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"Has that been there the whole time? That's awesome."

The Spider-Drone, referred to informally as Droney, was an autonomous drone attached to the spider emblem on the torso of the second Spider-Man Suit, created by Tony Stark.



Along with many other features in the second Spider-Man Suit, the drone was created by Tony Stark.[1]

Rescue at the Washington Monument

"How do we get in there?!"
"Activating reconnaissance drone."
Spider-Man and Karen[src]

Following the revelation that he and Ned Leeds had been carrying an unstable Chitauri power core, Spider-Man asked his A.I. Karen to tell him the best way to enter the Washington Monument. Karen activated the drone, with Spider-Man exclaiming his surprise of its existence. The drone circled around the tower and decided on the southwest window of the building to be Spider-Man's best entry point. After Spider-Man saved the trapped students, he fell down the elevator shaft, and the drone flew after him.[1]

Interrogating Aaron Davis

Spider-Man later re-used the drone as part of his 'enhanced interrogation mode' of the Spider-Man Suit. It located Aaron Davis in a parking lot and hovered beside Spider-Man during the interrogation.[1]

Ambush at the Staten Island Ferry

The Spider-Drone was used on the Staten Island Ferry when Spider-Man was tracking down the black market deal that he got word of from Aaron Davis. The drone flew ahead and identified Mac Gargan for Spider-Man, then located a white van where the alien weapons were being stored. After the battle, Tony Stark, deeming Spider-Man reckless and unworthy of it, confiscated the suit and the Spider-Drone.[1]

Getting a Passport

The Spider-Drone causes one of the lines to be open

Peter Parker brought the Spider-Drone with him in his backpack while he went to get a passport, preparing for his field trip to Europe. When Parker noticed how long the line was and saw a cue that was closed while the person working it was on a break, Parker used his cell phone to have the Spider-Drone leave his bag and cause the "open" sign to turn on. Parker then retrieved his passport.[2]


  • Flight: The Spider-Drone can detach itself from the suit and fly.
  • Reconnaissance: The Spider-Drone is capable of collecting information and sending it back to the Spider-Man Suit.


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