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"Guns are a toxin in our society. In the wrong hands, they wreak terrible results."
―Stan Ori to Karen Page[src]

Stan Ori is a running candidate for the position of New York Senator whom became a potential target of Lewis Wilson upon vocalizing his policy on gun rights.


Radio Interview

"The irony of this bomber's point of view is terrifying."
"You're referring to the idea that that he is using violence to defend the Second Amendment?"
"Yes, I am. We have a killer committing murders in our midst to protest against efforts to reduce the murder rate."
―Stan Ori and Ricky Langtry[src]
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Hiring Anvil

"I am a prominent voice in the anti-gun movement. If someone trying to attack me gets shot in the head, you can see how that wouldn't look good."
―Stan Ori to Billy Russo[src]
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Interview Interrupted

"You can't give a six-year-old a chainsaw. Karen, the numbers bear it out. The great majority of Americans agree on expanding background checks for all gun sales. Let's not blame the tool. Let's manage the owners. Look, the regulations I'm pushing aren't about taking certain guns away from all people. They're about taking all guns away from certain people."
―Stan Ori to Karen Page[src]
Moments before his speech, Ori was interviewed by Karen Page for an upcoming article. The two conversed on their differing viewpoints on limiting access to firearms. Without warning, an explosion erupted in the room, shattering the door to pieces; both Ori and Page ducked for the floor and hid. With both Anvil guards dead, he slunk away from Lewis Wilson and towards Page, begging not to be killed. When Frank Castle entered the room and disarmed the attacker, Ori and Page bolted for the door, the senator pushing the reporter into the arms of Wilson as he escaped.[2]

In the aftermath, Ori was interviewed by Detective Brett Mahoney on what happened. Ori, desiring to increase his ratings, lied to Mahoney by claiming he stood bravely against both Wilson and Castle. However, his story was later debunked by Page, who told Mahoney of what Ori really did during the crisis.[2]


"Ori is a craven political animal who would say anything to improve his Q-rating."
Karen Page to Brett Mahoney[src]
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  • In the comics, Stan Ori was a corrupt senator with ties with the Italian Mafia and the Castiglione Family. He was killed by Frank Castle in Sicily.

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