"So, how's it all going here, anyway?"
"Ah, you know, it's good. Your money pays the rent. Keeps the homeless guys in coffee and soup. And occasionally, we talk about being a vet."
Billy Russo and Curtis Hoyle[src]

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church is a church in New York City where Curtis Hoyle organized a meeting group sessions for United States Armed Forces veterans.


With Billy Russo's help, Curtis Hoyle rented a room in St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church to organize a meeting group for demobilized United States Army soldiers. His group was attended by Isaac Lange, O'Connor and Lewis Wilson. Every week, they met in church to speak about their military service.

At one of the meeting, O'Connor expressed his point of view that liberal government running  their country to the ground before he was confronted by Lange. Hoyle then stopped him and gave O'Connor opportunity to speak.

When he finished, Lewis Wilson said that he fought for county where there's no place for him and now he don't know what to do. O'Connor noted that government trained army for fifteen years and then abandoned it, and now they need to defend themselves before it's too late. Wilson that said "sic semper tyrannis," and Hoyle recognized it as "thus always to tyrants". Hoyle asked does Wilson really think that their government is tyrants before he answered that all he knew that terrible things committed by soldiers at war meant nothing at their home.

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Curtis Hoyle having a talk with Lewis Wilson

When meeting was over, Hoyle asked Wilson how he sleeping. Wilson said that he sleeps better despite his work and group helps him. Hoyle noted that perspective is good for him but Wilson needs to find his own answers. Hoyle then asked Wilson to take care of yourself before he left.

At the same time, Castle visited Hoyle to return him his book. The two caught up on old times, with Hoyle remarking on how everyone wants to be anyone but themselves. Though Hoyle offered Castle another chance at a new life, he politely refused.[2]

Later, Castle visited Hoyle again to know did he told anyone about Castle. With negative answer, Castle informed Hoyle that someone managed to find him and Castle tried to learn who could turned him up. Hoyle calmed Castle down and listened to his story about CIA operation in Kandahar what could make his family killed.[3]


Billy Russo is reunited with Curtis Hoyle

Preparing for another therapy session, Hoyle was visited by Russo who gave him a check to pay the rent for space. Hoyle told Russo about his group therapy, much to Russo's approval. Russo then offered Hoyle to join Anvil because he is one of the best corpsman he saw but Hoyle politely refused.

At meeting, group listed Wilson about his service and described friendly fire on the battlefield that he witnessed. He told about press officer's lies and O'Connor angrily noted that without trust to fellow soldiers, only option take matters into own hands. Hoyle agreed with him for the first time and told about his friend who was failed by system. When the meeting was over, O'Connor admitted his thoughts and gave Wilson National Rifle Assossiation pamphlet.[4]

Several days later, O'Connor attended another session and told group about his service in Tam Kỳ during the Vietnam War after which Hubert Humphrey presented him the Silver Star. He mocked another members of the group, pointing on their expressions of their service before he was confronted by Lange again. Hoyle then noted that Wilson did not attend the meeting, and O'Connor said that Wilson is a smart kid and he knows that this fight can't be won by words. Hoyle claimed that there is no winning the fight and said that had not answers for them.

Later, Hoyle helped Wilson to get out of police custody and he went to the church. Hoyle informed him about O'Connor's actual service, proving that he is just a liar who does not deserve Wilson's respect. Surprised by Hoyle's words, Wilson left the church and headed to O'Connor.[5]


Frank Castle participates in a rehab session

After his duel with Russo, Castle headed to the church to attend a therapy sessions Hoyle, surprised to see Castle, suggests that he should open up at his rehab sessions, noting that it'll stay confidential among the group. Noting that he no longer has any sort of objective or mission to fulfill, Castle admits to being scared for not knowing what the rest of his life holds for him.[6]

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