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"I am just an ordinary junker. But there is one name you may know me by."
"Oh, my. Star-Lord!"
―Star-Lord and Korath the Pursuer[src]

Prince T'Challa is the son of King T'Chaka who was abducted by Ravagers from his home country of Wakanda at a young age. He grew up with the Ravagers, where over time he taught them to change their way of life. Now stealing from the wicked and over-privileged of the galaxy to help the less-fortunate, becoming adored icons to the galaxy and he gained the name Star-Lord. He eventually traveled to Morag, where he stole the Orb and hired Korath the Pursuer. He then met up with Nebula, who told him about the Embers of Genesis, which could feed millions of planets. He then hatched, and executed the plan to steal the Embers from the Collector. Successful, he returned to Earth and his homeland, and reunited with his family.


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Early Life

Living in Wakanda

"Though the blood of a king runs through your veins, it is pumped by the heart of an explorer."

T'Challa is abducted instead of Peter Quill

On Earth in 1988, a young T'Challa wished to see the world outside of Wakanda, but his father T'Chaka rejected that idea, as he warned his son that outside of the city was nothing but violence and destruction. At night, T'Challa practiced tossing the spear, tossing it outside the barrier of Wakanda. He soon watched to his amazement as a Ravager ship appeared before him.[1]


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Central Bank heist of Tarnax IV

"Oh! What about the Central Bank heist of Tarnax IV?"
"Never hurts to hurt a Skrull, right?"
Korath the Pursuer and Yondu Udonta[src]

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Arming the Ankaran Resistance

"How about when you armed the Ankaran resistance?"
"Oh, man. Barely made out of that one."
Korath the Pursuer and Kraglin Obfonteri[src]

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Talk with Thanos

"T'Challa here showed me there was more than one way to reallocate the universe's resources."
"Sometimes the best weapon in your arsenal is just a good argument."
Thanos and Star-Lord[src]

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Stopping the Massacre of Kylosians

"You saved my homeworld from a Kree invasion."
Drax to Star-Lord[src]

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Stealing the Orb

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Theft of the Embers of Genesis

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Returning to Wakanda

"My son, my son. I knew you would find your way home to us."
"I'm sorry it took me so long. Let me introduce you to the family I made along the way."
―T'Challa to T'Chaka[src]

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"No treasure is worth as much as the good that can be done with it."
―T'Challa to Yondu Udonta[src]

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  • Genius-Level Intellect: T'Challa is a highly intelligent galactic outlaw with two decades of experience. He is a skilled debater, as he convinced Thanos to not decimate half of the universe.
"Amazing. I have no notes. A perfect plan."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Tactician: To be added

Star-Lord in a mission

"Star-Lord, legendary outlaw. Steals from the powerful and gives to the powerless."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Thief: T'Challa is a legendary outlaw with two decades of experience as a Ravager, having been involved in many heists and saving many planets, such as the Central Bank heist of Tarnax IV, when he armed the Ankaran resistance, or when he saved Kylos from a Kree invasion (which took six days). He easily infiltrated the Temple Vault, stole the Orb and escaped Morag.
"You do not disappoint, my lord. So nimble, so spry."
Korath the Pursuer to Star-Lord[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: To be added
  • Master Acrobat: To be added
  • Bilingualism: T'Challa speaks his native Xhosa in addition to English, albeit with a Wakandan accent.











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