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"It's just killing me, all this uncertainty, and Gert and Molly, you know, they're strong girls, and thank God they have each other, but who knows what they're going through or how they're coping?"
―Stacey Yorkes[src]

Stacey Yorkes is a bioengineer, the co-founder and CEO of Synnergy and a member of PRIDE. She is the wife of Dale Yorkes, the mother of Gert Yorkes and the adoptive mother of Molly Hernandez. Like her husband, Stacey reluctantly carried out the sacrifices required to revive Jonah and remained for years convinced that Jonah was hiding something from the rest of PRIDE, and that it could endanger the life of her children.

As a brilliant scientist, Stacey was able to bioengineer a dinosaur, who escaped from containment, thus forcing Stacey and Dale to explain its origin to Gert and Hernandez. Stacey also helped her husband figure out the properties of a serum Dale had secured from Jonah. However, she also learned from Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder that Hernandez knew about the sacrifices, thus forcing Stacey and Dale to send Hernandez away in Montebello.

Along with Dale, Stacey joined the PRIDE conspiracy to assassinate Jonah. As such, she shared their discovery that there were living beings beneath the PRIDE Construction Site, and significantly contributed to the creation of an Anti-Gibborim Serum designed to kill Jonah. This led to a significant victory during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site; however, Stacey was possessed by the Magistrate's Wife in the aftermath of this battle, which eventually caused her to progressively lose control of her actions to the point that she was completely controlled by the Gibborim.


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"Everyone thinks that you're the nice one. The levelheaded, concerned mom. Another lie."
"Honey, I understand your disappointment. Every kid that learns the truth about their parents thinks that they've discovered something really big, but honestly, it's like finding out the stove is hot. It hurts for a while, and then you get a scar."
Gert Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

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