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"That little spell that you botched where you wanted everyone to forget Peter Parker's Spider-Man? It started pulling in everyone who knows Peter Parker's Spider-Man, from every universe, into this one."
Doctor Strange to Spider-Man[src]

The Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis was a conflict caused by the botched casting of the Runes of Kof-Kol by Doctor Strange, who was distracted by Peter Parker's repeated amendments which ultimately corrupted the spell, pulling in other counterparts of Spider-Man, as well as several of his foes that have encountered him in alternate universes.

The crisis brought Strange and Parker into conflict, as Strange wanted to send everyone back to their universes to meet their fate, while Parker wanted to cure all of the multiversal villains of their ailments to ensure they would not be killed by Spider-Man upon returning. Parker, his two counterparts, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Strange were able to cure the villains during the Battle at Liberty Island, before Strange returned them all to their home universes, on the condition that everyone in the universe would forget Parker ever existed.


Multiverse Fractured

A 31st Century variant of Nathaniel Richards known as He Who Remains ended the Multiversal War by isolating the Sacred Timeline from the infinite greater realities of the Multiverse. Residing at the end of time, He Who Remains established the Time Variance Authority to maintain the isolation.[2] In 2023, the Avengers initiated the Time Heist, where they time traveled to alternate past timelines. Their actions in 2012 caused an alternate Loki to escape from custody.[3] Along with fellow Loki variant Sylvie Laufeydottir, the pair made their way to the Citadel at the End of Time. There, Sylvie killed He Who Remains, causing the Multiverse to branch indefinitely into the past and future as well as reactivating the Sacred Timeline's connection to it.[2][4]

Identity Crisis

During Quentin Beck's Campaign, before being killed in the Battle of London, Mysterio arranged a backup plan for William Ginter Riva and The Daily Bugle to reveal Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker to the public, while framing him for Beck's murder. This immediately had a drastic impact upon Parker's life, dragging his friends Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, Happy Hogan, and his Aunt May into the conflict. They were aided by lawyer Matt Murdock, who was able to clear Parker of all charges, although he was unable to help with the larger identity crisis. This prevented Parker and his friends from being admitted into MIT, which was their dream college after graduating high school.

Parker seeks help from Doctor Strange

Distraught by the damage that had already been done, Parker sought out a permanent solution to all his problems, which led him to visit Doctor Strange at the New York Sanctum. Strange was initially reluctant to help Parker, but ultimately felt sorry for his predicament and felt he owed him for his help in the Infinity War and the Battle of Earth.

Doctor Strange breaks open the Multiverse

Despite Wong's conflicting advice, Strange took Parker downstairs and began casting a spell that would make everyone in the universe forget about Parker's identity. However, this spell used energy from the Multiverse, so when Parker became distressed and requested that he spare his close ones from the spell, the spell became overworked and unstable.[1]

Although the spell was intended to only affect their native universe, the reactivation of the connection between the Sacred Timeline and the Multiverse caused Strange's spell to also cross into other universes.[4] Strange quickly shrunk and trapped the spell to prevent further damage, and then proceeded to kick Parker from the Sanctum after learning that he had not previously attempted to solve his situation with other means.

At first unbeknownst to them, the damage had already been done, and the spell had summoned several individuals from other universes who knew about Parker's identity as Spider-Man. This at least included two counterparts of Parker, as well as Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, Eddie Brock, and Venom.[1]


Capture of Lizard

"After you left, I detected an otherworldly presence. I pursued it into the sewers, where I found that... slimy, green son of a gun."
Doctor Strange to Peter Parker[src]

The first multiversal visitor to become discovered was Lizard, who was detected and pursued by Doctor Strange into the sewers. Strange trapped the monster in the Sanctum Sanctorum's basement, creating a make-shift magical prison until he decided how to proceed.[1]

Battle at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge

While this was happening, Peter Parker decided to seek out the M.I.T. administrator who admitted Flash Thompson so that he could convince her to at least allow Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds into the school. He pursued her to the Alexander Hamilton Bridge to cut her off enroute to the airport.

Doctor Octopus confronts Spider-Man

However, in the middle of their conversation, the bridge was suddenly attacked by Doctor Octopus, who was seeking Spider-Man after assuming he did something to his fusion reactor. Unaware he was fighting the wrong Spider-Man, he engaged him in battle, which was ultimately ended after Parker used the Iron Spider's nanotechnology against him, using it to take control of his mechanical arms.

Green Goblin attacks

Parker was then also attacked by the Green Goblin, but Strange intervened, taking Parker and Octavius to his basement. He explained the situation to Parker, and demanded that he track down the rest of the universal visitors in order to reverse the damage they caused.[1]

Capture of the Villains

Capture of Electro

The trio investigating

"I'm Peter, but I'm not your Peter."
"What do you mean, you're not my Peter? What the hell is going on?"
"I'll explain everything, but first, help me stop this guy."
Spider-Man and Sandman[src]

After being given a magical upgrade to his Web-Shooters so that he could personally use magic to trap the villains, Peter Parker enlisted the help of Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds. The three of them began an investigation to track down Green Goblin and any other counterparts, which soon led to them hearing about a monster flying in the air near a military research facility.

Spider-Man capturing Electro

Turning his Upgraded suit inside out to suit up as Spider-Man, Parker traveled into the woods outside the city to a series of power cables. He was then attacked by Electro, and was also defended by Sandman, who wanted to aid Spider-Man. The two teamed up against the electrical villain, and Spider-Man destroyed the power cables to rid him of his power source. He successfully captured and imprisoned Dillon, but was also forced to do the same to Marko, who felt confused by Spider-Man not being the Peter he remembered.

Norman Osborn runs away from his mask

Elsewhere, Norman Osborn came to find that his usual home was already occupied in this universe, while his company Oscorp did not exist in this universe, making him homeless. Becoming defiant of his Green Goblin persona, Osborn destroyed his mask and fled to the F.E.A.S.T. Community Center, where he met May Parker. May called Peter, who then came to pick up Osborn and brought him to the Sanctum Sanctorum.[1]

Battle for the Macchina di Kadavus

Doctor Strange with the Macchina di Kadavus

As all of the villains met in Doctor Strange's prison, they all discussed the situation and their home universes, which led to the revelation that some of them were fated to die at the hands of a Spider-Man. Regardless, Strange imprisoned Norman Osborn, and revealed to Peter Parker that he now planned to use the Macchina di Kadavus to reverse the spell and send everyone home.

Parker is knocked out into his astral form

Parker realized he was unwilling to send the villains to their deaths, and suddenly stole the Kadavus from him, fleeing the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange pursued him and sent him into the Mirror Dimension in an attempt to stop him, but Parker managed to use the geographical nature of the dimension to overpower him, trapping him and taking the Kadavus back with him into the Earthly Plane. With Strange out of the picture, Parker set all of the villains free, and gave the Kadavus to Jones and Leeds so they could watch over it.[1]

Attempted Cures

Peter Parker took all of the villains to Happy Hogan's Condominium, where he and May were currently living. Parker made use of Happy Hogan's Stark Industries Fabricator, and began making devices that could cure the subjects of their conditions. He designed a new microchip to give Otto Octavius proper control over his mechanical arms, an electrical drainer for Max Dillon, and an anti-serum for Norman Osborn.

The villains begin to escape

However, before the anti-serum could be administered, the Green Goblin persona again took over Osborn, who convinced the other villains that they did not need to be cured. With the exception of Octavius, the villains all turned hostile, and Dillon stole the Fabricator's Arc Reactor before ejecting Octavius from the building.[1]

Death of May Parker

Green Goblin kills May Parker

Parker battled both the Goblin and Curt Connors, while May Parker attempted to escape the building through the lobby. After most of the villains had escaped, the Goblin attacked May with his glider and a Pumpkin Bomb. Although Parker managed to save her from the bomb, May was still severely injured by the glider, and bled out in Parker's arms while the Goblin escaped.

Peter Parker mourns the death of his aunt

Distraught by May's death, Parker retreated to a rooftop that he and his friends liked to hang out at, giving himself time to grieve.[1]

Alternate Spider-Men Unite

Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds, using Strange's Sling Ring, attempted to summon Parker with a portal, but instead, they summoned Parker's two alternate counterparts who previously fought the villains in their universes. The four of them all then travelled to find Parker at the rooftop, allowing the three Spider-Men to meet for the first time. After getting to know each other by talking about their own losses of loved ones, the Spider-Men all teamed up to finish the cures themselves, using a lab at Midtown School of Science and Technology to do so.[1]

Battle at Liberty Island

The Spider-Men fighting the villains at the Statue of Liberty

After making a cure for every villain, the three Spider-Men, Michelle Jones, and Ned Leeds went to the Statue of Liberty to lure the villains in. After sending out a message to The Daily Bugle for them to broadcast, the Spider-Men were attacked by Electro, Sandman, and Lizard. To not confuse each other during the battle, this universe's Parker was identified as "Peter-One", Parker from Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Sandman's universe was identified as "Peter-Two" and Parker from Lizard and Electro's universe was identified as "Peter-Three".[1]

Injecting Cures

The three Spider-Men has an intense battle with the villains, and eventually, with the aid of Doctor Octopus, they managed to administer the cures to all three of them, stopping their rampages and transforming them into their regular selves again.[1]

Destruction of the Macchina di Kadavus

Strange witnesses the Multiverse breaking

Leeds accidentally opened a portal to Doctor Strange, allowing him to escape the Mirror Dimension and re-enter the conflict. While confronting Parker again, were all then attacked by Green Goblin, who used a Pumpkin Bomb to destroy the Macchina di Kadavus, setting the spell loose and collapsing the scaffolding around the statue.

The explosion caused Michelle Jones, who has been watching the battle from a portal with Ned Leeds, to fall from the building. Parker tried to catch her but was stopped by Green Goblin. Peter-Three successfully manages to catch Jones, being shocked at his success. With the spell loose, the universe began to break open again and summoned even more villains who knew about Peter Parker's identity in the Multiverse, forcing Strange to try and hold back the universal cracks before they fully managed to enter.[1]

Norman Osborn Cured

Spider-Man fights Green Goblin

Parker brutally battled the Goblin, attempting to kill him in revenge for May Parker's death, but just as he was about to stab him with his glider, he was halted by Peter-Two, who was then stabbed by the Goblin himself. Peter-Three then passed the cure to Parker and injected it, purging the Goblin from his psyche once and for all, leaving a regretful Osborn.[1]

The Spell Completed

Parker then realized of the universe's cracking, and decided to allow Strange to finish the original spell, this time making everyone in the world forget about Parker himself. Strange reluctantly completed the proper spell, finally sending all of the universal travelers back home and again sealing their own universe. Strange, Jones, and Leeds all forgot about Parker's existence, as did everyone else in their universe.[1]


"How much experience do you guys have with the Multiverse?”
“We have experience with the Multiverse, most recently with Spider-Man."
America Chavez and Doctor Strange[src]


Brock returning back to his home universe

In Mexico, Eddie Brock and Venom were talking with a bartender about the Avengers, Thanos, the Infinity Stones, and the Snap with the two toying with the idea of protecting this new world and traveling to New York City to meet Spider-Man. However, they were sent back to their own universe by Strange's spell and a small piece of the symbiote remained in the bar.[1]

Flying Solo

Spider-Man swings over the Rockefeller Center

Although Peter Parker had promised Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds that, in the aftermath of Doctor Strange's spell, he would again find them and explain what had happened, he ultimately decided to leave them alone and let them attend MIT without shouldering the burden of Spider-Man-related dangers. With his aunt May dead and the rest of the world unaware of his existence, Parker was left utterly alone to continue his own Spider-Man adventures without outside assistance. Barring himself from Stark Industries technology, Parker moved in on his own, dropped out of school, and made his own Spider-Man Suit from scratch to continue his superhero work in New York City.[1]

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