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"Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope I never see you again."
Tandy Bowen to Tyrone Johnson[src]

Stained Glass is the third episode of the first season of the television series Cloak & Dagger.


Tandy is on the run as Detective O'Reilly closes in on her, but the detective may not be after her for the reasons Tandy thinks. Tyrone is desperate for answers and turns to Evita and her Auntie Chantelle, a Voodoo priestess, for help.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Get What I Came For The Phantoms
  • A device starts forming on a 3-D printer.
  • Repeats as the object continues being printed.
  • Tandy Bowen leaves after telling Detective Brigid O'Reilly her story.
  • The figurine finishes printing.
  • Tyrone Johnson tracks down Tandy and says they need to talk.
  • End credits.
Wanderlust (Rakhi Edit) Empara Mi
  • Tandy Bowen makes another attempt to leave town, but ends up running out of gas.
Harlem The Cathedrals
  • Tandy Bowen puts on headphones, then gets on a bus while still experiencing a high-pitched ringing in her ears.
American Funeral Alex da Kid & Joseph Angel
Goodnight, Irene (String 3) Eve Nelson
Goodnight, Irene (Choir) Eve Nelson



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