St. Charles is a city located in the state of Missouri.


Stranger from Space

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Kidnapping of Peter Quill

In 1988, Peter Quill went to the hospital where his mother, Meredith had been admitted suffering from terminal cancer. He sat in the waiting room of the hospital, while his grandfather and the rest of his family spent their last moments with Meredith.

Peter listened to his "Awesome Mix" tape on his Walkman until his grandfather came over to him, telling him that his mother wanted to speak with him. He took Peter's headphones off of his head and put the Walkman inside his backpack.

Peter entered the room, where Meredith was lying sick in a bed. Meredith noticed that Peter's eye was bruised and asked him why had he been fighting with other boys. Peter shrugged his shoulders, but then admitted that he confronted the other boys for killing an innocent frog.

Meredith compared Peter to his father, whom she described as an angel composed of pure light. Meredith's eyes closed for a moment, so her father called her out loud to avoid that she lost consciousness, and reminded her that she had a present for Peter. Meredith handed his son the gift and a letter, and his grandfather put them in the backpack.

Meredith told Peter to open the letter and the gift when she was gone, and Peter started to cry. Meredith promised his son that his grandfather would take care of him until his father came back to retrieve him, and asked Peter to take her hand.

Peter looked away crying, and despite his grandfather prompted him to take Meredith's hand, Meredith's heart stopped before he took her hand. Peter called to his mother, and as Doctor Fitzgibbon rushed into the room, Peter's grandfather carried Peter out and asked him to stay outside.

Young Peter Quill

Peter Quill Abducted

Peter watched how his grandfather walked back into the room, and then he ran outside the hospital, falling to his knees as he continued crying. Suddenly, a spaceship appeared on the sky above Quill, and its occupants abducted him, taking him out of Earth upon his father's request.[1]

Ego's Expansion

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