"That guy has no business out here. Stan's not like us; he doesn't care."
"Not to mention, he can't read a blueprint."
Mina Hess and Tandy Bowen[src]

Stan Bartlett is an employee of the Roxxon Corporation.


"We would've had to use a crane if we put it where you wanted."
"So you're cutting corners?"
"It was my call!"
"It was a dumbass call."
―Stan Bartlett and Mina Hess[src]

During a work for Roxxon Corporation, Stan Bartlett was approached by Mina Hess and informed her that the heat shields she had designed for the valves were malfunctioning. However, after inspection, Bartlett was rebuked by Hess who blamed him for putting a valve in the wrong location. Bartlett defended himself by saying that they would have had to use a crane to put it exactly where Hess wanted and that he wanted to save costs. The two continued to argue, with Hess saying Peter Scarborough would hear about this mistake, leaving Bartlett angered. Bartlett would later find his car with flat tires as they had been cut by Tandy Bowen who accompanied Hess.[1]





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