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"The history of St. Theresa's Church, over yonder, is the history of New Orleans. It's been destroyed and rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt."
Evita Fusilier[src]

St. Theresa's Church is an abandoned church in New Orleans. It was the primary hideout for Cloak and Dagger.


The St. Theresa's Church was built a couple decades after New Orleans was made into a city. Marie Laveau worshiped there.[1]

In 1918, a dangerous plague hit New Orleans causing hundreds of people to fall ill. Most of the patients resided in St. Theresa's Church. One doctor in particular, Jack Rogers, gave his healthy blood to a certain musician, his lover Bobo Smith. The latter was cured in seconds, at the cost of the doctor to collapse and die. Then, all the patients at the church were miraculously cured as well.[2]

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  • In the comics, Holy Ghost Church was the parish of Father Delgado and was used as home and headquarters for Cloak and Dagger.


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