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"Somebody must really need someone dead."
"Somebody always does."
―Spencer Geiger and Billy Russo[src]

Spencer Geiger was a hired agent of Anvil who was sent to capture the Punisher, however their team was ambushed by Homeland Security, resulting in the death of Geiger.


Anvil Agent

Protecting Diplomats

"There's not much of anything I can do about a YouTube video of you guys opening up on a bunch of Iraqi civilians."
Billy Russo to Spencer Geiger[src]

After serving in United States Marine Corps, Spencer Geiger joined Anvil. While working for Anvil, Geiger, Jim Pruitt, Tom Weems and Mike Bashille were assigned to protect diplomats from harm in Iraq. However, the four ended up killing innocent Iraqi civilians in public, with footage of the killings being recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Following the fiasco, the State Department attempted to apprehend all four for murder, prompting them to flee underground and become fugitives.[1]

Recruited by Billy Russo

After being tasked by William Rawlins to gather a team to kill Frank Castle, Billy Russo explained that he needed to outsource a team since his usual team was unwilling, after their team members were murdered during an earlier mission by Castle and Gunner Henderson. Russo sought out the four wanted soldiers, offering them five hundred thousand dollars each as well as safe passage to a country with no extradition, where they would be able to live the remainder of their lives in peace without fear of being apprehended by the State Department.[1]

Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse

Billy Russo leaded Geiger and others to the warehouse, but they were ambushed by Homeland Security. In the gunfight, Russo pushed Geiger on the line of fire and he was shot and killed by Agent Dinah Madani.[1]







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