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"Bruce, what can I do to help you?"
"I could use a bed for a few nights."
"Ah, you can have the spare room upstairs."
―Stanley Lieber and Bruce Banner[src]

Stanley "Stan" Markowitz Lieber is a friend of Bruce Banner and pizza restaurant owner who temporarily housed Banner in his pizzeria in Willowdale.


"Stan, I give you my word. Whatever you've heard about me, it's not true."
"Oh, I know it. I always knew it."
Bruce Banner and Stanley Lieber[src]

Stanley Markowitz Lieber was once a student at Culver University who took at job at Goodman's Pizza and was a good friend of the owner Marty. Years later, Marty left and Stanley took over, founding Stanley's Pizza Parlor, a place that eventually became the big hangout for the students and outlasted all major chains that tried to move it. Bruce Banner worked for there when he was a student and Stanley had hoped that he would follow in his footsteps and take over the restaurant.[2] Eventually, Banner became a renowned scientist, but he stayed close to Stanley, who also befriended Banner's girlfriend Betty Ross.

In 2005, he heard about a mysterious incident at Culver University and Banner's fugitive status but did not believe any explanations given by the military.

Lieber and his friend Bruce Banner

When Banner returned to Willowdale after five years, he visited Stanley at the end of the night, who was surprised by his presence and allowed him to enter his parlor even though he had just closed for the day. That night, they sat down for a catch-up, where Lieber detailed Ross' relationship with Leonard Samson, whom he considered a really nice guy. Lieber temporarily let Banner stay at his pizza parlor to hide from the military and disguise himself as a pizza delivery man to infiltrate Culver University and retrieve the data of the incident in the laboratory.

Lieber serving his customers Leonard Samson and Betty Ross

The next night, when Ross and Leonard Samson came into the restaurant at closing time, Lieber was convinced by them to stay open so they could eat dinner. Later, when Ross glimpsed Banner, she asked Lieber if that was truly him, where he tried to comfort her before explaining.[1]




Stanley is monitored by the United States Armed Forces

  • The character is named after Stan Lee, whose legal name is Stanley Martin Lieber.
    • Stanley's relationship with Marty is a reflection of Stan Lee's relationship with Marty Goodman, founder of the company that would become Marvel Comics, with both being good friends while working together and the employee later inheriting the legacy of the employer.


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