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"It's just killing me, all this uncertainty, and Gert and Molly, you know, they're strong girls, and thank God they have each other, but who knows what they're going through or how they're coping?"
―Stacey Yorkes[src]

Stacey Yorkes is a bioengineer, the co-founder and CEO of Synnergy and a member of PRIDE. She is the wife of Dale Yorkes, the mother of Gert Yorkes and the adoptive mother of Molly Hernandez. Like her husband, Yorkes reluctantly carried out the sacrifices required to revive Jonah and remained for years convinced that Jonah was hiding something from the rest of PRIDE, and that it could endanger the life of her children.

As a brilliant scientist, Yorkes was able to bioengineer a dinosaur, who escaped from containment, thus forcing Yorkes and Dale to explain its origin to Gert and Hernandez. Yorkes also helped her husband figure out the properties of a serum Dale had secured from Jonah. However, she also learned from Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder that Hernandez knew about the sacrifices, thus forcing Yorkes and Dale to send Hernandez away in Montebello.

Along with Dale, Yorkes joined the PRIDE conspiracy to assassinate Jonah. As such, she shared their discovery that there were living beings beneath the PRIDE Construction Site, and significantly contributed to the creation of an Anti-Gibborim Serum designed to kill Jonah. This led to a significant victory during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site; however, Yorkes was possessed by the Magistrate's Wife in the aftermath of this battle, which eventually caused her to progressively lose control of her actions to the point that she was completely controlled by the Gibborim.

Yorkes eventually regained control of her body upon being trapped in the Dark Dimension, from which she was able to escape thanks to the Runaways. Developing a friendship with Victor Stein, she learned about the threat of Morgan le Fay and her Corvus phones, and when PRIDE was reassembled, she helped fight against the enchantress, notably taking part in the rescue of her adoptive daughter from the Coven.


Early Life

Building her Family

"I came into the basement and I saw what I wasn't supposed to and you erased my memory!"
Gert Yorkes to Stacey Yorkes[src]

Yorkes was the founder of a biotechnology company, Synnergy, along with her husband Dale. Yorkes and Dale also gave birth to a daughter named Gert. Yorkes and Dale were among the people selected by Jonah to form PRIDE and to participate in ritual murders meant to regenerate Jonah's body.[1] Initially, Yorkes was not aware that the young people, originally coming from the Church of Gibborim, that took part in the ritual would die, but after the first sacrifice, in which Brooks Watten was killed, had been recorded on video, Yorkes was forced to continue along with the rest of PRIDE.[5] Her husband Dale shared her disgust regarding their criminal actions.[1]

Yorkes helped Dale creating the Synnergy Serum, a mind-wipe drug which was later used on Frank Dean to erase his memories regarding the affair Leslie Dean had with Jonah[6], and which would later become one of Synnergy's most renowned products.[7]

The Yorkeses adopt Molly Hernandez

In 2007, Yorkes and Dale were contacted by fellow PRIDE members Gene and Alice Hernandez, two geologists who explained that the rock samples they had taken from the PRIDE Construction Site displayed unexplainable properties. Yorkes correctly hypothesized that whatever Jonah was trying to find in the construction site with PRIDE's help had nothing to do with renewable energy, as he had pretended. However, later that night, the Hernandezes died in an explosion.[8] Knowing that their death was related to what they had discovered, Yorkes and Dale feared that they might be killed as well, although it never occurred. They also decided to adopt the Hernandezes' young daughter Molly.

Fearing for their daughters' lives due to their involvement in PRIDE, Yorkes and Dale began working on bioengineering a dinosaur which would serve as protection. It actually took several experiments for the scientists to succeed, and when Gert witnessed the presence of their thirty-third attempt, Yorkes had no choice but to erase her memories with Synnergy Serum, something that would haunt Stacey for the rest of her life.[3] Eventually, Yorkes and Dale were able to create a more stable dinosaur, which would later be known as Old Lace.[9]

Jonah's Last Revival

Sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez

"The nightmares I had after last night, Dale, it's all so horrible."
―Stacey Yorkes to Dale Yorkes[src]

On the day of another PRIDE meeting, Yorkes and Dale Yorkes dropped their daughters Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez to Atlas Academy, although the girls quickly left due to the embarrassment they felt because of their parents' conversation topics.[1] Once they drove away, Yorkes reminded Dale about the reunion, which deeply upset her husband. Still, they agreed that they both had to attend, and thus went to the Wilder Mansion in the evening to join the other members of PRIDE. During the meeting, after having her WizPhone fixed by Robert Minoru, Yorkes reviewed the file about PRIDE's new victim, Destiny Gonzalez, which was also supposed to be the last.

Yorkes gives Destiny Gonzalez an incapacitating beverage

Yorkes thus carried out the Rite of Blood along with the other members of PRIDE, giving Gonzalez an incapacitating beverage which prevented her to escape from her fate. She then helped to restrain Gonzalez so she could be put inside the Dematerialization Box and her body converted into pure energy. However, once the ritual was over, a sudden flash of light occurred, prompting Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to go and investigate. When they returned, Yorkes learned her daughters were there as well, along with all their former friends gathered by Alex Wilder. As PRIDE left the ceremony room, Yorkes sadly put her head on Dale's shoulder, shaken by Gonzalez's murder.

Yorkes and Dale returned to the mansion's lobby to gather with the other members of PRIDE and their children, talking with Gert and Chase Stein. They then took Gert and Hernandez home.[9] In the next day, Yorkes went to work at Synnergy Laboratories with Dale, and told him that she had made nightmare because of the events of the night. She was then surprised upon stumbling upon Robert and Tina Minoru, who had surprisingly come to congratulate the Yorkeses as their paper on the Synnergy Serum had been published in a high-profile science journal, and opened up many lucrative opportunities. Later, as the night came, Yorkes and her husband went to order some food, and discussed their plan to secretly move to the Hernandez Ranch with Hernandez, Gert and their bioengineered dinosaur.[7]

Cretacean Hunt

"I can't do this anymore. I'm tired. I'm scared. And I'm done."
―Stacey Yorkes to Dale Yorkes[src]

Upon returning home, Yorkes and her husband Dale realized that the dinosaur they had bioengineered had escaped. Yorkes blamed Dale for this, accusing him of having not properly closed the door of the dinosaur's containment room. As both Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez joined them for breakfast, Yorkes and Dale explained to the girls that they would go and look for a missing hedhegog. They left, convinced that the teenagers had bought the story, unaware that Gert had already encountered the creature the night before.

Yorkes and Dale look for their dinosaur

While preparing their search for the dinosaur, Yorkes and Dale received a message summoning them to a PRIDE emergency meeting. Since they refused to be associated with PRIDE any longer, they simply ignored the message and went looking for their creation. However, their search was a complete failure as they were unable to find a sign of the dinosaur. Exhausted and afraid, Yorkes suggested that they should leave Los Angeles with their daughters and leave the dinosaur behind, and hide in the Hernandez Ranch. Although initially reluctant, Dale accepted.

Yorkes and Dale are visited by Tina Minoru

Back home, Yorkes and Dale were shocked to discover that the dinosaur had actually returned to the Yorkes Residence on its own, facing Gert and Hernandez. Yorkes and Dale locked it up again, and then proceeded to explain that they had bioengineered it as a protection for their daughters. Before they could elaborate, however, they were visited by Tina Minoru, who had led some investigation after the Yorkeses failed to attend the PRIDE meeting. Yorkes then realized with horror that Minoru knew that the Yorkeses had been planning on moving to the ranch and transferred money there. As Tina left after subtly threatening them, Yorkes understood that they would never be able to get rid of PRIDE and hugged her husband in despair.[10]

Jonah's Return

"You don't think, after what happened, he doesn't trust us, do you?"
"Well, would you?"
Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Yorkes went to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office for the sacrifice of Andre Compton, a young man which had been captured by Geoffrey Wilder so he would replace Destiny Gonzalez, as her sacrifice had actually failed and Victor Stein had secretly murdered her. Since Compton had been wounded, Yorkes treated his wound to make sure that he would not die prior to the ritual. She then watched as Compton, incapacitated by a beverage given to him by Dale Yorkes, was put in a Dematerialization Box and successfully sacrificed, thus reviving Jonah.[11]

In the next night, Yorkes and her husband went to attend a PRIDE gala held at Wizard Headquarters for a fundraising event. During the party, Yorkes and Dale could not help but notice Jonah's presence, which was quite unusual, and they hypothesized that he was there to watch PRIDE as he no longer trusted them. They then stopped discussing Jonah as Karolina Dean passed by them. Later, they joined the rest of PRIDE on the podium as Tina and Robert Minoru delivered a speech, but the situation quickly turned sour as Victor revealed that his wife Janet was having an affair before fainting.

Yorkes helped carry Victor to a quiet room. Since Leslie Dean brought in Jonah to cure Victor, Yorkes offered to take Chase Stein out of the room so his father could be treated peacefully. Later, as the party ended, Yorkes saw Molly Hernandez talking with Catherine Wilder and joined the conversation, offering Hernandez to bring her back home, which Hernandez accepted.[5]

Hiding Molly Hernandez

"Honey, all we've ever wanted is what's best for you."
"Tossing me out like I'm a piece of trash is good for me?"
"Okay, I know this is hard to understand right now, but hopefully, in time, you'll see that we had your best interest at heart."
"I hope so. Until then, bite me, Stacey!"
―Stacey Yorkes and Molly Hernandez[src]

Yorkes and her husband Dale spent several hours studying Jonah's Serum, since Dale had managed to keep a vial of the serum when Jonah had treated Victor Stein during the PRIDE gala. Yorkes and Dale figured out that Jonah's DNA, on which the serum was based, possessed incredible regenerative abilities. As they shared a hug, Dale accidentally dropped some of the serum on his arm, but claimed that he felt no change. Yorkes thus briefly left him to pick up some food, but upon returning, she noticed that Dale was in a state of deep euphoria due to the serum. Moreover, she noticed that Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder had come to the Yorkes Residence, asking to talk about Molly Hernandez.

Yorkes sends Molly Hernandez to live with Graciela Aguirre

Yorkes was able to postpone the talk, telling the Wilders that they would meet at the Atlas Academy open house. By the time of the open house, Dale felt incredibly exhausted and cranky, forcing Yorkes to pretend to Gert Yorkes and Hernandez that he suffered from allergies and adverse reaction to the treatment. Later, the Yorkeses finally met with the Wilders, who revealed that Hernandez actually knew about the Rite of Blood, which meant that she had to be taken far from Jonah as soon as possible. Although they were extremely reluctant, Yorkes and Dale had to accept that the safest course of action was to send Hernandez to Montebello to live with a cousin of hers, Graciela Aguirre.

Therefore, Yorkes and Dale returned home and began preparing Hernandez's stuff. As their daughters returned, Yorkes and Dale did their best to calmly explain the situation, but Hernandez reacted violently, stating that her adoptive parents were abandoning her, and Gert strongly advised against it as well. However, the Yorkeses maintained their decision, prompting the girls to leave the room.[12] Yorkes and Dale then drove Hernandez to Montebello, and parted ways with their adoptive daughter in a very unpleasant way, although Yorkes assured Hernandez that they were doing what they thought was best for her. Stacey was then shown a text message received by Dale from Janet Stein: PRIDE's emergency code.[6]

Loss of Victor Stein

Yorkes tries to save Victor Stein

"You guys need to stop it."
"Okay, sure, but we have no anesthesia, no blood for transfusion, never mind the basics like gloves or sutures."
"This is war, honey. We can at least tie up the artery and stop the bleeding."
"He might lose his arm!"
Geoffrey Wilder, Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Yorkes and her husband Dale drove to the Stein Mansion, where they were quickly updated on PRIDE's current predicament: Victor Stein had been shot by his wife Janet to protect their son Chase, and was in a critical condition. Despite the situation and their lack of equipment, Yorkes quickly took the matter in hands, doing her best to stop the bleeding and try and save Victor, who eventually fell into a coma due to the blood loss. During the operation, Yorkes asked about the absence of Leslie Dean, who had initially been kept in the dark due to her ties with Jonah.

However, Leslie eventually learned about the incident and arrived to the Stein Mansion as well, explaining that she would call her husband Frank for help. Yorkes failed to understand how Frank's special gloves would help them before seeing the gloves in action. Nevertheless, this was not enough to heal Victor, who was declared clinically dead by Yorkes moments later. Yorkes and the rest of PRIDE attempted to hide the body, but were stopped in their endeavor by the arrival of Jonah, who had been contacted by Tina Minoru. Yorkes then listened in shock as Jonah explained that he would revive Victor by sacrificing Janet with a Dematerialization Box.

An intense discussion then erupted among the members of PRIDE, as Janet suggested that someone else should be sacrificed. Yorkes cited her contribution to the development of the Synnergy Serum as a sign that she brought something to PRIDE and thus was not expendable. The situation then escalated as Jonah threatened to murder all of the PRIDE members and their children if they did not decide quickly, which prompted Dale to seize a gun before being disarmed by Geoffrey Wilder seconds later, all under Yorkes' eyes. Eventually, Jonah reiterated his order that Janet had to die, but, as Yorkes noticed, this soon became irrelevant as Robert Minoru had taken advantage of everyone's distraction to get ready to give his own life.

However, even this sacrifice could not occur due to Tina, despite having been cheated on by her husband, destroying one of the Dematerialization Boxes with the Staff of One, rendering the operation impossible. Yorkes could thus do nothing but help put Victor's body in the remaining Box so it would not decay and wait to be revived through another way.[6]

Confrontation at the Construction Site

Yorkes contacts Graciela Aguirre

"We're a family."
"We're a family!"
―Stacey Yorkes and Gert Yorkes[src]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Yorkes went to the PRIDE Construction Site to attend the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine by Jonah. They attempted to get some answers from Jonah regarding what they were supposed to dig up, but Jonah eluded the question, which was usual for him as Yorkes noticed. Yorkes and Dale then returned home and, in the evening, called Graciela Aguirre to check on Molly Hernandez. However, it turned out that Hernandez was gone, and Yorkes was surprised when Aguirre ordered them to leave Hernandez alone, stating that her parents did not trust them before hanging up.

The conversation left Yorkes and Dale puzzled, as Yorkes was convinced that the Hernandezes loved them. However, Dale surmised that the Hernandezes had figured out the truth about Jonah's plan and had been killed for that, and had left evidence of their discovery for their daughter to discover, which led Yorkes to wonder whether anything from the explosion that had killed the Hernandezes could be find. Before they could further elaborate on the idea, they were contacted by Jonah, who summoned all of PRIDE in his quarters at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office.

Yorkes defies Jonah

During the meeting, Yorkes learned from Jonah that it was not just Hernandez, but all of the Runaways who knew about the Rite of Blood. Yorkes openly admitted that she had conspired with Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to send Hernandez away for her protection, and also defiantly revealed to Jonah that the serum Dale had reclaimed during the PRIDE gala was being heavily tested. As Jonah asked PRIDE about their children's whereabouts, Yorkes and Dale returned home to find Gert Yorkes, only to find the house empty, with the dinosaur being gone as well. The Yorkeses were then told that the Runaways were at the dig site.

Yorkes attempts to convince her children

Yorkes joined the rest of PRIDE to drive to the construction site, arriving as the teenagers had been able to sabotage the drilling machine. Yorkes attempted to convince the teenagers to return home, explaining that they all belonged to the same family, only to be told by Gert that the children rejected their parents and formed a family of their own. The situation then escalated to an open confrontation, with Karolina Dean revealing her Gibborim-based powers, much to the astonishment of the PRIDE members.[8] As the dinosaur revealed itself, Yorkes admitted to PRIDE that she had created it.

Yorkes watches the Runaways being attacked by Jonah

Yorkes did not actively took part in the confrontation against the Runaways, which escalated further as Jonah arrived to confront the teenagers himself. She watched in horror as Jonah attacked them with his powers, but the teenagers were able to stand back up and fled, only leaving Karolina behind after they instructed them to do so. Eventually, Karolina lost her duel to Jonah, and Yorkes joined the rest of PRIDE in looking for their other children, but they were unable to find them.

Yorkes discusses Molly Hernandez's strength

In the morning, PRIDE, minus Leslie Dean, gathered at the Minoru Mansion, discussed the events of the nights, especially the reveal of Herdandez's superhuman strength. Yorkes refused to believe that Hernandez could be Jonah's daughter just like Karolina was, and hypothesized that something happened the night her parents were killed. As Tina Minoru revealed that the Hernandezes had been killed by Leslie, Yorkes was shocked, as she always thought Minoru was responsible for it. Yorkes and Dale then decided to return to the construction site to investigate what was beneath its surface, refusing to believe Jonah's lies any longer.

Yorkes inspects the PRIDE Construction Site's hole

At the dig site, Yorkes and Dale initiated a sonar scan before being approached by Leslie, who inquired as to what they were up to. Yorkes was utterly surprised when it turned out that the thing Jonah was trying to reach down in the hole was alive, something Leslie seemed unaware of, which made Yorkes realize that Leslie was kept in the dark as much as the rest of PRIDE. The Yorkeses then returned to their lab to further assess the results of their tests, and surmised that they could use the acquired data to find a way to kill Jonah.

Yorkes voices her distrust of Leslie Dean

As it happened, all of PRIDE, minus the Wilders, arrived at their place. Leslie, who led the group, declared that PRIDE could no longer trust Jonah, who was their enemy, and Yorkes could not help but notice that Leslie had been in a relationship with him for years, and thus could hardly be trusted. She was then shocked when Leslie confessed that Jonah was responsible for the death of Amy, and agreed to join in PRIDE's effort to fulfil their new objective: killing Jonah.[13]

PRIDE Rebellion

Failed Mission

"Look, we did not anticipate her enthusiasm for the owning of large guns."
"Or her skill at using them."
Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Yorkes went with the rest of PRIDE after they were contacted by Detective Flores who claimed that the LAPD had successfully found the Runaways. However, it turned out that the teenagers arrested by Flores' men were not PRIDE's children, forcing PRIDE to search for their children themselves. Therefore, Yorkes accompanied PRIDE to the new PRIDE Headquarters, claiming in front of the employees that they were more committed than ever to the charity's cause.

Yorkes then took part in a PRIDE meeting as they discussed how they should handle the search for their children. Due to a TV newsflash in which Graciela Aguirre claimed that she had evidence against PRIDE, Yorkes and her husband Dale admitted that they had underestimated her, but refused to let Geoffrey Wilder to go find and kill her. Instead, Yorkes and her husband suggested using Synnergy Serum on her after interrogating her. This initiative was approved by PRIDE, but Tina Minoru insisted that she would come with them as she did not trust them to succeed.

Yorkes hides from Graciela Aguirre

Yorkes and Dale thus went to Aguirre's house and asked her about the evidence she claimed to have, which turned out to be a tape recorded by Molly Hernandez's parents. Initially, it seemed that Aguirre would willingly hand over the tape, but Yorkes was shocked as she returned armed with a shotgun and destroyed the tape in front of them. Yorkes and her husband hid behind a couch, wondering what to do, but Minoru then burst in and choked Aguirre to death with the Staff of One.[14]

Gibborim Investigation

"Stacey and I have a serum that we think will kill Jonah, but we need to move fast before he figures it out. But we need to do a trial run with the serum first. You only get one shot at a self-healing alien, and it better be good."
"Yeah, we need to send a drone down into that hole, so that we can biopsy whatever's down there."
Dale Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Yorkes and her husband Dale returned to the PRIDE Headquarters, once again admitting that they had underestimated Graciela Aguirre. As PRIDE then discussed the content of the tape, which revealed that PRIDE's actions on the PRIDE Construction Site could cause massive earthquakes, Yorkes and Dale were asked by Leslie Dean to reveal what they had found the last time they inspected the dig site: that there was something alive in the hole they had drilled. Yorkes then warned the rest of PRIDE that killing Jonah might be extremely difficult because of his extraterrestrial origin, but that she and her husband would continue working on it. She then witnessed Tina Minoru taking leadership of PRIDE.[14]

Yorkes then took part in two other PRIDE meetings. During the first one, which was held after an earthquake struck Los Angeles, she was inclined to agree with her husband Dale, who was fearing that the cataclysmic consequences mentioned by Gene and Alice Hernandez were upon them. However, the rest of PRIDE remained unconvinced, and it did turn out that the earthquake was an isolated incident indeed, enabling PRIDE, including the Yorkeses, to resume their normal activities.[15]

Yorkes expresses her wish to leave PRIDE behind

During the second meeting, which occurred after Geoffrey Wilder failed to get his son Alex back, Yorkes abruptly blamed Geoffrey and his wife Catherine of having kept the information they had obtained for themselves. Once the situation was calmed down, Yorkes and her husband announced that they had perfected a first version of their Anti-Gibborim Serum, and that they needed to test it on site, requesting Dean's assistance to enter it. Yorkes then expressed enthusiasm at the idea that she would soon no longer need to see the other PRIDE members should the serum work.

Yorkes calms down her husband

Yorkes and Dale thus drove to the PRIDE Construction Site, bringing with them a Synnergy Drone to perform a biopsy down in the hole. As they entered the site and prepared their equipment, Yorkes had to manage the anxiety of her husband, who was getting increasingly agitated at the idea that their serum might not work, leaving them without a way to kill Jonah. Yorkes, however, insisted that the chemical they had synthesized would be operational, simply because they had no other choice but make it work. Yorkes and Dale then sent their drone inside the hole and successfully sampled the biological material at the bottom.

Yorkes and her husband flee from Jonah

Once the sample was placed in a Petri dish, Yorkes watched as Dale injected a small quantity of the Anti-Gibborim Serum, which immediately caused necrosis in the tissue. This caused Yorkes to be ecstatic as it proved that the serum was correctly designed. However, her joy rapidly ended as an other eartquake occurred. Therefore, Yorkes and Dale decided to quickly leave, but as they were driving away, they spotted Jonah and Karolina Dean arriving on the site. Yorkes suggested to try and know more about the whereabouts of their daughters, but Dale refused to get close to Jonah and quickly took their car away.[16]

Yorkes later attended another PRIDE meeting during which she helped questioning Eiffel, a student at Atlas Academy who had encountered the Runaways, and who revealed that they had stolen an advanced computer which they could use against them at the construction site. Once Eiffel left, this prompted Yorkes and Dale to mention that they had seen Jonah and Karolina at the dig site, believing that Leslie was aware of their secret meetings. Yorkes and Dale acknowledged that they had been seen by Jonah, and that they feared that he would come after them after figuring out what they were up to, and that they barely slept since their mission.

Yorkes sees Jonah arriving

Further talking about Jonah, Yorkes was surprised when Robert Minoru announced that he would take on their enemy on his own, doubting that he would succeed. As it happened, although he only failed because Aura and Frances, Robert was brought back to PRIDE by a heavily weakened Jonah, much to the shock of everyone present at the PRIDE headquarters, including Stacey.[17] Yorkes then listened as she was instructed to come to the dig site in two days with the rest of PRIDE to prepare the launch of Jonah's ship. She initially opposed, citing the risk of a massive earthquake, but Jonah denied that such thing would happen, and promised to leave his Abstract in PRIDE's hands.

Yorkes tends to Robert Minoru's wounds

Once Jonah had left, Yorkes and Dale tended to Robert's wounds, causing him to regain consciousness. Yorkes then suggested that Jonah might be telling the truth, and that PRIDE could use the Abstract to do some good, which could convince the Runaways to return home. In order to rule out the possibility of an earthquake on launch day, and after Geoffrey revealed that he had lent the Abstract to Janet Stein, Yorkes and her husband decided to go to the Stein Mansion to see if she had progressed on its decryption. Yorkes and Dale thus met with Janet, and were amazed to discover that she indeed had managed to decipher the book.

Yorkes gets angry at Janet Stein

As Janet announced that she would find a way to destroy Jonah's ship since she had found a way to communicate with her husband Victor, Yorkes broke down, as she could not determine which path was better: trusting Jonah to leave peacefully or keep attempting on his life. Yorkes also lamented over her daughter Gert's situation, and was shocked when Janet revealed that she had helped Gert sign out of a hospital. Angered that Janet had not told her about this earlier, Yorkes called her useless, recalling that she had failed to protect her son Chase from Victor, and stormed out of the Stein mansion.[18]

Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site

"Who brings poison to a bon voyage party?"
―Stacey Yorkes[src]

In the next day, Yorkes and her husband Dale returned to the PRIDE Headquarters for yet another PRIDE meeting. They were soon joined by Jonah, who had come to reiterate his instructions that PRIDE had to come for the launch of his spaceship. Yorkes noticed that Jonah seemed far better than the last time they had seen him, causing Jonah to reveal that he had attempted to kill Geoffrey Wilder before he was saved by the Runaways after Jonah stole enough life energy from him. Yorkes then listened as Jonah once again assured them that the launch of his ship would not cause any earthquake.

Yorkes prepares to confront Jonah

In spite of Jonah's assurances, Yorkes and Dale remained determined to stop him and returned to their lab to perfect their Anti-Gibborim Serum, although Yorkes worried about the consequences of their attempt on Jonah's life, although she found confidence in her husband's strength. Yorkes then received a text message from Leslie Dean, alerting her that Jonah was on his way to the PRIDE Construction Site where the launch would occur. Although Yorkes believed that they were not ready, she and her husband took their serum with them and drove to the dig site.

Yorkes and her husband arrived on the dig site in the same time than the others members of PRIDE, and were told by Jonah that several Runaways were down in the hole, trying to release the Gibborim from the spaceship. Ignoring their presence, as Jonah initiated the spaceship nonetheless, Yorkes thus saw Karolina Dean flying out of the hole with Molly Hernandez and Chase Stein, quickly followed by Nico Minoru. Then, Yorkes witnessed her daughter Gert running to join her friends, just like Alex Wilder.

As the launch progressed, causing an earthquake despite Jonah's earlier promise, Yorkes and Dale decided to take action. Since Victor and Janet Stein had already deployed their Anti-Gravity Device on the spaceship's shell, and with Jonah being distracted by the Runaways, Yorkes and her husband repeatedly shot cartridges of serum at the spaceship. Initially, Yorkes believed that they had failed as the spaceship was unaffected, until Jonah attacked PRIDE and the Runaways all at once. Despite being knocked back, Yorkes noticed that the combined effects of the serum and the Steins' device were working, ultimately causing the ship's destruction.

Yorkes begs her daughters to return home

With the spaceship being no longer a threat, Yorkes and the rest of PRIDE feared that they would have to face Jonah's wrath. However, to the shock of everyone present at the dig site, Jonah ended up stabbed from behind by Minoru using the Staff of One imbued with the serum Yorkes and her husband had prepared. Once it seemed that Jonah had died, Yorkes approached her daughters and begged them to return home, but they ignored her. Yorkes was then put asleep by Minoru's spell and only regained consciousness after the Runaways were gone. However, unbeknownst to her, Yorkes was possessed by the Magistrate's Wife after she was released in the ship's explosion.[19]

The day following the battle, Yorkes attended the celebration held by PRIDE at their headquarters to praise their victory over Jonah and their ability to finally shut down PRIDE after years of existence. Along with her husband, Yorkes expressed amazement at the idea that they had actually made contact with extraterrestrial beings. She then agreed that all of PRIDE's families should look for their own children on their own, and toasted to the end of the organization.[20]

Losing Control

"Honey, I just wanted you home so badly I was willing to do anything."
―Stacey Yorkes to Gert Yorkes[src]

Under the influence of the Magistrate's Wife possessing her, Yorkes equipped a Synnergy Drone with a substance poisonous to Old Lace she sent above the area where the Runaways were supposed to hide, hoping to force them to return home. Yorkes was unaware of what was truly happening to her, but periodically returned to her normal self for long periods of time, although she did suddenly realize that she no longer wore her glasses since the Wife did not need them.

During the times she was still herself, Yorkes attended two other PRIDE meetings. During the first one, she was alerted by Flores that the Runaways were willing to go to war against PRIDE. Yorkes tried to convince PRIDE to remain optimistic in the belief that they could bring their children home, but Victor Stein saw no other choice than developing weapons to counter their children's powers and equipment. During the second meeting, Yorkes realized that Flores had actually betrayed PRIDE, and went along when his execution and his replacement by AWOL were ordered.[21]

Yorkes begs her daughter to remain home

Yorkes was not aware when her daughter Gert was brought home by Chase Stein as she felt incredibly ill due to the Wife's plan to poison Old Lace.[22] However, she still believed that this project had been her own design even if she did not entirely remember it. In the next morning, after Gert and Chase had been locked up in the basement, Yorkes and her husband Dale brought them breakfast, begging them to stay with their parents. They then served them orange juice spiked with drugs, which caused Chase to lose consciousness, forcing Gert to stay as well.

Yorkes is threatened by Alex Wilder

Yorkes once again gave up control to the Wife when she and Dale interrogated Stein with truth serum. She then returned to her senses as the Runaways attacked the Yorkes Residence, with Yorkes and Dale being confronted by Alex Wilder threatening them with the Fistigons. Yorkes and her husband were then brought to be locked up in the basement along with Tina Minoru in Gert's and Stein's place. As Old Lace was released as well, Yorkes was attacked by the dinosaur, but was saved by Dale who rendered Old Lace unconscious.[23]

Yorkes urges Chase Stein to join PRIDE

Yorkes lost control to the Wife by the time PRIDE tested the weapons they had been developing on Mary and Megan, and when PRIDE later discussed their next move after Victor Stein was able to make Chase peacefully return home. However, she was conscious when Chase was brought in front of all of PRIDE at their headquarters to persuade him to join the organization. Adding her voice to the other PRIDE members, Yorkes acknowledged PRIDE's wrongdoings and told Chase that he could be a hero and save his friends by joining PRIDE.[24]

Yorkes warns Chase Stein

Along with the rest of PRIDE, Yorkes then attempted to convince Chase to meet with the Runaways to persuade them to follow his path, statung that Gert deeply loved him and that she would listen to him, although Chase disagreed as her girlfriend had been extremely upset by her departure. Nevertheless, Yorkes insisted, warning that a failure from Chase would mean that PRIDE would go into open war against their children.

Yorkes tries to convince her daughter

As this was how things turned out, Yorkes took part in the Chase of the Runaways alongside Dale. They tracked down their daughters to Union Swapmeet, and as both Gert and Molly Hernandez split up, Yorkes elected to go after the former. Yorkes quickly caught up with her daughter and attempted to convince her to come back, citing that she would recover from the truth about her parents. However, Yorkes failed to win her daughter to her side, and after Gert tried to hinder her progression, Yorkes lost control to the Wife, who eventually captured Gert and apparently permanently controlled Yorkes' body.[4]


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"Everyone thinks that you're the nice one. The levelheaded, concerned mom. Another lie."
"Honey, I understand your disappointment. Every kid that learns the truth about their parents thinks that they've discovered something really big, but honestly, it's like finding out the stove is hot. It hurts for a while, and then you get a scar."
Gert Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Far from the intimidating behavior of her fellow PRIDE female members Tina Minoru and Catherine Wilder, and much more lively than the discreet Janet Stein, Yorkes always struck as a colorful and somewhat strange woman, with Catherine joking about how saying crazy things was in line with Yorkes' nature. In that perspective, she was well paired with her husband, Dale Yorkes. She always displayed a warm demeanor to the people around her, showing genuine care for her family which she would protect at all cost. Her generous nature led her to adopt Molly Hernandez after she lost her parents, and she treated her daughters, both natural and adoptive, with genuine love. Still, she did not hesitate to take some grave decisions going against their welfare, such as mind-wiping Gert's memories after she found out about Number 33, an action which haunted Yorkes for the rest of her life.

Yorkes was also disgusted by the ritual murders she had been carrying out under Jonah's duress and, over time, grew to become incredibly hostile towards PRIDE's benefactor, to the point that she defiantly admitted to his face that she had sent Hernandez away to protect her from him. Indeed, a threat on her daughters was the one thing which could cause Yorkes to lose her temper: for example, upon learning that Janet had seen Gert after she ran away and had not immediately told her about it, Stacey felt incredibly angry towards Janet, calling her useless.

Yorkes was also very open-minded. Although she initially disliked Victor Stein, they later bonded over their shared experience of being controlled by Gibborim, and became friends, to the point that Yorkes was able to convince Victor to join a support group, Alien Abductee Anonymous, despite his deep reluctance.


"That could've only come from one place."
"I've been meaning to bring you all up to speed on that."
Tina Minoru and Stacey Yorkes[src]
  • Master Scientist: Along with her husband Dale, Stacey is a prominent scientist at the head of a famous biotechnology company, Synnergy Laboratories. Her most impressive achievement is without a doubt her ability to have bioengineered several specimens of Deinonychus, a species of dinosaur. Another achievement, completed with her husband as well, was the creation of the Synnergy Serum, a memory manipulation drug which was praised in specialized press.
  • Expert Businesswoman: Yorkes and her husband started and ran the company Synnergy, whose products were praised in the specialized press.
"You have a fragment of metal in your body. If we leave this in any longer, it's going to poison your blood. Surgery's your only option."
"You're the only doctor?"
"Yeah. The only one you've got right now."
―Stacey Yorkes and Geoffrey Wilder[src]
  • Physician: Despite having no proper practical experience and only theoretical knowledge, Stacey proved that she could also display medical skills when necessary. She was able to preserve Victor Stein's body after he was shot, working quickly with limited resources, just like she was able to treat Robert Minoru and Geoffrey Wilder after they were wounded.








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