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"You don't get to decide who deserves to die!"
"I'm not the one who decides."
Daisy Johnson and Robbie Reyes[src]

The Spirit of Vengeance, also called Ghost Rider, is an extremely powerful, inter-dimensional demon[5] that bonds with individuals who bear desperation and a desire for vengeance, changing them into a Ghost Rider.


Escaping from Hell

"I know where you're being dragged down to. I've escaped it before."
―Spirit of Vengeance to Robbie Reyes[src]

The Spirit of Vengeance was trapped in the Dark Dimension, within a region known as Hell, but he managed to escape and reached the Earth Plane, making a vow that he would never go back to his former prison.[3] The Spirit eventually bonded with Johnny Blaze, turning him into Ghost Rider.[2]

Resurrecting Robbie Reyes

Johnny Blaze passes Spirit to Robbie Reyes

"There was someone there when I came to. But it wasn't a Good Samaritan. It was the Devil. Whatever was inside him, he passed it into me."
Robbie Reyes to Gabe Reyes[src]

One night in Los Angeles, Robbie Reyes and his brother Gabe were attacked, their car crashed and Robbie was sent flying through the windshield and hit the ground to his death. But a voice called out to him through the darkness. It asked if he would truly do anything to save his brother and punish the men who attacked them; Robbie said yes. Johnny Blaze arrived at the scene on his Hell Cycle, pulled Gabe from the car, and resurrected Robbie, transferring the Spirit of Vengeance into him, so he could fulfill his deal and punish the souls that did him wrong.[2]

Another Deal To Make

"You can't hold on to Mack's body forever. He's a good man. He doesn't have vengeance in him."
"It's not ideal, but Mack... He has a lot of pain. He lost Hope. I could survive off his pain for years."
Robbie Reyes and the Spirit of Vengeance[src]

Several years after they bonded, Robbie Reyes was involved in an incident that made Reyes' body out of phase with the Earth realm, along with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Phil Coulson and Leo Fitz. Knowing that Reyes could not stay trapped between dimensions forever and that he would be pulled into Hell sooner or later, the Spirit left Reyes' body and bonded with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alphonso Mackenzie.

Spirit talks to Robbie Reyes face to face

Now in control of Mackenzie's body, the Spirit began searching for members of the crime gang called the Chinatown Crew. However, Reyes caught up with the Spirit, telling him to leave Mackenzie's body because the two of them still had unfinished business. The Spirit replied that he had already done what Reyes wanted, soaking his neighborhood in the blood of the guilty ones. Reyes told him that he still had to stop his uncle Eli Morrow to which the Spirit replied that he would meet him too. When Reyes tried to reason with him, telling him that Mackenzie was a good man, the Spirit said that Mackenzie was a man who had lost hope, and that he could feed on Mackenzie's pain for years. When Reyes fell in pain on the floor, the Spirit told him that he knew where he was being dragged into, because he has escaped that place before and would not go back.

As former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson appeared on the scene, the Spirit transformed Mackenzie's body into his Ghost Rider form and faced the intruder. Invisible to Johnson, Reyes stepped in front of the Spirit and finally asked him to make another deal with him - if the Spirit helped him to take down Morrow, he would help him to settle down his own old scores. The Spirit accepted and left Mackenzie's body, once again bonding with Reyes. At the same time they both vanished, leaving Mackenzie and Johnson alone.[3]

Stopping Aida

Ghost Rider brutally burning Aida alive

"Don't you get it? You can't kill me."
"Maybe not. But I'm pretty sure he can."
Aida and Phil Coulson[src]

After returning from the Dark Dimension with Reyes, the Spirit and Reyes worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to take down Aida. Phil Coulson made a deal with the Spirit which temporarily grants him its demonic power, which he used to successfully destroy Aida by incinerating her to ashes. The Spirit returned to Reyes shortly afterwards.[4] However, Coulson's possession caused the cancellation of the GH.325's effects which had kept Coulson alive since his resurrection, dooming him.[6]


"The thing inside me. It craves vengeance."
Robbie Reyes to Gabe Reyes[src]

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The extent of the Spirit of Vengeance's powers are unknown, but it is very clear that the entity is an extremely powerful one. Its feats are visibly seen through a Ghost Rider.

  • Vessel Possession: Through making a deal or sensing the hungry desire of retribution from and to a potential human host, the Spirit of Vengeance will possess its victim transforming him/her into a Ghost Rider. This can be done by simply touching the host or transferring itself to another human. Upon escaping from Robbie Reyes' body, whose body was phasing out of the Earth realm and into Hell, the Spirit of Vengeance took possession of Alphonso Mackenzie without his consent or striking a deal with him.
  • Host Empowerment: The Spirit of Vengeance can imbue the person he possesses with immeasurable supernatural power. Even when his hosts are in control, they display only a degree of his supernatural capabilities, such as increased physical abilities as well as a degree of fire manipulation. But, when the Spirit takes control, the body becomes invulnerable and its supernatural capabilities are amplified to an incredibly high degree.
    • Healing: While transforming back to his human form, all of his host's wounds and injuries are instantly healed. However, Robbie's damaged skull has not regenerated.
    • Resurrection: By taking possession of a deceased Robbie Reyes, he was able to revive him.
  • Object Empowerment: The Spirit of Vengeance is able to physically protect objects of his, or his host's, choosing; such as Robbie Reyes's Charger which gets shot at, flipped over, and hits against concrete walls multiple times with no effect. Robbie Reyes's jacket also becomes bulletproof, having no holes after having multiple bullets & I.C.E.R.'s shot at it.
  • Hellfire Manipulation: One of the most evident and prominent powers the Spirit is quite competent at is manipulating powerful beams of hellfire. It is capable of a variety of skills and attacks with this energy. Whenever the Spirit of Vengeance briefly takes control of the body from the person, he assumes the guise of a skeleton engulfed in hellfire.
  • Dark Matter Detection: Robbie has stated that the Spirit of Vengeance is drawn to dark matter, such as Aida's body or the Darkhold.
  • Inter-Dimensional Travel: The Spirit of Vengeance can travel between dimensions without using known means such as an Inter-Dimensional Gate or a Sling Ring. When its host, Robbie Reyes, got stuck between the Earth plane and Hell, drifting towards the latter, the Spirit was able to escape and get back to the Earth by leaving Reyes' body. It also admitted to escaping Hell before.





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