src]

Years later, T'Challa taught the Ravagers to change their ways and become something more than just space pirates. Under T'Challa's 'Robin Hood' influence, the Ravagers become adored icons in the galaxy by stealing from the wicked and over-privileged of the galaxy to help the less-fortunate. T'Challa's deeds of saving people across the galaxy, earned him the title of the legendary outlaw and the name "Star-Lord".

Led by T'Challa and Udonta led the Ravagers on a robbery of the Central Bank on Tarnax IV which resulted in injury to some of the local Skrulls. The Ravagers also provided the weaponry to the Ankaran resistance group, although the mission was too dangerous even by their standards, and they barely made it out of Ankara alive. T'Challa also saving Kylosians from the Kree army, led by Ronan the Accuser, in their invasion on Kylos.

At some point, T'Challa encountered Thanos, a notorious figure in the galactic underworld, whose objective was to bring the balance in the galaxy by killing half of the universe's population. T'Challa managed to persuade Thanos, convincing him that there were better ways to relocate the universe's resources, inspiring Thanos to abandon his genocidal plans and join the Ravagers. T'Challa also developed romantic relationships with Thanos' adopted daughter Nebula. T'Challa noticed strained relationships between Nebula and Thanos and tried to get them to sort it out, although it was not effective.[1]

Stealing the Orb

Star-Lord successfully stealing the Orb

"You know, if we wanted to have some real fun, we'd make like the old days and sell this bad boy to the highest bidder."
"If we made like the old days, you'd only have half of your teeth. Besides, wouldn't you rather use it to jump-start the Krylorians' dying star?"
Yondu Udonta and T'Challa[src]

In 2008, T'Challa discovered the Orb on Morag and arrived there with Yondu Udonta and other Ravagers to steal it. T'Challa managed to obtain the Orb from the Temple Vault, using his Gravity Mine, however, when he was about to leave, he was halted by Korath the Pursuer and the Sakaarans who were sent by Ronan to collect the Orb. However, when T'Challa revealed his identity, Korath was shocked as he was a huge fan of Star-Lord and his work across the galaxy.

Star-Lord reveals himself to Korath

T'Challa found Korath's reaction off-putting but despite his admiration, Korath still intended to fight T'Challa and retrieve the Orb. T'Challa said that the artifact as powerful as the Orb should be in his possessions, to which Korath agreed but he could not disobey Ronan's orders. However, Korath offered T'Challa to let him join the Ravagers, but T'Challa replied that they were too staffed up for him to join. Korath understood T'Challa's reasoning and prepared for a fight with him, still expressing his admiration towards T'Challa.

Star-Lord is cornered by the Sakaarans

Engaging in a duel, T'Challa was able to evade most of Korath's attacks before he finally managed to hit T'Challa once. T'Challa praised Korath and they continued fighting, only for Korath to accidentally hit the Orb trap and getting electrocuted. The Sakaarans then opened fire at T'Challa, so he took cover behind the column and then took them out with his Gravity Mine. T'Challa then left the temple with unconscious Korath, however, he got surrounded by more Sakaarans who held him at the gunpoint. T'Challa gave Ravagers a signal to cover him, so Udonta attacked the Sakaarans with his Yaka Arrow, although not in time.

Star-Lord prepares to leave Morag

Udonta asked about Korath to which T'Challa replied that he was the newest Ravager recruit. While making their way out of Morag, Udonta jokingly suggested selling the Orb to the highest bidder, just like the old times, to which T'Challa replied that he would rather use it to jump-start the Krylorians' dying star, saving their system from extinction. T'Challa and the Ravagers then left the planet on T'Challa's ship Mandela and traveled to Contraxia to celebrate.[1]

Theft of the Embers of Genesis

Secret Plan

T'Challa takes a selfie with Drax

"With one ounce, you can heal a dying planet in minutes. And with a payload the size we're talking..."
"We could feed billions of people on millions of worlds, and eradicate hunger across the galaxy."
Nebula and T'Challa[src]

T'Challa joined Korath and his fellow Ravagers at the bar on Contraxia, talking about their previous deeds, such as stopping Thanos from his genocidal quest. T'Challa then went to a bar counter to pay for his drinks where he was greeted by Drax who was grateful to him for saving Kylos from Ronan. Drax then made a photo of him with T'Challa for his wife and daughter.

T'Challa is approached by Nebula

T'Challa was then approached by Nebula who was rather displeased because of her father's presence, although T'Challa said that they should try to reconnect, since Thanos changed. Nebula said that it does not change the past and pointed at T'Challa's necklace which reminded him about Wakanda, asking if he ever wanted to return to his home. T'Challa then told Nebula that Wakanda was destroyed in the war, according to Yondu Udonta, making his father's words about the dangers of the world correct.

T'Challa and Nebula talk

Nebula told T'Challa and the Ravagers about the Embers of Genesis, nutrient-rich cosmic dust with the power to terraform entire ecosystems. T'Challa commented that since one ounce was enough to heal a dying planet, an amount of the Embers they were discussing was able to feed billions of people on millions on worlds, eradicating hunger across the galaxy. Nebula informed the Ravagers that the Embers were in the possession of the Collector who became the notorious kingpin in the intergalactic underworld, filling the power vaccum, left by Thanos. However, Udonta rejected the plan, telling T'Challa that the Collector was too dangerous even for the Ravagers to handle, but T'Challa was able to convince him to participate anyway.

T'Challa describes Knowhere

T'Challa and Nebula devised a plan to infiltrate the Collector's Museum by pretending to be the sellers of the Orb, while others would be made the diversion for the Black Order outside. With Tivan being distracted by Nebula and Udonta, T'Challa would search the museum for the Embers. However, T'Challa also discussed with Nebula a secret part of the plan, in which Nebula would pretend to betray the Ravagers to repay the debt to Tivan.[1]

Infiltrating the Museum

Star-Lord scours the exhibits

"Dude, we have to go!"
"Where are you going? Come back."
―T'Challa and Howard the Duck[src]

The Ravagers arrived on the Knowhere and proceeded with their operation, with T'Challa hiding inside the containment box with Yondu Udonta and Nebula. Proxima Midnight attempted to run a security scan on the box, only to be summoned outside to deal with Thanos and Korath causing a disturbance outside of the museum. While Nebula and Udonta went to speak with the Collector, T'Challa left the box and went to search for the Embers of Genesis.

Star-Lord meets Howard the Duck

Looking through Tivan's collection, T'Challa encountered Howard the Duck who was one of Tivan's exhibits. T'Challa tried to ask Howard about the Embers but when Howard's explanation went to elaborate, T'Challa just opened a containment unit and asked him to show the direction himself. On the way to the flora section, Howard stayed at the bar for a drink, however, T'Challa had to run, since the Black Order initiated an alarm.

Star-Lord comes across a hangar

T'Challa ran to the spaceship sector where he found his vibranium necklace resonating with the Royal Talon Fighter that Tivan had in his possession. T'Challa went onboard of the Fighter where he discovered the mannequins in Dora Milage uniforms and a recorded message from T'Chaka who was looking for his son for years. T'Challa realized that Wakanda was still alive and well and Udonta was lying to him the whole time, before Nebula went on with her part of the plan and pretending to selling T'Challa off to Tivan.[1]

Battle with the Collector

Star-Lord is imprisoned by Corvus Glaive

"A pity. You abandoned your home and family, and now, your new family has abandoned you. Karma."
"Maybe you haven't heard. A Ravager never flies solo."
Collector and Star-Lord[src]

T'Challa was imprisoned at a cell with other Ravagers caught by the Black Order, however, he was much more concerned about Yondu Udonta's lie. He confronted Udonta about him lying about Wakanda's demise, to which Udonta replied that he wanted T'Challa to get free from the shackles from his past, so he could embrace his true self of the explorer. Udonta wanted T'Challa to leave the Earth in the past and be with the Ravagers, his true family but T'Challa said that they are not his family and never were.

Star-Lord decries the Collector's practices

They were interrupted by Corvus Glaive who brought T'Challa to the Collector. Knocked out by Glaive, T'Challa found himself inside the containment unit. Tivan started taunting T'Challa about making him a new exhibit for his museum, to which T'Challa told him that he was a mere human. Annoyed at T'Challa, Tivan ordered Ebony Maw to dissect him and strip his remains for parts, leaving him with T'Challa and Carina.

Star-Lord fights the Collector

T'Challa used his opportunity to free himself by breaking the glass with his necklace and attempted to strike Maw, only for Maw to stop T'Challa with his telekinesis. However, Carina turned against her master and shot Maw, letting T'Challa escape. T'Challa thanked Carina and ran towards the exit from the museum, only to be confronted by Tivan himself who attacked him using the Kronan gauntlet. T'Challa tried to fight Tivan but found him too strong for the close combat, especially with the artifacts in his possessions, such as the Dark Matter Dagger and the Necroswords.

Star-Lord defeats the Collector

T'Challa could barely avoid the swords until one of them pinned him against the containment unit, rendering him defenseless. Tivan mocked T'Challa for abandoning his family, only to be abandoned by his new family, however, he was proven wrong when Udonta rescued T'Challa. T'Challa and Udonta confronted Tivan in a battle but since he was too strong for them, T'Challa decided to trick him. Distracting Tivan in a battle, Udonta managed to steal his bracelet that he used to control his museum, before T'Challa pushed him inside the containment unit. Although Tivan threatened to find T'Challa and get his revenge, he was left on Carina's mercy who unleashed all of Tivan's prisoners on him.

T'Challa is encouraged to return to Wakanda

T'Challa and Udonta then stole the Royal Talon Fighter from Tivan's collection and left the Knowhere, leaving Tivan behind. T'Challa was contacted by Nebula who told him that all crew is alive and well, so T'Challa told them to meet at a rendezvous point, before noticing that Cosmo ran away from Tivan's collection and sneak aboard of their ship. Udonta tried to apologize to T'Challa for lying to him but T'Challa forgave him, saying that Udonta did show him the universe, just as he promised. However, T'Challa also said that since he knew the truth, he was not sure where he belongs to, and Udonta told him that he should follow his heart which will bring him to the place he belongs to.[1]

Returning to Wakanda

T'Challa reunites with his family in Wakanda

"My son. I knew you would find your way home to us."
"I'm sorry it took me so long. Let me introduce you to the family I made along the way."
T'Chaka and T'Challa[src]

T'Challa decided to return to his family in Wakanda, so he met with the Ravagers and landed Mandela on Earth. T'Challa finally reunited with his family, apologizing to T'Chaka for being absent for too long and introducing him to the Ravagers, his found family. Wakandans and the Ravagers celebrated T'Challa's return together, during which T'Chaka asked how did his son ended up on the Ravager ship. Flustered, Udonta was trying to explain that they kidnapped him by accident, but T'Challa instead told his father that he got lost and the Ravagers found him and gave him a home.[1]

Guardians of the Multiverse

Fighting Ego

After hearing that Ego had arrived on Earth, T'Challa and the Ravagers left Wakanda and travelled to St. Charles, Missouri in order to stop him from proceeding with his expansion. T'Challa located Ego in a Dairy Queen and broke inside, rescuing Peter Quill, and placing a bomb on Ego. As Ego and the Dairy Queen exploded, T'Challa flew Quill to safety and placed him in a grassy area. As T'Challa was about to recruit Quill into his team, Quill informed him of something behind him.[2]

Recruited by the Watcher

T'Challa witnesses The Watcher selecting him

T'Challa saw The Watcher who told him he had been chosen and transported him to a bar in a dimension outside of space and time. T'Challa then met Captain Carter, Doctor Strange, Thor, Erik Killmonger, and Gamora. They were then all startled when the Watcher appeared before them, with T'Challa expressing discontent with the Watcher's abrupt surprises. The Watcher informed them of Ultron and Strange explained the Infinity Stones to them. After eating Chinese food, the Watcher dubbed them as the Guardians of the Multiverse, before telling them they were ready and transported via portal to an uninhabited planet on a different universe.

Fighting Ultron

T'Challa admiring the protection spell

Once on the planet, Doctor Strange materialized drinks for them and proposed a toast. As the toast grew awkward, T'Challa stepped forwards and gave the toast himself. Thor then accidentally alerted Ultron to their location. Strange then threw protection spells on all of them, in which T'Challa was fascinated upon receiving his. T'Challa then gave Captain Carter a lift up into the sky and jumped onto Ultron's back, stealing the Soul Stone from his armor. Ultron then blasted T'Challa away, causing T'Challa to fall roughly onto the ground. To the other's relief, he had the Stone in his possession, and handed it over to Carter. After Ultron realized what had happened, Strange opened up a portal for them to escape and T'Challa left through it.

Returning to his Universe

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"No treasure is worth as much as the good that can be done with it."
―T'Challa to Yondu Udonta[src]
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Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

  • Protection Spell: To be added
    • Physical Augmentation: To be added
    • Weapon Augmentation: To be added


  • Genius-Level Intellect: T'Challa is a highly intelligent galactic outlaw with two decades of experience. He is a skilled debater, as he convinced Thanos, a tactical genius in his own right, to not decimate half of the universe.
"Amazing. I have no notes. A perfect plan."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Tactician: To be added
"Star-Lord, legendary outlaw. Steals from the powerful and gives to the powerless."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Thief: T'Challa is a legendary outlaw with two decades of experience as a Ravager, having been involved in many heists and saving many planets, such as the Central Bank heist of Tarnax IV, when he armed the Ankaran resistance, or when he saved Kylos from a Kree invasion (which took six days). He easily infiltrated the Temple Vault, stole the Orb and escaped Morag. He was also able to steal Ultron's Soul Stone when fighting with Ultron.
"You do not disappoint, my lord. So nimble, so spry."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: To be added
  • Expert Marksman: To be added
  • Master Acrobat: To be added
  • Bilingualism: T'Challa speaks his native Xhosa in addition to English, albeit with a Wakandan accent.



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