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The Spider-Signal is a light emitted from Spider-Man's Web-Shooters.


New Equipment

Peter Parker closely examined the new equipment that Tony Stark designed for him once he returned to his home following the battle against Captain America and his faction.

Peter Parker activating the Spider-Signal from his Web-Shooters

Parker accidentally activated a new function in his Web-Shooters while checking them when his aunt May Parker entered into his room to take care of his blackened eye, forcing Parker to hide the device behind a cushion. Once she left, he noticed a red light beam being projected from the Web-Shooter and looked at the roof to notice a signal very similar to the mask of his new costume. Parker watched the signal in delighted surprise.[1]

After tagging Shocker with a Spider-Tracer, Parker and best friend Ned Leeds returned to the former's room to track down Adrian Toomes' Crew, during which Parker emits the Spider-Signal on his bedroom wall.[2]


The Spider-Signal is a red light emitted from Spider-Man's upgraded web-shooters, projecting a signal very similar to the mask of his profound suit. Peter Parker has operated this gimmick a few times in his activities as a superhero, such as using it to project light in his bedroom or checking his web-shooter functions.


  • In the comics, the Spider-Signal is usually emitted from Spider-Man's belt instead of his Web-Shooters.


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