Spider Raymond was a club owner and criminal fence targeted by the Strategic Scientific Reserve as a suspect of dealing with one of Howard Stark's stolen inventions.


Spider Raymond ran the night club La Martinique, but he became more notorious for being an illegal trader. The Strategic Scientific Reserve had Raymond on its list of suspects concerning the whereabouts of technologies stolen from Howard Stark and being traded on the black market. Peggy Carter learned of the assignment to infiltrate his business and went to confront him on her own.

Raymond gave a packet of money to a man who refused to speak; Raymond decided that, pleasantries aside, business was business and made the transaction, placing the Nitramene bomb within his safe.

Carter, using her beauty to get pass a bouncer, approached Raymond's office after she applied her lipstick. Raymond allowed Carter entry, but when she asked him about the Nitramene, he feigned ignorance. Seducing him, Carter got Raymond to admit to accepting the formula. However, when he abruptly kissed her, he was made unconscious.

Spider Raymond dead

Spider Raymond shot dead in his office

When he awakened, he found his safe open. Raymond moaned loudly as he found the nitramene bomb gone. The man in the Green Suit entered his office and Raymond attempted to explain that he could find the device and fix the situation; the man shot and killed Raymond.

SSR agents Yauch, Jack Thompson, and Ray Krzeminski stormed into Raymond's office and found him dead on the floor, commenting that they should not have taken so long in changing their clothes.[1]

As Green Suit hunted for Leet Brannis, he was told that Raymond dealt with Gino DeLucia to try to sell the Nitramene.[2]





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