"Bruce, what can I do to help you?"
"I could use a bed for a few nights."
"Ah, you can have the spare room upstairs."
―Stanley Lieber and Bruce Banner[src]

Stanley Lieber is a pizza restaurant owner who temporarily housed Bruce Banner in his pizzeria.


"Stan, I give you my word. Whatever you've heard about me, it's not true."
"Oh, I know it. I always knew it."
Bruce Banner and Stanley Lieber[src]

Stanley Lieber temporarily let Bruce Banner stay at his pizza parlor to hide from the military. When Betty Ross and Leonard Samson came into the restaurant at closing time, Stanley was convinced by them to stay open so they could eat dinner. When Ross glimpsed Banner, she asked Stanley if that was truly him.[1]




  • The character is named after Stan Lee, whose full name is Stanley Martin Lieber.


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