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Stan was an employee of the Roxxon Corporation.


Rescue of Ivan Hess

In a flashback in Ivan Hess's mind Stan alongside Hess, Nathan Bowen, Monsieur Flambé, Tommy, Sam, Charlie and several other Roxxon Corporation members were stationed at the Roxxon Gulf Platform in order to get metals and fuels for Roxxon. It is unclear what Stan's job was at Roxxon however Stan can be seen with a chain so it is possible he did the heavy work at Roxxon. However, one day the mining crew had accidentally drilled into the extra-dimensional substance. The substance, which was Darkforce and Lightforce had escaped and knocked everyone at the Gulf out and had turned them into monsters of fear named Terrors, including Stan. When a terror Stan wakes up he sees Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson and uses his chain to attempt to kill Bowen while a terror Sam tries to kill Johnson with an axe. While Stan was battling Bowen Stan used his chain to whip at Bowen twice, only succeeding once, hitting Bowen in the back with his chain. Bowen gets up and uses her Lightforce dagger to cut Stan's chain and manages to stab Stan with the Lightforce dagger, neutralizing him. Later, when the Gulf exploded it killed everyone on the Gulf with the exception of Hess, Bowen and Johnson.





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