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Spider-Man: Homecoming: Morning Rush is a comic book set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe published by Marvel Comics and sponsored by Post that is set before the film Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Spider-Man often has busy nights patrolling the streets of Queens, but this time he's out long enough to see the sun come up...on a school-day! Peter Parker is in a Morning Rush to get home in time for breakfast and get to school on time. When Peter encounters a couple of super villains on the way home he must decide whether to stop them, or rush home. Will Peter make it in time to have breakfast with Aunt May?


Part 1[]

Late in the evening, Peter Parker leaves his apartment, unbeknownst to May Parker, who thinks he is doing his homework before bed. Putting on his Spider-Man Suit, Parker sees a pair of criminals known as the Enforcers, consisting of Fancy Dan and Ox, driving in a getaway car after robbing a bank. Parker prepares to pursue them, but he gets attacked by crows, who take away his mask, meaning that his identity would be exposed to the New York City Police Department and the world at large if he took part in the chase.

Part 2[]

However, among other people's clothes, Parker saw a red towel, which he wrapped around his face so that it could remain covered. He successfully reached the Enforcers and captured them. Spider-Man was thanked by the policeman, after which Parker went home. Parker had time to quickly change clothes before May arrived, who called him to breakfast.





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