"What's your name?"
"Nurse Hill."
"What's your first name?"
"Stacy. That's a nice name."
Ward Meachum and Stacy Hill[src]

Stacy Hill is a working nurse at Birch Psychiatric Hospital. She regularly checks on the condition of Ward Meachum during his stay at the institution.


"You you know who I am, how much I'm worth, right?"
"Of course, Mr. Meachum."
"Call me Ward. I will pay you whatever you earn in a year, if you unstrap me and get me out of here. Tonight."
"What kind of nurse would I be?"
Ward Meachum and Stacy Hill[src]

During one night, Hill performed her usual check-up on a restrained Ward Meachum; after giving him her name, she rebuffed Meachum's bribery, reciting the quote, "This, too, shall pass," before leaving the room.[1]




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