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"This is all I have! I'm nothing without this suit!"
"If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it."
Peter Parker and Tony Stark[src]

The Spider-Man Suit is a specialized suit used by Peter Parker to protect his identity as Spider-Man. It originally consisted of a red hoodie with a spider symbol, blue garments and a red mask with black goggles.

An upgraded version was created by Tony Stark and given to Parker in 2016, who first used it during the Clash of the Avengers. The Stark suit included features such as an A.I., high-tech eye lenses with a heads-up display, a reconnaissance drone and retractable wingsuit components.

In 2024, in an attempt to hide his identity as Spider-Man while in Europe, Parker was given a stealth suit by S.H.I.E.L.D. that allowed him to operate under the moniker of Night Monkey. The next day, as his Stark Suit had been destroyed and he had lost the mask to his stealth suit, Parker used a Stark Industries Fabricator to design and create the Upgraded Suit, which he used in the Battle of London to defeat Mysterio. A few months later, Doctor Octopus reallocated some nanites from the Iron Spider Armor onto the Upgraded Suit, converting it into the Integrated Suit, which Parker used during the battle on the Statue of Liberty.

By December 2024, in the wake of the world forgetting Parker's identity, he chose to abandon the Stark suits and sew his own suit, with a design inspired from the suits of his two counterparts.


Homemade Suit

Crime Fighting

"You're the Spider-ling? Crime-Fighting-Spider? You're Spider-Boy?"
"Not in that onesie you're not."
"It's not a onesie."
Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]

Tony Stark observes Peter Parker's first Spider-Man suit

In 2015, Peter Parker made a homemade suit consisting of cheap red and blue clothing, particularly a blue long johns under a red sleeveless hoodie with a black spider chest emblem, red fingerless gloves with black webbing designs on them, and black goggles to fight crime in New York City. He hid this suit from his aunt in a loft above his bedroom, which came down on a rope whenever someone opened it.

Peter Parker filming himself with his homemade Spider-Man suit

In 2016, Tony Stark told Parker that his "onesie" did not reflect his identity as Spider-Man and therefore needed an upgrade.[1] When Parker arrived in Berlin, Germany to participate in the Avengers Civil War, Happy Hogan told him to suit up, which he did by wearing his homemade suit.[2]

Stark Suit

Clash of the Avengers

Peter Parker films the new Spider-Man suit designed by Tony Stark

"Look at this thing! Look. Look at the eyes! It's like... it's like a skin-tight Iron Man suit."
Peter Parker[src]

After viewing Spider-Man's antics on YouTube, Tony Stark considered Spider-Man as a candidate for a potential future Avenger, and created an upgraded suit for him.[5] After arriving in Berlin, Happy Hogan presented the new suit to Parker, revealing its design and its features. Parker put on the suit and joined Hogan who took him to Leipzig-Halle Airport.[2]

Spider-Man with his new suit at the Clash of the Avengers

This new suit was more tight but reflected the homemade suit's color scheme. Parker used this suit during the clash of the Avengers at the Leipzig-Halle Airport.[1]

Keeping the Suit

Tony Stark tells Peter Parker to keep the suit

"I can keep the suit?"
"Yes, we were just talking about it."
Peter Parker and Tony Stark[src]

Afterwards, Tony Stark allowed Peter Parker to keep the suit, although he advised him not do anything he would or would not do and to remain on the ground, a tip which Parker accepted. Parker then asked when the next mission was, and Stark replied that if they needed him then someone would contact him, and appointed Happy Hogan to be their liaison.[2]

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Spider-Man helps his community

"Mr. Stark knows because he made my suit. That's it."
"Tony Stark made you that?"
Peter Parker and Ned Leeds[src]

Two months later, Peter Parker used his new suit in his daily heroics, from stopping a bicycle thief to guiding an old woman. One night, he spotted a small group of thieves attempting to rob an ATM and used his suit to fight them.

Peter Parker sneaks back into his room

Parker returned home later that day and crawled into his room through the window, since he lost his backpack with his civilian clothes inside it. Once he went inside, his friend Ned Leeds noticed him on the ceiling; Parker tried to convince Leeds that he was not Spider-Man, but his suit and ceiling crawl rendered his denial moot.[2]

Chase of Adrian Toomes' Crew

Peter Parker showing Ned Leeds his suit beneath his clothes

"Dude, you have the suit, right?"
Ned Leeds and Peter Parker[src]

The next night, May Parker drove Peter Parker and Ned Leeds to the Toomes Residence. Despite wearing his Spider-Man suit underneath his clothes, Parker was adamant to be himself. They greeted Toomes and noticed that Michelle Jones was also attending the party. However, after another taunt from Flash Thompson, Parker excused himself and donned his costume outside on the residence's roof. On the roof, Parker spotted a nearby explosion, which he proceeded to investigate.

Spider-Man is dragged across the streets of Queens

He found Jackson Brice and Herman Schultz trying to sell a man the same weapons from the ATM theft the day before. The buyer preferred a simple gun to Brice and Schultz's enhanced weaponry; his sellers coerced him, but Spider-Man intervened and a chase ensued, using his suit in the pursuit.

The suits' parachute is activated

He managed to find the criminal's van, but Vulture appeared and grabbed him from behind, flying into the air. When Vulture flew high enough, the suit's emergency parachute activated. The parachute caught the wind and allowed Spider-Man to get off Vulture's grip.

Peter Parker talks to Iron Man

Spider-Man crashed into the lake, got tangled in his parachute underwater, and nearly drowned. Iron Man retrieved him with a remotely controlled armor, and explained that he installed a tracker into Parker's suit, allowing Stark to observe Parker. Parker explained the situation to him, but Stark urged Parker to forget Vulture and let more experienced people handle Vulture's activity.[2]

Hunting Vulture

Ned Leeds wears Peter Parker's mask while they track Adrian Toomes' Crew

"There's a ton of other subsystems in here, but they are all disabled by something called the Training Wheels Protocol."
Ned Leeds to Peter Parker[src]

Peter Parker began investigating his new adversary. He told Ned Leeds about his encounter with Vulture and the power core that has been left behind during the chase. After they examined the power core, they encountered Herman Schultz and another thug looking for the missing core in school. Parker followed them during their search and planted a tracker on their bodies. Parker and Leeds began following the gang's movements and learned that they were heading to Maryland.

Peter Parker removes the suit's tracker

Since the school's decathlon team were heading to Washington, D.C. for the national tournament, Parker rejoined the team. Once the decathlon team arrived, Parker prepared to pursue Vulture's gang once more. While removing the tracker from his suit, Leeds learned that the Training Wheels Protocol monitored his suit. Eager to prove himself to Tony Stark, Parker convinced Leeds to disable the protocol before pursuing the criminals.

Peter Parker gains access to the suit's full capabilities

While in the suit, Spider-Man discovered that the suit was harboring an A.I. that introduced itself; the A.I. taught Spider-Man about the suit's full capabilities, from a heads-up display to a myriad of Web-Shooter combinations.

Spider-Man found members of Vulture's gang near an empty gas station. Using the suit's advanced function to overhear their conversation, Spider-Man learned that Vulture intended to steal confiscated technology from the United States Department of Damage Control storage trucks. Spider-Man went after the Damage Control truck and confronted Vulture, who was about to leave with his loot. They fought briefly and, due to Spider-Man's carelessness, resulted in Spider-Man getting trapped inside the truck.[2]

Trapped in the DODC Vault

Spider-Man learns about the Web-Wings

"Hey, Karen, what else can this suit do?"
Spider-Man to Karen[src]

Sometime later, Spider-Man woke up. The A.I. informed him that he was inside a United States Department of Damage Control safe-house and would not be able to leave until morning. At first, he tried to force the door open to no avail. Deciding to wait it out, he learned different Web-Shooter combinations and named the A.I. Karen.

With Karen's assistance, Spider-Man managed to open the door by tinkering with its fuse box, and he returned to Washington, D.C.[2]

Washington Monument Rescue

Spider-Man rushes to the Washington Monument

"How do I get in there?"
"Activating reconnaissance drone."
"Has that been there this whole time? That's awesome."
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

Spider-Man managed to track his friends to the Washington Monument and reached the place just as the Chitauri Energy Core exploded inside Ned Leeds backpack. Karen informed him that his friends were trapped inside the Monument elevator, which was in danger of plummeting, and Spider-Man scaled the monument as quickly as he could, locating the most optimal entry point of the monument with his suit.

Spider-Man uses Droney to help him enter the Washington Monument

His rescue attempt caught local authorities' attention. Spider-Man tried to explain the situation to them, but they threatened to shoot him if he did not leave the monument. Despite the threats, Spider-Man ignored them and broke into the monument, barely catching the elevator and its occupants — his schoolmates and Roger Harrington — with a ricochet web.[2]

Interrogating Prowler

Spider-Man interrogates Aaron Davis

"Would you like me to activate the Enhanced Interrogation Protocol?"
"Uh, yeah."
Karen and Spider-Man[src]

Students hailed Spider-Man as a hero for his elevator rescue after he returned to New York City. He learned from Karen that the suit was recording all of his activity, so he reviewed a log of the day of Brice and Schultz's arms sale; he decided to confront the customer, Aaron Davis. At Karen's suggestion, he activated the Enhanced Interrogation Protocol, which made his voice sound deeper and more menacing.

In a parking lot, Spider-Man webbed Davis' hand onto his car bonnet, but Davis poked fun at Spider-Man for using a voice filter. Flustered, Spider-Man disabled the Enhanced Interrogation Protocol and asked for Vulture's location. Davis, grateful for Spider-Man's intervention several nights earlier, informed him of another weapons deal to be made on Staten Island Ferry.[2]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry

Spider-Man eavesdrops the weapons deal

"I'm gonna need the suit back."
"For how long?"
Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]

Following Aaron Davis' lead, Spider-Man sneaked into the ferry and went looking for Vulture. During his scouting, Stark called him, but Spider-Man hung up on him to focus on his targets. Spider-Man interrupted the deal and defeated Vulture's gang and Mac Gargan, but the FBI interrupted Spider-Man's ambush and proceeded to arrest everyone at the scene.

Spider-Man fights Vulture

This distraction was all Vulture needed to equip his suit and began attacking Spider-Man and the FBI. While Spider-Man saved the agents from the arms dealer's attacks, Vulture freed his men and urged them to escape. Another fierce fight ensued between Vulture and Spider-Man, who used his Web-Shooters' combinations to enhance his fighting ability against the winged menace.

Spider-Man tries to hold together the Ferry

Eventually, Vulture's Chitauri alien weapon malfunctioned. Spider-Man tried to web the weapon up and contain its energy, only for it to short-circuit and cut the ferry in half. Spider-Man attempted to save the ferry's occupants; at his request, Karen quickly calculated the strongest points of the ship, and Spider-Man linked 98 percent of those points together. However, he had missed two percent of the points, and it was this oversight that caused Spider-Man's webs to fail. Spider-Man desperately bound both halves of the ship together, though it kept falling apart. Iron Man eventually arrived to assist in Spider-Man's rescue, sealing the ship by reforging the cutlines.

Tony Stark arguing with Peter Parker

Stark demanded the suit back after lecturing Parker on putting civilians in jeopardy by pursuing Vulture. Parker tearfully protested that he was nothing without the suit, but Stark dismissed Parker's protests by reminding him that he should not own the suit if it was his whole being, and sent him home with spare clothes.[2]

Returning to Basics

Ambush on Peter Parker

Spider-Man is attacked by Shocker

"What's with the crappy costume?"
Shocker to Spider-Man[src]

Pursuing Vulture once again, Peter Parker went to grab his homemade suit from beneath the school lockers. After changing hastily into his suit, Spider-Man went outside only to be ambushed by Shocker, who subsequently knocked Spider-Man's Web-Shooters off his wrists, putting him at a disadvantage. Shocker relentlessly kept attacking Spider-Man, smashing him through school buses. Before Shocker could strike Spider-Man again, Ned used one of the Web-Shooters to distract the Shocker, and Spider-Man bound him to a school bus.[2]

Confronting Vulture

Spider-Man faces off against Vulture

With Ned Leeds's help, Spider-Man tracked Adrian Toomes to an old warehouse. Parker questioned Toomes's criminal activity and what he was doing to his family, but Toomes simply waited to activate his Exo-Suit; once it did, he began attacking Spider-Man. Parker dodged every attack and quipped at Toomes, but later realized that Toomes sought to destroy the beams of the warehouse. The wings smashed through the last supporting beam of the warehouse, and debris collapsed upon Spider-Man. Vulture equipped his suit and left Spider-Man to die.

Beneath the rubble, Parker called for help and writhed in pain, but he noticed an image of his mask in the water and his own reflection. Remembering Stark's words, Parker finally understood what his mentor meant about separating his identity from his suit: with or without the suit, he was Spider-Man. Spider-Man regained his resolve and pushed the rubble off his back, and he continued his pursuit of Vulture.[2]

Hijacking of the Stark Cargo Plane

Spider-Man steers the Stark Cargo Plane

Spider-Man managed to find Vulture, and latched onto him with a web as they flew towards the Stark Cargo Plane. Unaware of Spider-Man's presence, Vulture continued his hijacking. Without his tech suit, Spider-Man improvised his moves and dodged Vulture's relentless attacks. Their fight caused significant damage to the plane's hull. When Spider-Man realized that the plane was in danger of crashing into New York City, he used his webs and strength to force the plane to crash into the beach at Coney Island instead.[2]

Duel at Coney Island

Vulture subdues Spider-Man up with his wings

Exhausted and injured, Spider-Man removed his mask to breathe, but this caused his senses to overwhelm him and leave him open to Vulture's ambush. Despite the damage on his suit, Vulture brutally attacked Spider-Man. Holding him up with his wings, Vulture prepared to kill Spider-Man before spotting a nearby crate, which he proceeded to grab instead. Spider-Man noticed that Vulture's wings were failing and tried to save him. Vulture's wings exploded, and Toomes crashed into the ground as his suit burst into flames. Spider-Man retrieved Toomes from the blaze and webbed him to the remaining cargo, watching from atop a roller-coaster as the police arrested Vulture.[2]

Regaining the Stark Suit

Peter Parker wearing the second suit

"This belongs to you."
Tony Stark to Peter Parker[src]

Back home, Peter Parker found that Tony Stark had returned the Stark suit. Excited to resume his heroics, Parker put on the suit again but was seen by Aunt May, who was shocked to discover he was Spider-Man.[2]

Infinity War

Spider-Man is told to help Doctor Strange

In 2018, while on a field trip to the Museum of Modern Art, Peter Parker's spider sense alerted him to a Q-Ship descending miles away above Greenwich Village. Using the distraction caused by Ned Leeds, Parker jumped through the bus' emergency exit, pulling his mask on as he rushed to the scene. Arriving at the fight between Cull Obsidian and Iron Man, Spider-Man stopped Obsidian's hammer moments before it struck his mentor. Iron Man then tasked Spider-Man with rescuing Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw. Spider-Man briefly chased after Maw through the streets before they were all beamed up onto the Q-Ship.

Spider-Man crawls up the Q-Ship

Parker held on as best and tried to crawl up as the Q-Ship escaped into the stratosphere. However, he nearly suffocated as the ship ascended into the upper atmosphere and discarded his mask before Stark summoned the Iron Spider Armor to form around the suit. The Stark suit, along with Parker, disintegrated due to the Snap.[6] In 2023, as a result of the Blip, Parker, along with the Stark suit, were restored.[7]


Spider-Man wearing the Stark suit in Venice

"You can lose the mask. Everyone here has seen you without it. You'd be feigning anonymity and breathing through spandex for no good reason."
Talos to Spider-Man[src]

By the summer of 2024, Parker had acquired another mask for the Stark suit. While packing for his trip to Europe, Parker decided to leave his suits behind, as he didn't want to engage in super heroics. However, when he was not in his room, May Parker put his Stark suit in his suitcase. After arriving in Venice, Italy, Parker found out that she had put his suit there and put it on when heading out to meet Quentin Beck with "Nick Fury".

The Stark suit, along with Karen, was later destroyed on the Tower Bridge after the drones blew up a bus where his suitcase was.[3]

Stealth Suit

Attack on the Prague Carnival

Spider-Man in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Stealth Suit

"How's the suit?"
"It's a little tight around the ol' web-shooter."
Talos and Spider-Man[src]

While in Austria, Parker was met by the Seamstress, who was working for Nick Fury. As Parker did not want Spider-Man to operate in Europe out of fear of his identity being exposed, he was given a black Stealth suit that had been made by S.H.I.E.L.D. Since Fury's crew had forgotten to take his body measurements, she demanded him to take off his clothes and try the suit on to determine if it would fit.

Spider-Man battles Molten Man in the Stealth Suit

After being driven to Prague, Czech Republic, Parker donned his Stealth Suit, although he informed "Nick Fury" that it was uncomfortable in the groin area. Parker then used the suit to fight Molten Man alongside Mysterio, and was given the moniker "Night Monkey" to dissuade people from thinking it was Spider-Man.[3]

Ambush in Berlin

Spider-Man realizes he entered into a trap

After Michelle Jones presented evidence of Quentin Beck's deception, Peter Parker donned his Stealth suit to travel to Berlin and meet Fury to warn him. Upon arrival, "Fury" took him to a building which is revealed to be a holographic trap by Beck, who already knew of Parker's attempt as he uncovered security footage. There, Beck brutalized Parker until leaving him for dead by a speeding train. Parker survived and made his way into a passenger car where he passed out to recover. Upon regaining consciousness, Parker found out that the Stealth suit had been taken off of him and that he was in a police cell in Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands.[3]

Upgraded Suit

Peter Parker creates the Upgraded Suit

"I like the new suit."
Happy Hogan to Spider-Man[src]

After being rescued by Happy Hogan, Parker voiced his need for a suit to use against Beck. Hogan unlocked a Stark Industries Fabricator that was on the Stark jet. There, Parker found detail schematics of various Spider-Man suits from the old Homemade version to the Iron Spider to variants of suits in-between. Using the fabricator, Parker designed an upgraded version of the suit Stark made for him, giving himself new integrated web-shooters with manual activation of the Taser Webs.[3]

Battle of London

Spider-Man's Upgraded Suit gliding over to London

Unlike the previous suit Stark made him, Parker's Upgraded Suit was red and black. It lacked a drone upon the insignia or belt clasps for extra web cartridges, boasted varying weave patterns, and featured additional areas that were now colored black with interwoven striations, including the biceps, upper legs, and much of the forearms. The Web Wings also looked much sleeker than what the previous suit used, and even expanded between the legs to give better control during gliding. Unlike, Parker's previous suits, this suit had no A.I. or extra web shooter combinations, being much more minimalistic than any of his previous suits.

Spider-Man's Upgraded Suit during the Battle of London

Parker wore this suit while fighting Mysterio and his drones in London. Fully aware of the damage the drones could bring, Parker had refortified the materials used in the suit synthesis. The Upgraded suit received various ballistic attacks from Mysterio's drone attacks, but also protected Parker from the drones' magnetic and high sonic pulse cannons, in addition to his already extraordinary durability.[3]

Identity Exposed

Michelle Jones and Spider-Man surrounded

A week later, Parker had repaired the Upgraded suit in time for a date with Michelle Jones in New York City. The suit was at peak efficiency and restocked with Web Fluid. After a brief swing throught the city with Jones, Parker set her down when they both began to watch a news report by Pat Kiernan, and much to Parker's horor, Mysterio reveals his identity to the world.[3] Afterwards, Parker and Jones then swing away, trying to escape the press, the pair soon arrive at the Parker Residence.[8]

Capture of Electro

The Upgraded Suit turned inside-out

Sometime later, the Upgraded suit was stained with green paint after a Mysterio supporter splashed it on, much to Parker's dismay. After several attempts to remove the paint and being unsuccessful, Parker flipped the suit inside out during his encounter with two universe-displaced people, Electro and Sandman, giving it a black and gold appearance, although with exposed wiring from all the technology woven into it.

May Parker was later able to remove all of the green paint, restoring the suit to its original look.[8]

Battle for the Macchina di Kadavus

Parker stands with his clean Spider-Man Suit.

With the suit cleaned, Parker wore it in its original state upon his return to the New York Sanctum. When Doctor Strange arrived with the Macchina di Kadavus, Parker learned that the universe-displaced people were all fated to die upon their return home. To prevent this, he stole the Macchina from Strange and fled the Sanctum with it. Strange responded by sending Parker through Inter-Dimensional Portals and the Astral Dimension. When that failed, Parker was sent into the Mirror Dimension. He managed to trap Strange in the Dimension and take the Macchina and Strange's Sling Ring.[8]

Converted into Integrated Suit

Doctor Octavius uses the nanites on his arm to upgrade Parker's suit.

While at Happy Hogan's condominium, Doctor Octopus was given a new inhibitor chip that Parker and Norman Osborn made using the Stark Industries Fabricator. In gratitude, he reallocated the nanites from his tentacles that he had originally taken from the Iron Spider Armor, and transplanted them onto the Upgraded Suit, converting it into the Integrated Suit. Peter used the suit during his battle with Norman Osborn when the Goblin personality reasserted itself.[8]

Meeting Other Spider-Men

Parker wore the new Integrated suit while he was sitting on the roof of Midtown School of Science and Technology, despondent over May's death. After meeting his two variants, he kept it on while they worked together in a laboratory room to conduct cures for the universe-displaced people.[8]

Battle at Liberty Island

Parker wore the new Integrated Suit when he and the other Spider-Men battled Electro, Lizard, Sandman and Green Goblin at the Statue of Liberty, working to cure each of them. The suit was slightly damaged at the end.[8]

Second Homemade Suit

Spider-Man swings through New York City with his new homemade suit

After Doctor Strange erased the world's knowledge of Peter Parker's existence in order to seal up the cracks in the multiverse, including the memories anyone had of him, Parker began a new, more simple life, living and working independently. In December of that year, after renting an apartment, Parker used a sewing machine to create a new Spider-Man suit, forgoing any utilization of Stark Industries technology while incorporating design elements from the suits wore by the two Spider-Men. He wore this suit to swing past Rockefeller Center on his way to respond to a crime.[8]

Alternate Universes

Classic Suit

In an alternate universe, Spider-Man wore a similar uniform of that gifted to him by Tony Stark during the Clash of the Avengers, but it is more saturated in color, and is paired with the Cloak of Levitation after Doctor Strange was killed. The suit also featured a larger Spider-Man logo on the chest and more prominent black outlining compared to the Stark Suit.[9]

Webbed Suit

"So are you gonna go into battle dressed as a cool youth pastor, or do you got your suit?"
Peter Parker #3 to Peter Parker #2[src]

In another universe, Spider-Man wore a suit with thick silver webbing, an enlarged spider symbol, and was a darker shade of red and blue. It also had small triangular lenses. When Spider-Man arrived in an alternate universe, Spider-Man wore a casual outfit over the suit. He used this suit to fight the villains and aid two other alternate versions of himself to send various other multiversal travelers to their respective universes. Unlike other versions, this suit did not need to be accompanied by Web-Shooters, as this version of Spider-Man produced organic webbing from his wrists.[8]

Amazing Suit

"You're from Queens... You got that suit... You help a lot of poor people..."
Max Dillon to Peter Parker #3[src]

In another alternate universe, Spider-Man wore a suit with a slightly different shade of red and blue, had enlarged eyes, a longer spider symbol, and had thinner dark gray webbing. He was wearing it when he arrived in an alternate universe, and used it to help two alternate versions of himself to send various other multiversal travelers to their native universes.[8]


Homemade Suit

  • Web-Shooters: The suit has Web-Shooters strapped onto the wrists that allow Spider-Man to discharge synthetic webbing for various purposes. These were the only part of the costume which Tony Stark didn't mock.
"Lordy! Can you even see in these?"
Tony Stark[src]

Spider-Man's Goggles

  • Goggles: Due to the extremely heightened senses, Peter Parker developed a set of black goggles with adjustable lenses to see out of as Spider-Man. The lenses could widen and squint to allow him to block extra stimuli due to his highly enhanced senses making it difficult for him to focus.

Stark Suit

"Congratulations on completing the rigorous Training Wheels Protocol, and gaining access to your suit's full capabilities."
Karen to Spider-Man[src]

Spider-Man's HUD

  • Karen: The suit has a built-in A.I. named Karen, similar to Tony Stark ’s F.R.I.D.A.Y., that informs Spider-Man on changing tactical situations and provides diagnostic reports. This feature was initially set to activate after Parker completed the Training Wheels Protocol, but Ned Leeds unlocked it with the rest of the suit's abilities. Karen records and stores data while the suit is in use through the Baby Monitor Protocol, allowing Spider-Man to access a personal database and review information he may have overlooked previously, or to research people or events he has previously encountered. Karen also provides suggestions and activates features autonomously, such as when she enabled the suit's 'Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode' when Parker needed help surveying a couple of criminals.
"You have 576 possible web-shooter combinations."
  • Upgraded Web-Shooters: The suit came with Tony Stark's version of Parker's original Web-Shooters. The Web-Shooters allow Spider-Man to display or project holographic information, from a Spider-Signal with the motif of his mask to the tracking coordinates of his Reconnaissance Drone and Spider-Tracers. The Web-Shooters are configurable to allow Spider-Man to use up to 576 different combinations of his synthetic webbing dialed through either hand gestures or voice commands, with the suit's HUD showing the different selections. The Web-Shooters can assemble themselves onto Parker's wrists and can be worn inconspicuously by retracting the trigger mechanism.
    • Web Grenade: A web configuration that holds an explosive charge at the end of it which, when detonated, releases another, more powerful web either in the form of a net or another web line.
    • Taser Web: An option in the basic webbing that allows for an electric current to flow through the webbing and neutralize the target.
    • Splitter Web: Spider-Man shoots several web strings that can attach to multiple targets at once.
    • Rapid Fire: A series of smaller web projectiles fired at a constant, high-velocity pace to stun enemies.
    • Ricochet Web: The ricochet web setting fires a strand of webbing that bounces off an initial obstacle and sticks to a target.
    • Spider-Tracers: GPS trackers in the form of tiny, spider-like robots that Parker can launch from his Web-Shooters and track via his suit's systems.
  • Eye Lenses: The lenses of the suit's mask are modeled after camera shutters, giving him a squinting look when they close in and provide Parker a greater depth of field and help to filter out extra stimuli. The lenses also allow Spider-Man to see in a different spectrum.
    • HUD: The lenses of the suit have a built-in augmented reality display system, powered by Karen, allowing Spider-Man to analyze his surroundings, display webbing supplies, and enhanced radar signatures.
    • X-Ray Vision: Parker can ask Karen to switch his visuals to a different visual spectrum, allowing him to see through several objects.
  • Utility Belt: The waistline of the suit can hold up to six spare web cartridges for Spider-Man to reload his Web-Shooters.
  • Communication System: After Ned Leeds deactivated the Training Wheels Protocol, the suit was revealed to have a built-in communication system, allowing him to accept cellular and video calls. Prior to this, he was only able to communicate with Iron Man's team during the Clash of the Avengers via Bluetooth speakers, not with the actual suit.
  • Vacuum Seal: By pressing the emblem on the chest, Parker can expand the suit several sizes larger, allowing him to slip out of the suit easily. He can still wear undergarments under the suit because of its vacuum seal, which can also compress the suit to appear as though he is wearing nothing underneath. Once the vacuum seal compresses the suit properly, the suit's A.I. initiates and performs a diagnostics check.
  • Enhanced Durability: Woven with durable fabric, Spider-Man's new suit is highly tear resistant, as seen when it received no damage after being dragged along the streets after a van, withstood the strain of Spider-Man holding the Staten Island Ferry together, and when it was unscathed by shards of shattered glass during the Rescue at the Washington Monument. In addition, the suit is waterproof, as showcased when the suit and its technological capabilities were unaffected despite being submerged in water.
  • Parachute: The suit has a built-in parachute, deployed from the spider symbol on his back once Spider-Man exceeds a certain altitude. Despite its utility, the suit only comes with a single parachute and must be resupplied after its use.
"How'd you find me? You put a tracker in my suit or something?"
"I put everything in your suit. Including this heater."
Spider-Man and Iron Man[src]
  • Temperature Control System: The suit also has a built-in body temperature regulator which acts like a heater during the cold or wet, or a cooler during the hotter and dryer environments as seen when the suit displays a built-in heating system to keep Spider-Man warm, powerful enough to instantly dry up the suit if it is soaked in water.
  • GPS Tracking System: In his right Web-Shooter, Parker has access to the suit's GPS tracking system via a holographic display, allowing him to follow the Spider-Drone and his Spider-Tracers. This feature also allowed Tony Stark to track his whereabouts at all times until Parker removed it.
"I can hear what they're saying? Yeah."
"Activating Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode."
Spider-Man and Karen[src]
  • Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode: This mode allows Spider-Man's hearing and optics to be enhanced. It enables both X-Ray and infrared vision to see through solid objects and locate his target. It also allows for enhanced audio reception capabilities to the point that he can eavesdrop on conversations from yards away. It also corresponds to the suit's database, allowing for data retrieval about certain individuals and their backgrounds.
"Would you like me to engage Enhanced Combat Mode?"
"Uh, Enhanced Combat Mode? Yeah."
"Activating Instant-Kill."
Karen and Spider-Man[src]

Spider-Man briefly using Instant-Kill Mode

  • Enhanced Combat Mode: The suit was programmed with a function to enhance combat ability and performance. A specific effect of this function was the default "Rapid Fire" setting for the web-shooters, allowing them to rapidly fire web projectiles, though this can be changed.
    • Instant-Kill Mode: As the name suggests, this feature allows Spider-Man and his webs to have increased lethality. When activated, the suit's lenses enclose together, exposing only small red lights emitting from the eyes.

Spider-Man using his Web Wings to glide

  • Web Wings: A pair of wings that spread from his armpits and extend to his upper arms and thighs, allowing Spider-Man to glide in mid-air. They can be retracted when he does not need them, and are typically only used for when he's too high or not enough places for him to swing from.
  • Reconnaissance Drone: In addition to altering the suit's size, the spider emblem on his chest is capable of detaching from its socket, utilizing a miniature propulsion engine from its tail section that allows it to fly through the air independent of Spider-Man's control. It has a tracker mode which allows it to fly onto a target and relay its position to the Spider-Man Suit, allowing Parker to follow targets through the interface of his Web-Shooters.
  • Enhanced Interrogation Mode: Spider-Man's voice is digitally altered to sound deep, distorted and intimidating to further mask his identity while interrogating criminals. However, this feature is useless if they have previously heard him speak without the distortion.

Stealth Suit

  • Web-Shooters: Taking the interdependent web shooters from his Stark suit, Parker was able to use them seamlessly integrated with his Stealth suit.
  • Eye Lenses: Instead of being attached to the mask, the lenses can be flipped-up. This is due to the S.H.I.E.L.D. overlap design of the lenses to work with Parker's ski mask, and stay on his head during web swinging.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Stealth Suit is made from Kevlar and was durable enough for him to withstand a shot from one of the Stark Industries Combat Drones.

Upgraded/Integrated Suit

"Isolate the Taser webs and reconfigure and boost the voltage to a factor of... 25%. And with complete manual control over detonation."
Peter Parker[src]
  • Web-Shooters: Parker's Upgraded web shooter models are now integrated into his suit to prevent him from losing them during combat.[10] These web shooters are much smaller than the previous models, and are triangular in shape. When Spider-Man has used up all his webbing, the web shooters flash red.
    • Spider-Man's web-lines destroys Mysterio's drones

      Taser Webs: When creating his upgraded suit, Parker increased the amperage of his Taser Web to 25 percent, as well as gave himself manual control over its activation using the spider logo on his suit. After connecting multiple Stark Industries Combat Drones together with his webbing, Spider-Man was able to disrupt the Elemental Fusion illusion in London, revealing the Drones' assault on the Tower Bridge.
  • Web Wings: Like its predecessor, Parker's upgraded Spider-Man Suit can deploy his web wings to glide long distances. The suit also features a glide stabilizer that extends down the front of Parker's legs that allow for more maneuverability and longer flight time.
  • Parachute: Parker's upgraded suit features a parachute that Spider-Man can deploy to decelerate his speed while falling. Unlike the previous suit, the parachute is smaller in size and in the shape of the Spider-Man emblem, while also having interspaced openings to give easier deployment.
  • Enhanced Durability: Due to nanites from the Iron Spider Armor being transferred into the suit through Doctor Octopus' tentacles Parker's suit has enhanced durability levels that allowed him to survive various attacks throughout the battle on the Statue of Liberty, as well as a point-blank explosion from a Pumpkin Bomb.

Second Homemade Suit

  • Web-Shooters: Parker's newest suit has Web-Shooters strapped onto its wrists that allow Spider-Man to discharge synthetic webbing for various purposes.
  • Weatherproof: The fabric of the suit was able to withstand soaring through extreme temperatures of snow, which indicates that it is highly resistant for environmental conditions.
  • Eye Lenses: Parker's new suit has the camera-shutter eye lenses that were also apart of his previous suits.

Alternate Universes

Webbed Suit

  • Web Holes: Unlike his two counterparts, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man can produce his own synthetic webbing in his body and created small openings in the wrists part of his suit to project them out.

Amazing Suit

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Alternate Universes


Appearances for Spider-Man Suit

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  • In most adaptations of the character, Peter Parker created his Spider-Man suit himself, while Tony Stark created the Iron Spider Armor for him. Parker's own Spider-Man suit is typically an ordinary costume without any internal functions, which he uses with his own independent equipment, such as his Web-Shooters and utility belt.
  • The camera shutter-like eye lenses may refer to Peter Parker's photography for the Daily Bugle in the comics. It can also refer to numerous times in the comics where his eye lenses would widen or squint, despite the fact that he is wearing a cloth mask as Spider-Man.
  • When activated, the "Instant-Kill" mode on Parker's tech suit makes him slightly resemble an alternate version of him called Assassin Spider-Man, who had black lenses.
  • The Homemade Suit resembles Ben Reilly's costume as the Scarlet Spider, though the color palette is swapped.
    • Ryan Meinerding, one of the concept artists who worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming, revealed an unused design of the Homemade Suit which bore a more striking resemblance to the Scarlet Spider.
    • One of the Stark Suit’s two unused concept art designs from Spider-Man: Homecoming (red and blue, and red and black) are more strikingly resembles Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man suit, and the original red and blue concept art design is eventually being used and recreated for the Iron Spider suit design.
      • Before the Iron Spider suit uses a similar design as Ben Reilly’s Spider-Man suit, one of the unused concept art designs of the Iron Spider suit for Avengers: Infinity War had a traditional red and gold suit based on its original comic universe’s counterpart, including a black and gold color design based on Aaron Davis' Iron Spider suit.
  • The Stark Suit borrows features from Doctor Octopus' first "Superior Spider-Man" suit, primarily in that the lenses feature a Heads-Up Display, facial recognition software, and a visual com-link.
  • The two new suits from Spider-Man: Far From Home are heavily inspired from the suits used by two known Spider-Men from another reality:
    • The Stealth Suit is heavily inspired from Spider-Man Noir, such as all black costumes, and similar goggles.
    • The Upgraded Suit is heavily inspired from the original Steve Ditko stylized costume, which was red and black before eventually turning into red and blue with some loose inspiration from S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man who debuted in Marvel Two-In-On: Thing and Human Torch #5.
  • When Peter is creating his new suit on the Stark Industries Private Jet, one of the pre-made designs is that of the Velocity Suit from the Marvel's Spider-Man video game.
  • The Integrated Suit is based on concept art made for Spider-Man: Far From Home, depicting the Upgraded Suit partially merged with the Iron Spider suit.
  • The Second Homemade Suit crafted by Peter Parker at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home is a combination of the Webbed Suit and the Amazing Suit that Parker took inspiration from when fighting with his counterparts. It is also heavily based on his iconic comic suit that he wears in most of his appearances.
  • The Webbed Suit was introduced in Spider-Man, and also featured in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3.
  • The Amazing Suit was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Behind the Scenes

  • Each design of Peter Parker's suits are all based on a variety of costumes he wore in it the comics: the homemade suit's design is based on the Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume, the tech suit is an homage to the classic Steve Ditko costume.
  • The suit was mostly a CGI creation for Captain America: Civil War, but an actual costume was created for Spider-Man: Homecoming, to be worn by Tom Holland. However, Holland once again used a CGI suit for Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Concept art for the tech suit also reveals that it initially resembled the Superior Spider-Man suit from the comics.
  • The mid-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage depicts Parker wearing the Upgraded Suit from Far From Home as his identity was revealed.


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