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"The history of St. Theresa's Church, over yonder, is the history of New Orleans. It's been destroyed and rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt."
Evita Fusilier[src]

St. Theresa's Church is an abandoned church in New Orleans. It was the primary hideout for Cloak and Dagger.


Early History

The St. Theresa's Church was built a couple decades after New Orleans was made into a city. Marie Laveau worshiped there.[1]

In 1918, a dangerous plague hit New Orleans causing hundreds of people to fall ill. Most of the patients resided in St. Theresa's Church. One doctor in particular, Jack Rogers, gave his healthy blood to a certain musician, his lover Bobo Smith. The latter was cured in seconds, at the cost of the doctor to collapse and die. Then, all the patients at the church were miraculously cured as well.[2]

Tandy Bowen's Residence

"It's bigger than I thought."
"It's colder too. Especially alone."
Liam Walsh and Tandy Bowen[src]

The St. Theresa's Church became Tandy Bowen's place of living after she left her home and fell into a life made of robberies and drug abuse. Bowen spent her nights alone in the church, taking drugs to cope with her loneliness, and never invited anyone to visit her in the church, not even her boyfriend Liam Walsh. Following a disturbing encounter with Tyrone Johnson, Bowen returned to the church and tried to replicate the phenomenon which had happened to them and had caused her to emit Lightforce, but to no avail.[3]


Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen meet in the church

Johnson discovered the church during a tour of New Orleans' voodoo landmarks given by Evita Fusilier. During a voodoo ritual, he experienced a series of visions, the last one occurring in a recreation of the church, in which he saw a young version of Bowen. In parallel, Bowen also had visions which led them to a recreation of the church. As she returned to the church after her abandoned attempt to leave the city and Brigid O'Reilly brought her back near the church, she encountered Johnson, who had come to the church as well and was waiting for her so they could discuss their connection.[1]


Cloak and Dagger test their powers

Bowen and Johnson discussed about their powers at length, detailing how they were respectively based on hope and fear perception. They then decided to put it to a test by assessing what happened when they touched each other just like they previously had. As soon as their skins came into contact, a violent outburst of combined Lightforce and Darkforce projected them towards opposite sides of the church. Afterwards, Johnson and Bowen kept talking, detailing that they had never disclosed their powers to their respective partners, but that they would have with the people they had lost, Johnson's brother and Bowen's father.

However, the conversation escalated into an argument when Bowen admitted that she would have preferred dying instead of her father and that she had death wishes. This deeply angered Johnson, who could not understand how a young white girl could desire to die while he, a black young man, struggled to survive everyday. Bowen countered by stating that she had witnessed Johnson's own death wishes in her visions of his hopes, causing Johnson to angrily leave the church. Remaining alone, Bowen attempted to calm herself down by using some drugs from her stash.[4]

Bowen brought to the church many documents gathered by Greg Pressfield she had reclaimed from his office after witnessing his death. She laid out the documents, including schematics of the Roxxon Gulf Platform and Roxxon Corporation executive profiles, on the floor of the church and spent a lot of time reviewing them, eventually discovering the name of Ivan Hess next to her father's on a plan, leading her to initiate a plan to reach out to Mina Hess, Ivan's daughter she had met during a Roxxon gala.[5] Johnson returned to the church to speak with Bowen, arriving while she was busy gathering equipment for her work with Mina in an attempt to gather information about Bowen's father. Once Bowen returned, Johnson told her about his discovery that Duane Porter, a former friend of his brother, was involved in the drug dealing activity with James Connors. Bowen incited Johnson to try and use his powers to make progress in his plans before they both left the church.


Tandy Bowen attemps to comfort Tyrone Johnson

As a matter of fact, later in the day, Bowen was surprised when Johnson suddenly teleported inside the church and burst into tears, having witnessed Porter's death. Bowen attempted to comfort him, but remained unable to touch him due to their opposite powers.[6] Johnson then told Bowen about the whole incident. Despite knowing that Johnson was upset, she requested her help in order to read into the mind of Ivan, causing them both to leave the church. Later in the night, Bowen returned to the church, and as she prepared to go to sleep, she received a phone call from Johnson who made her listen to recordings made by his brother and him years ago.[7]

Bowen later brought additional documents she had obtained thanks to Ivan to the church, and used them to plan an ambush on Roxxon executive Peter Scarborough. Having accepted his offer for a substantial amount of money in exchange for the evidence she had gathered against the company, Bowen hid the money inside a statue in the church.[8] She later used a banknote for her drug consumption.

Bowen invited her boyfriend Liam Walsh to the church after using part of the money Scarborough had given her to pay for his bail. She then explained that she lived in St. Theresa's Church because she dreamed of getting married with him in this church. However, this turned out to be a trick to get Walsh to get closer to her so she could see and absorb his hopes. Nevertheless, Bowen's actions were brutally interrupted because of Johnson's interference in the vision. An angered Bowen thus left the church to confront Johnson. When she returned, however, she realized that Walsh, left profoundly upset by the experience, had left after stealing all her money.[9]

During the Terror in New Orleans, Cloak and Dagger went to the church after Cloak rescued Dagger from an infected Mina. They struggled to figure out how they could stop the violent outbreak in New Orleans, with Cloak doubting his powers before Dagger handed him over the hoodie of his brother she had kept for years. They were then joined by Fusilier, who explained that according to tradition, Cloak and Dagger were meant to save New Orleans, but one of them would die in the process. Cloak and Fusilier shared a kiss before she left the church, quickly followed by Cloak and Dagger.

In the aftermath of the outbreak, Cloak moved into the church to escape arrest by the NOPD since he had been framed for the murder of Kenneth Fuchs, and Dagger decided to return living with her mother.[2]

Tyrone Johnson's Residence

Now living in the church, Tyrone Johnson spent his time between studying physics and planning his vigilante career to fight crime in New Orleans. He was frequently visited by Tandy Bowen, who provided him with various items, including textbooks and a voice recorder, and the two of them frequently enjoyed movie nights in the church. During one of these nights, they discussed their respective powers and whether they missed using them in action, not disclosing to each other that they were actually still putting them to use to help people in their own way.

In a moment of distress, Bowen went to the church to talk with Johnson, but could not find him. Instead, she found the city map marked by Johnson to monitor drug trafficking. Knowing that something was wrong, Bowen left and was able to save Johnson from the Money Hustle Gang. The pair then returned to the church, where they had an argument since Bowen blamed Johnson for not having asked for help. Johnson countered by mentioning Mikayla Bell, causing Bowen to angrily leave the church.

Remaining alone, Johnson tried to evacuate his excess of energy by intensely practicing basketball in the church, but to no avail. He then decided to leave and find Bowen to apologize and ask her for assistance. The two of them thus returned to the church and planned a mission in the Rougarou Club, going through Cloak's clothes to prepare their infiltration.[10]

Following advice from Chantelle Fusilier, Johnson drew a vévé of Maman Brigitte on the floor of the church and began to pray so he could figure out how he should behave to bring his life back on the right tracks. This caused him to be suddenly teleported out of the church, inside an ambulance carrying Bell after she had been kidnapped. Johnson then teleported back inside the church after one of the kidnappers attempted to shoot him, leaving Johnson distressed about what he had just seen. He attempted to draw the vévé again but could not repeat it. He was then visited by Evita Fusilier, who offered him help and guidance. This eventually caused them to be teleported together out of the church.[11]

Cloak brought both Dagger and Brigid O'Reilly to St. Theresa's Church after they first encounter with Mayhem at E-Z Slow Salvage Tow Yard. Dagger asked O'Reilly many questions about Mayhem's origin, but as Johnson noticed, O'Reilly had no answers for them. The three of them thus decided to leave the church and seek information from Mina Hess.[12]

In the aftermath of the Rescue at Little Per Live, during which Mayhem was absorbed by Cloak, Cloak and Dagger returned to St. Theresa's Church to discuss what had happened. Dagger insisted that they had to find Mayhem so she could give them the location of other kidnapped girls. To that end, Cloak needed to be afraid enough so the doorway to the Dark Dimension would be opened, which happened when Cloak admitted he feared that he was unable to protect his loved ones. Once Dagger entered the portal, she was also absorbed by Cloak who, however, did not remain in the church as he had been alerted by O'Reilly that his family was in danger.

Although he had temporarily lost his powers because of Dagger's actions in the Dark Dimension, Cloak was able to teleport back in the church seconds before being arrested by the NOPD. This also caused both Dagger and James Connors to be released from the Dark Dimension. As Cloak and Dagger struggled to understand what had happened, Connors broke a stain glass and quickly ran away from the church.[13] Cloak and Dagger remained a while longer in the church, arguing over Connors' unexpected release. Dagger then left to meet with her mother.

Remaining alone in the church, Cloak drew another vévé with gunpowder on the floor of the church, which he then set on fire. The ritual succeeded and caused Johnson to be teleported out of the church to find Connors. Later, Cloak brutally brought Connors back to the church after he failed to retrieve a file which could have exonerated him. Johnson threatened to toss Connors from the first floor of the church so he would fall to his death, a fate Connors was willing to accept, but Johnson eventually chose to bring Connors to his mother for justice.[14]

Johnson was transported back to the church, along with Bowen, after he rescued her from the Viking Motel.[15]

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  • In the comics, Holy Ghost Church was the parish of Father Delgado and was used as home and headquarters for Cloak and Dagger.


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