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"Let's start with you, Reggie."
"In here, I'm Squabbles. Reggie, he had a job, a family, a life."
"You still have a family."
"I haven't seen my family in years. I asked them for forgiveness. It seems like they don't really care."
Reva Connors and Squabbles[src]

Reggie, better known as Squabbles, was an inmate at Seagate Prison during the time that Carl Lucas was incarcerated. Squabbles befriended Lucas, and acted as his trainer during the time that he fought in Albert Rackham's underground fight ring. Squabbles was killed by Shades and Comanche when they were trying to learn about Lucas' plans to bring down the fight ring.


"I used to live on 42nd Street back in the day. Five Deadly Venoms, Clan of the White Lotus, Five Fingers of Death."
"You think you can fight because you watch kung fu flicks?"
"I know I can fight because I owned that cornerback when I sold dope. And any asshole who tried to take anything from me learned up close how I became Golden Glove champ for seven years."
―Squabbles and Carl Lucas[src]

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