"Guns are a toxin in our society. In the wrong hands, they wreak terrible results."
―Stan Ori to Karen Page[src]

Stan Ori is a running candidate for the position of New York Senator whom became a potential target of Lewis Wilson upon vocalizing his policy on gun rights.


Radio Interview

"The irony of this bomber's point of view is terrifying."
"You're referring to the idea that he is using violence to defend the Second Amendment?"
"Yes, I am. We have a killer committing murders in our midst to protest against efforts to reduce the murder rate."
―Stan Ori and Ricky Langtry[src]
Running for the United States Congress, Stan Ori launched the campaign to restrict the public spread of firearms. Ori was invited to the Ricky Langtry Show to discuss his gun control policy with Ricky Langtry and Karen Page. In the wake of terrorist attacks at New York City, Ori noted that the bomber point of view is terrifying, as he committed multiple murders to protest against efforts to reduce the murder rate.

Ori at the Ricky Langtry Show

Talking with Langtry, Ori commented on his gun control policy, saying that limiting the spread of firearms would decrease the murder rate, to which Langtry replied that the bomber was using bombs instead of guns. Langtry told Ori that some local hero could shoot the bomber what also is part of the foundation that America was built upon. Ori argued with Langtry, saying that those times are gone.


Ori and Karen Page are called out by the terrorist

Ori then asked Page would she agree that at that time no ordinary citizen needs to carry a weapon. Page replied, asking Ori was he in a situation where a gun and the willingness to use it might be the only difference between living or dying. Ori stated that firearms are a toxin in modern society and could wreak terrible results, being in the wrong hands. To validate his point, Ori mentioned the killing spree orchestrated by the Punisher but Page reminded him that Castle's victims were only criminals.

As Page was defending Castle, Langtry interrupted her saying that they got a caller. The caller who claims to be the bomber himself claimed that the country is being cannibalized by people like Ori who are shipping their jobs overseas, selling citizens out and taking out their weapons so they cannot do anything about it. Page confronted the bomber, calling him out for all innocent civilians he murdered and calling him a coward. In response, he said that both Page and Ori just pawns and they do not represent but themselves. The bomber remarked that the war began and they are all on the wrong side of it before hanging up.[1]

Hiring Anvil

"I am a prominent voice in the anti-gun movement. If someone trying to attack me gets shot in the head, you can see how that wouldn't look good."
―Stan Ori to Billy Russo[src]
Ori stayed at the hotel suite in Royal Hospitality where he was going to organize a fundraising gala to benefit the victims of the bombings and increase his ratings. However, he was concerned that he became a target for the terrorist, so Ori contacted the Anvil to provide security for the event. Ori met with Billy Russo and told him about the event he planned, as Russo commented on that Ori set himself up as the terrorist's personal enemy.

Ori then questioned Russo's own views on the terrorist, to which Russo explained that he would kill him without hesitation. Ori questioned if such violence only caused more violence, to which Russo noted that he made his professional living out of violence, recommending that Ori view Anvil's presence as life insurance.


Ori agrees to hire Anvil for security

Ori told Russo that he was a key spokesman in the anti-gun debate which would make him hiring armed security problematic, to which Russo questioned if his personal principles were worth dying for. Impressed by Russo's sales pitch, Ori agreed to hire him and Anvil while Russo promised to begin work right away, leaving Isaac Lange and Simon to stand guard over Ori. When Russo had joked about killing the terrorist in the most humane way possible, Ori laughed before shaking his hand.[1]


Ori discusses security with Billy Russo

With all Anvil agents in positions, Ori spoke with Russo about his upcoming interview with the New York Bulletin. Ori insisted on doing the interview downstairs in public, claiming that hiding in his hotel room from the terrorist would send out the wrong message to the public. However, Russo claimed that Ori should be more concerned about his safety than his public image. Russo then excused himself and stepped outside of the room to answer the call, while Ori went to prepare himself for an interview.[2]

Interview Interrupted

"You can't give a six-year-old a chainsaw. Karen, the numbers bear it out. The great majority of Americans agree on expanding background checks for all gun sales. Let's not blame the tool. Let's manage the owners. Look, the regulations I'm pushing aren't about taking certain guns away from all people. They're about taking all guns away from certain people."
―Stan Ori to Karen Page[src]
Before a fundraising gala, Ori was interviewed by Karen Page for an upcoming New York Bulletin article. They recalled the talk show where they were threatened by Lewis Wilson and conversed on their differing viewpoints on limiting access to firearms. Ori stated that the great majority of Americans agree on expanding background checks for all gun sales.

Ori then asked Page if she is a gun owner, which she confirmed, saying that her gun is fully licensed and known to the NYPD and she possesses the gun only for personal safety which society should provide. Ori noted that the regulations he was pushing are not about taking certain guns away from all people, but about taking all guns away from certain people. Page was a bit skeptical about Ori's policy, asking him does he really thinks that was possible, to what Ori replied that he has to.

Attack on Stan Ori

Ori is attacked by Lewis Wilson

Suddenly, an explosion erupted in the room, shattering the door to pieces; both Ori and Page ducked for the floor and hid. Wilson burst into the room and eliminated both Anvil guards. With his guards dead, Ori slunk away from Wilson, begging him for mercy, saying that his death would not help Wilson to achieve what he wanted. Wilson simply ignored Ori's words and pulled his gun, preparing to murder him. However, the Punisher entered the room and took the bullet with his Bulletproof Vest for Ori, saving him. Using the opportunity to flee, Ori grabbed Page and pushed her into Wilson's arms what allowed him to escape.


Ori is interviewed by Brett Mahoney

In the aftermath of the attack, Ori was interviewed by Brett Mahoney about the recent events. Desiring to increase his ratings, Ori completely changed the story, stating that he stood bravely against both Wilson and Castle. However, his story was later debunked by Page, who told Mahoney of what Ori really did during the crisis.[2]


"Ori is a craven political animal who would say anything to improve his Q-rating."
Karen Page to Brett Mahoney[src]
Ori is a courteous, kind and well-spoken man, he is obsessed with banning weapons throughout the country, but he has had many complications in Congress, which has made Ori a highly questioned politician.






  • In the comics, Stan Ori was a corrupt senator with ties with the Italian Mafia and the Castiglione Family. He was killed by Frank Castle in Sicily.

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