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"My family heirloom is a magic staff/wand."
Nico Minoru[src]

The Staff of One is a magical relic originally used by Tina Minoru and later inherited by Nico Minoru.


Stolen by Tina Minoru

"The Staff of One had made its way to the vaults of our academy for safekeeping. She considered it her birthright. Morgan convinced me to steal it."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

The Staff of One was kept in the vaults of the sorcery academy where Tina Minoru was studying Magic. It was then stolen by Minoru on Morgan le Fay's orders as le Fay wanted to use it to rule over both the Dark Dimension and Earth. However, the Staff was never delivered to le Fay since Minoru had realized that she had only been a pawn in le Fay's plans. Instead, Minoru simply kept the Staff for herself.[1]

PRIDE's First Ritual

"At least Tina gets a wand."
"Oh, she loves that thing. She's been sleeping with it."
Gene Hernandez and Robert Minoru[src]

Tina Minoru brought the Staff of One to PRIDE's first ritual and sacrifice, much to her husband, Robert, and fellow members' mockery.[2]

Nico's Discovery

Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder try to control the Staff of One

"I think it's magic."
"I mean, with all due respect to your Wiccan beliefs, there's gotta be a scientific explanation."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

The Staff of One was found by Nico Minoru while exploring her mother's office. She briefly reminisced about her older sister Amy, accidentally making it snow. She had Alex Wilder come over to the Minoru household to stop the snow, hiding the fact from Tina in the process.[3]

Kidnapping of Alex Wilder

"Show us the way to Alex."
"So much for the magical Wiccan proclamations."
"What is that thing?"
Nico Minoru, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean[src]

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Nico's Training

"Picture what you'd like to have happen, whatever comes to mind."
"It worked. I can't hear you. You said the first thing that came to mind."
Tina Minoru and Nico Minoru[src]

Later, Nico tried to return the Staff, but was caught by Tina. Instead of reprimanding Nico, Tina let Nico keep it and decided to train her in using it properly.[4][2]

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Saving Robert

"What, are you gonna blast me with that thing? Go ahead."
"I was thinking of smacking you with it."
Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

In order to revive Victor Stein, PRIDE decided to sacrifice one of their members. While Janet Stein was to be sacrificed, her lover Robert Minoru decided to sacrifice himself out of guilt for not being there to save Amy, much to Tina's concern. While Jonah deemed Robert as "dispensable," Tina used the Staff of One to disintegrate the Dematerialization Box that was to sacrifice Robert. Leslie Dean was angered by Tina's actions, as one of the only people who knew how to make the capsule was "legally dead." At this, Tina threatened to use the Staff against Leslie, but was halted by Jonah.[5]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

"Stuck around for more lessons, I would've shown you how to do that."
―Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Nico Minoru brought the Staff of One with her to aid her friends in stopping PRIDE. She attempted to use it to fill up a hole dug up by PRIDE, but Tina Minoru cancelled the command by summoning the Staff back to her hand.[6] Tina later used the Staff to block attacks from Chase Stein's Fistigons and Karolina Dean's beams of light, but she was soon disarmed by Jonah.[7]

Nico Reclaims the Staff

Tina Minoru later used the Staff to rescue the Dale and Stacey Yorkes, by causing their attacker, Graciela Aguirre to choke.[8] Nico Minoru went back to Minoru Mansion, with Karolina Dean and Molly Hernandez to try and retrieve the Staff. Nico was faced by her parents with Tina in possession of the Staff. Nico tried fighting her, and Karolina and Molly tried to help. But even with Karolina and Molly's abilities, Tina used the power of the staff to fight them off. She pushed Molly into the pool and covered it in ice, trapping Molly under it. While Karolina and Molly were unable to break it, Tina struck Karolina and Nico called out to her mother, telling her that Amy died because Tina cared more for power than anything else. Tina unfroze the water, allowing Molly to surface and Tina handed the staff to Nico, as a means for Nico to survive on the run.[9]

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The Staff of One is a mystical artifact with tremendous capabilities, enabling its wielder to manipulate their environment and cause heavy modifications. Thanks to the Staff of One, Nico Minoru, and before her her mother Tina, were able to cast various spells serving their needs. The Staff had to be used with oral commands, but prevented its user to use the same command twice. Initially, Nico believed that she could only use one word, but learned from her mother that she was perfectly allowed to use more in a single command.

  • Barrier Generation: Both Nico and Tina were able to use the Staff to create barriers of different natures. Tina used it to temporarily seal the access to Amy Minoru's bedroom, while Nico was able to conjure a shield that could block Darius Davis' bullets.
  • Sound Manipulation: While training to master the Staff with her mother, Nico activated a spell that enabled her to stop hearing Tina.
  • Earth Manipulation: With the Staff of One, Nico was able to manipulate sand and ground. She attempted to fill the hole on the PRIDE Construction Site with sand, even though her spell was interrupted by Tina, but later used a small sand cyclone to fly out of the hole at the dig site. Nico also used the staff to create rifts and damage the road on the soil of Van Nuys Airport to prevent Geoffrey Wilder's car to follow the Runaways.
  • Electricity Manipulation: Nico used the Staff of One to start the Runaways' car in the absence of the keys.
  • Ice Manipulation: Tina used the Staff to freeze the water in the Minoru Mansion's pool, trapping Molly Hernandez under a thick layer of ice.
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Appearances for the Staff of One

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, the Staff of One is a powerful staff containing a trapped magical entity known as the One, who chose to become Tokiko Minoru's weapon rather than die after she bested him in battle. The Staff is capable of summoning any spell and incantation. According to Tina Minoru, it made even the likes of Dormammu tremble.

Behind the Scenes

  • Unlike in the comics, where the Staff of One resides inside Nico Minoru's body and is summoned whenever she shed her own blood, the staff was initially shown as a device that needs only a drop of blood to be used. For the first two seasons, these changes were made to avoid any controversy for inciting self-harming behavior.[10]


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