"She's impressive."
"Where did you say you found her, again?"
"Box of Cracker Jacks."
―Star and Stick[src]

Star was one of the members of the Chaste. He kidnapped Elektra after she killed a Chaste member, learned of her being a Black Sky and tried to kill her, only for him to be killed by Stick, who defended her.


Star and Stick watched as a young girl named Eliie sparred with members of the Chaste. He admitted that her fighting technique was impressive, but was skeptical if she would be ready to be a warrior in the upcoming war. Star watched as Ellie came close to killing her opponent until Stick pulled her away from him.

Later, Ellie killed the same opponent after he attacked her in retaliation. Star was horrified, and deduced that Ellie was a potential Black Sky, a weapon of the Hand. Star wanted to kill her immediately, but Stick intervened, killing Star instead.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Master Martial Artist: Due to his training in the Chaste, Star is a skilled and experienced martial artist.




  • In the comics, Star is a member of the Chaste, known for wielding Shurikens in battle.

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