"Please tell me you have another way out of here."
"I might."
Jemma Simmons and Jaco[src]

The Spray Paint Transporter is a device capable of teleporting users from one area to the other, once both sides had been marked with spray paint.


Sarge's Campaign

"Wait, wait, wait. That wall is two feet thick, steel and concrete."
"They have a way out."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Melinda May[src]

Sarge and his teammates frequently used the Spray Paint Transporter during their hunt for the Shrike as a way to easily transport themselves between locations where they had left a portal.[1] Although they could draw a portal on whatever surface they could find, be it vertical or horizontal, they were two permanently painted portals: one on top of Sarge's Truck; and the other inside Jaco's jacket.[2]

During the Robbery of Charmont Jewelers, Sarge drew a portal from inside the vault of Charmont Jewelers, enabling Jaco to join the rest of the crew through a portal previously drawn inside Sarge's truck before the robbery. The portal was later used by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May after she discovered their trickery, and May used the portal to get the store manager, Dana, to safety. Due to May being too powerful for them to properly handle, Snowflake removed the panel on which the portal had been drawn on the truck's side and caused May to trip on it. May was thus sent back into the vault, and Sarge then disabled the transporter, thus trapping her inside the jewelry store.[1]

Sarge later used the Spray Paint Transporter after he had set the course of his truck towards the Shrike Tower. He activated the portal drawn on top of the truck and arrived through the portal drawn in Jaco's jacket, thus transporting himself directly into the Zephyr One where Jaco and Pax had been taken prisoners.[2]

Having joined S.H.I.E.L.D. in a rescue mission aboard the Lazy Comet, Jaco used the Spray Paint Transporter to escape from the spaceship and its crew of Shrike hosts. He locked himself in the airlock along with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents working with him and activated the portal on its jacket pinned on a wall, causing the group to arrive on Sarge's truck. Still desiring to put an end to Izel's threat, Jaco took the Atom Bomb Sarge wanted to use and, after painting another portal which would bring him back into the Lazy Comet, transported himself one last time to bring the bomb inside Izel's spaceship.[3]


The Spray Paint Transporter enabled its users to instantly travel between two locations where a portal had been painted, meaning that it could not be used to teleport to any location but only to one already visited by someone who would have drawn a portal there in the first place. In order to achieve transport, one of the portals had to be activated thanks to a portable device put on the red paint; the device would then open portals on both sides even if the second portal had no device to activate it. The transporter was not affected by the fact that the portals could be located in moving objects (such as a truck or a spaceship), as long as the surface on which the portals were painted remained still.



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