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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Them's The Brakes is a comic sponsored by Kellogg's. By scanning one of the promotional Spider-Man Pop-Tarts you could unlock the special comic. During the comic, the reader is asked two questions which will determine the end of the story.


Nearing two criminals driving away on a vehicle, Spider-Man lands upon it, questioning what to do next.

Optional Plot[]

Spider-Man throws the driver outside the vehicle, deploying a net upon which he can safely land. The passenger, already having deduced Spider-Man was following them, attempts to exit the truck, leaving Spider-Man to either chase him or take over the wheel.

Upon deciding to safely put the truck to a halt, Spider-Man vows to look for the criminal that got away.

In catching the passenger who attempted to flee, Spider-Man stuck him onto the side of the armored car that unfortunately hit a fire hydrant. He leaves hoping someone knows to fix one.

Spider-Man throws the passenger outside the vehicle, deploying a net upon which he can safely land. Entering the armored truck, Spider-Man quips as he questions himself if he should grab the wheel in order to gain control, or simply stop the car.

Spider-Man causes a terrible car accident when trying to steer the wheel, tearing his suit in this attempt. Though the criminals are rightfully arrested, Spider-Man notes he should probably leave an apology note on the other wrecked cars.

After safely stopping the car and having the criminals arrested, Spider-Man salutes a police officer when he decides to treat himself to a burrito and an extra-long nap.







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